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Welcome to Aloria, the world in which Massivecraft Roleplay takes place! This is a guide meant to help new players acclimate themselves to Massivecraft’s Lore and Roleplay scene.

The Setting

Aloria is a planet occupied by many different races of Alorians and has a setting that could be roughly described as medieval fantasy. The premier global power, the Regalian Empire, is a zealous and militant Empire led by the humanoid Ailor, the most populous and powerful race in known Aloria. Aloria is entranced in a time-period most resembling the dark ages in technology, but the early enlightenment in philosophy and ideals. Massivecraft Roleplay takes place in the Regalian Holy City; capital of the expansive and imperialistic Regalian Empire. The city is highly militaristic, and discriminates heavily against non-Ailor races, non-Unionist religions, and non-Imperial cultures.

Character Creation

For the sake of creating a new character and getting involved in the server’s Roleplay scene, it is recommended that you stick to a simple character design: That of a common Ceardian Ailor. The Ailor are the most similar race to humans in real life, and Ceardian culture is very similar to English culture. Later on, you can always create a new one! Picking a setting appropriate name and exploring Regalia is the best way to get an idea for what sort of character you want to play.

In Massivecraft, there are no set “Classes,” though there are various Combat, Intellect, and Magic Schools (Though Magic requires the special “Trustee” permission that you can worry about later) your character can specialize in with an Approved Character Application. You can look into some of the more intermediate Schools (Listed below) but should stray away from more difficult or complex Schools.

Character Sheets

When Roleplaying on Massivecraft, one of the first things you should do is to create a Character Sheet. This is a painless process through which our Lore Team verifies that your character is compliant and balanced within the scope of our universe. Not only does this ensure you are in sync with the rest of the players, but it helps you establish a name for yourself and gives you the ability to join organizations that vet players via Character Sheets. In order to have your Roleplay character approved by the Lore Staff, you must fill out the template located here and post it in the Character Applications section of the forums.

  • While creating a Character Application is recommended, Massivecraft is not cordoned off by a whitelist. You may Roleplay in Regalia as much as you like without a Character Sheet. However, some features will be inaccessible by you until you create one.

Getting into Roleplay

The Roleplay hub of Massivecraft is the city of Regalia! To reach Regalia, type “/tp Regalia”. From there, you walk straight until you reach the Golden Willow Tavern. The Tavern is the central meeting-ground for those seeking Roleplay. It is here that you can meet new people, form stalwart friendships, and make despised enemies. At the tavern, walk around and try interacting with other individuals. Some characters may be more receptive to your’s than others! Keep talking to others and keep in mind these few tips:

  • Use “/nick use Character Name” to set your character’s name!
    • /nick use Laura Ford
  • Type “l:” to switch to local chat.
    • l: My name is Laura, what's yours?
  • Type “+” after speaking in local chat to perform an emote.
    • l: Reaches for a glass of ale+
  • Type “((“ at the beginning of your message or “))” at the end of your message in local chat to speak in “Out of Character”, which is your way of communicating as a player to another player, as opposed to speaking from your character to another character.
    • (( How do you use emotes again? ))

Regalian Law

Regalian Law can be very complex and nuanced, but as a general fist-rule, common sense takes precedence. Know that Regalia is a heavily-militarized medieval city, and does not deal kindly to crime and non-conformity. Non-Ailor Non-Unionists are treated as lesser than humans faithful to the state religion. Do not steal, kill, conspire against the state, or spread any heresies, and your character should be good to go!

  • For more, click here