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Welcome to Aloria, the world in which Massivecraft Roleplay takes place! This is a guide meant to help new players acclimate themselves to Massivecraft’s Lore and Roleplay scene.

Getting into Roleplay

The Roleplay hub of MassiveCraft is the city of Regalia! To reach Regalia, type “/tp Regalia”. From there, you walk straight until you reach the Golden Willow Tavern. The Tavern is the central meeting-ground for those seeking Roleplay. It is here that you can meet new people, form stalwart friendships, and make despised enemies. At the tavern, walk around and try interacting with other individuals. Some characters may be more receptive to yours than others! Keep talking to others and keep in mind these few tips. Add on:

Different Emoting Symbols

Emotes are a pivotal part of roleplay with which you are able to convey action. They are added at the end of each sentence you write when you mean to have your character perform an action or when you’re simply describing. They can also dictate the manner in which your character speaks. Here are the emotes you’ll need to know:

  • ”+” is added at the end of your sentence when your character is in action or when you’re describing your character to other players. For example: “The man made his way into the tavern.+” or “The man wore fine robes made of silk.+”
  • ”))” is added at the end of your sentence if you’re trying to speak out of character. This generally helps with the communication of roleplayers while rp goes on. For example: “How tall is your character? Just asking for reference.))” or “I’ll be back in a second, need to take out the trash.))”
  • ”$” is added at the end of your sentence when your character is meant to mutter. Mutters are a little louder than whispers and can be heard from about 6 blocks away. For example: “Lower your voice, I don’t want the group beside us to hear.$” or “What time did you say we were meant to depart?$”
  • ”*” is added at the end of your sentence when your character is whispering. Whispers are heard from 1 to 3 blocks away, meant for a sole person to hear, usually. For example: “I think we should take our leave now.*” or “We need to speak about something later.*”
  • ”#” is added at the end of your sentence when you mean to set the scene or simply describe the setting in a room. It’s also used during events for NPC’s. For example: “Those who entered the room would smell a strong vanilla fragrance.#” or “Distant footsteps could be heard from outside the room.#”
  • ”>” is added at the end of your sentence when your character is singing song lyrics or cheerily speaking in a singing tone. For example: “I have never met a woman like a woman from Regalia!>” or “ Oh dearest sister come out, come out, wherever you are!>”
  • ”@” is added at the end of your sentence when your character is announcing something. Announcing emotes cover a large radius and should not be used all the time. They’re generally used for events or when speaking to large crowds. For example: “Come one, come all, denizens of [email protected]“ or “Everyone please disperse the area at [email protected]
  • ”&” is added at the end of your sentence when your character is commanding or ordering. Generally used while doing guard roleplay or when giving a strict order or demand to another character. For example: “Rally men, come on now!&” or “Stop what you’re doing right now!&”

Where To Get Your Start

There are plenty of things to do in Regalia and different types of Roleplay to get yourself involved in. The following are Roleplay groups defined and categorized based on their traits and what the ‘style’ of Roleplay entails:

  • Noble Roleplay
    • Noble Roleplay is meant for those who wish to portray someone of higher class and authority on the surface of Regalia. The ruling class is ripe with House rivalries and conflict where wittiest and most politically savvy survive. It also comes with noble etiquette and politics that must be followed and that one must step over carefully, lest you wish to get called out by your noble peers. It’s a rough, yet rewarding climate where your goal is to see your family to the top by representing or running it to the best of your abilities so that you might bring glory, honor, and prestige to your house.
  • Crime Roleplay
    • Crime Roleplay is perfect for those who want to portray the most dastardly and villainous that Regalia has to offer. From Old Town to the sewers, Criminal Empires rise and fall in the areas below the surface. From mages, races with unique abilities who are shunned on the surface, to hideous creatures that only show themselves underground. It’s a cutthroat climate where the ruthless and calculated succeed where your goal is to create a successful criminal organization or character that is able to call shots and make an impact in the lives and lands of the wicked.
  • Common City Roleplay
    • Common Roleplay is simple and easy to be a part of. A perfect starting point for anyone that is new to roleplay. It consists of the simpler things in life to play out. From making simple conversation with strangers at the Golden Willow Tavern across from spawn, to spilling details and gossip about the happenings around Regalia in the Fier et Calme Teahaus. Making your own business is also an option. Regalia is yours to explore and make memories in. Roleplay like this is how most players get their start. By making simple conversation that can open the gate to job and business opportunities, friendships, and much more.
  • Military & Guard Roleplay
    • This roleplay caters to the bravest and the boldest that Regalia has to offer. Characters who fall into this category are generally built like bricks and are as tough mentally as they are physically; there is no greater honor in Regalia than to serve it by patrolling the streets of the capital for criminals or patrolling the borders of the mighty Empire. The characters who partake in guard roleplay will be tasked to deal with the criminals of regalia. They all fall under the hierarchy of the Violet Order and serve its people, perfect for getting one’s feet wet in combat. Those interested in the military, however, will fall under the hierarchy of the military cabinet. An advanced system where Regalia’s finest generals and warriors are able to band together and seek glory in the name of the Regalian Empire.
  • Magic Roleplay
    • Magic Roleplay is by far one of the most advanced types of roleplays to be a part of and it is recommended that one be knowledgeable about the servers lore and magic before partaking in roleplays that involve the subject or trying it out for yourself. The mages in Regalia are as infamous as they are mysterious, there are some that dedicate their careers to studying magic and its sources of power. Most mages are collared so that they can be registered by the guard as little is known about them to the common guardsman. Playing a mage is both difficult and rewarding, a truly unique scenario to roleplay out. Whether one chooses to use their magic for good or evil is for them to decide.

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