New Roleplayers' Guide

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Welcome to MassiveCraft! This is the New Roleplayer’s Guide. Do not be afraid to ask questions in the RP Discord. Other players or staff members should be able to help clear up any confusion.

The Setting

Regalia, or the Holy City, is central to the Regalian Empire. It is a melting pot inhabited by nearly every culture in the world; strong with the success of the last century, but uncertain about the future. Regalia is caught between eras: Knighthood clashes with the advent of firearms, while cramped medieval roads give way to brick high-rises. Everyone comes to Regalia for their own reasons. The most common is chasing opportunity— there’s plenty to do. Some flee wars in their homeland, or the consequences of their actions. A character’s background often motivates them.

Getting Started

  • First, join the RP Discord.
  • Next, make a forum account. You have to have logged on for that, so log onto MassiveCraft at the IP, and then log back off.
  • Then, go to the forums and make an account with the same name as your Minecraft username.
  • After, go to the Character Applications section and read the template.
  • Hit Post New Thread in the Character Applications section and fill out a copy of the template for your Character.
  • That’s all! Get on and roleplay.
  • Please use the Ticket Bot in the RP Discord if you have any questions at all or need a skin. We’ll get you sorted.

Roleplay Lexicon

A few common, Massive-unique words.

  • Aloria: The world we are in.
  • Regalia: The Empire we are in.
  • Metropolitan: The town guard.
  • Mundane: Someone without magic powers.
  • Occult: Someone with magic powers.

The Chat System

  • Run /rpmode to leave non-roleplay channels. You are now in Local Chat.
  • Run /nick use CHARACTERNAME. Your dialogue will now show up with your character’s name.
    • Typing and entering Hello. will print ~CHARACTERNAME says: "Hello."
    • Typing and entering jumped.+ will print ~CHARACTERNAME jumped.
    • Typing and entering jumped. "Woah!" will print ~CHARACTERNAME jumped. "Woah!"
    • Typing and entering Hello.$ will print ~CHARACTERNAME mutters: "Hello." This has a shorter range than normal.
    • Typing and entering Hello.* will print ~CHARACTERNAME whispers: "Hello." This has a very short range.


  • You can revisit the tutorial at spawn.
  • You can use /fav add USERNAME to highlight a friend’s dialogue yellow.
  • There’s an activity board at spawn to show you where players are.
  • /tp WARPNAME will take you around the city. Warp names often match activity board names.
  • If you ever can’t find RP, check #ic-advertisements in the Discord for open businesses or invitations.
  • Ask in a ticket if you’re new and struggling to find anyone.