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The vast oceans of Aloria were once a far more mysterious place than they are today. Ships were constantly lost at sea, either taken by storms or other entities residing below the surface. These dangers led to a lengthy process of charting the oceans, where sailors identified hazards to ensure safer passage for travelers. A variety of oceans and passages have been mapped out for safer sailing since the years when the first cartographers set out to map the waterways of the world. Now ships can navigate the dangers of the oceans far more safely, despite the lingering danger of many waterways.

Northern Bodies

Altar Sea

The Altar Sea is one of the largest defined bodies of water in Aloria as well as one of the coldest. The Sea is bordered by much of The North Belt across its northern reaches, Essalonia down its eastern side, the Great Middle Sea to the west, and the former Regalian colony of Silbrae rests on its southern border. Due to the cold winds coming in from the icy northern lands, the sea is known for cold rains, light snowfalls and the odd iceberg. It also has a particular cold front which blows along its northern front and down the east, only dissipating when it reaches the more humid region of southern Essalonia. The Sea’s history is closely tied with the Velheim, from the raiding vessels of the Hedrylli Empire within the last few decades before the Cataclysm to the trade vessels of Cain headed to Essalonia in recent decades. This sea has seen a great number of ships of all sorts crossings it over its long life and will likely continue to see them.

Inner Storm Sea

The Inner Storm Sea was a turbulent and violent sea which surrounded the dark continent of Drowda. Harsh winds and thunderstorms plagued ships sailing through the waters most times of the year, with only a brief reprieve granted in the autumn months. On top of the deadly surface conditions, the water is freezing and able to numb even the most seaworthy sailor within minutes of them being thrown overboard. The Inner Storm Sea emerged within a decade of the Cataclysm, but in 302 AC, the fiercest of the squalls known to have been raging for centuries were calmed. This has resulted in the sea being more accessible and most believe it will soon to be gone entirely, without any more extraordinary storms to speak of. This calm has allowed a large section of Sihndar forces to head south and combat the Dread Empire’s recent attacks on Daen. However, the region should still not be underestimated and some areas do still swirl out their last violent years of existence as fiercely as they did 20 years ago.

Frozen Passage

The Frozen Passage is the tumultuous band of water around the mysterious Northern Expanse, found far northeast of the Regalian Archipelago. It is filled with icebergs sheared off of the great frozen continent and once suffered from similarly terrible Void storms plaguing the Inner Storm Sea. This is made worse by these great ice bastions bashing together at random, crushing anything between them and devastating attempts to explore the region. In 302 AC, these harsh storms quelled but from the continent came the Ohnark, some of whom commandeered icebergs as sea vessels, and were sighted as far south as northern Farah’deen. In the wake of the Battle of Curag Fields, the Frozen Passage is now silent like the continent it surrounds. Icebergs still float and snowstorms are still frequent, but no longer will people need to fear for their life to simply approach the region. Most only do so during the day; at night, fog commonly consumes the great ice flows and only the literally luminous would dare voyage through them during such a dangerous time.

Lesser Northern Bodies

  • Fendar Strait: The Fendar Strait is a band of water surrounding Fendarfelle. Despite being so close to northern territories and their colder climates, Fendarfelle’s tropical jungles and volcanoes produce this warm band of water which stops at colder or more temperate waters. Most of the ships that travel it are Ithanian or Regalian and are mainly on exploration or trade missions to the relatively untapped landmass.
  • The Northern Emptiness: The Northern Emptiness is a rarely traveled ocean in Aloria’s far north beyond The North Belt and east of Fendarfelle. This body is occasionally beset by storms blown into it by the Inner Storm Sea but is calm for much of the year. The only vessels that travel it are fishing vessels, those ships attempting to make their trip to Drowda longer somehow, or those trying to find an unknown way around the Inner Storm Sea.

Central Bodies

Great Middle Sea

The Great Middle Sea is the body of water which surrounds the Regalian Archipelago and, as such, is central to the wider world. It is bordered by the tail-end of The North Belt in the north, the Altar Sea to the east, Talamoor to the south and Daen to the east. This body of water displays a variety of features and exists almost like a carrying force to deliver weather fronts and other phenomena into Regalia instead of generating its own. In general, the region is temperate and exists as a buffer between warmer southern waters and colder northern waters. In the spring, summer, and autumn, storm patterns can form and drench the Archipelago. In winter, most regions are covered in snowfall. The region has seen ships of all types, sizes, and purposes over its long history, from the slaving vessels of the Allorn Empire to the newest fleet of warships from the Regalian Empire. The Sea has largely been kept under control since around 200 AC by Regalian warships but the last few years of warfare has cracked the facade of controls and criminals such as privateers and pirates have slipped into the region. Only time will tell if they can be flushed out.

Daen Sea

The Daen Sea is a small but fiercely-traveled body of water between the east coast of Daen and the south and southwestern regions of Corontium, ending after the Solacian Isles. To its south is the Hadar Sea and Hadar. This sea is humid and carries tropical storm fronts up from Hadar along the Daen coastline or pushes them out into the Great Middle Sea. The waterway, much like the Great Middle Sea, is also constantly filled with many vessels, from simple fishing boats and Ithanian or Daendroque trading ships to Regalian military vessels and pirates or smugglers. The northern areas of the Sea around the Solacian Isles are particularly filled with pleasure craft. The waters have also seen plenty of recent action in the various engagements Regalia has been fighting in the region against the Avanthar, the Altalar and other groups on the Daen continent. Despite the devastation, most Daendroque ports remain open, though the Daendroque fishing villages have certainly taken a beaten.

Eastern Bodies

Yellow Sea

The Yellow Sea is the largest sea in Aloria with defined edges, stretching from the east coast of Essalonia all the way to the Far East, with the Northern Expanse in the north and Farah’deen in the south. The body of water is warm and capable of generating strong currents with light rains, but is relatively empty of islands or bodies. There is the odd volcanic island, but no one would dare risk a stopover considering most are still active. The sea has been crossed en masse a few times by large empires seeking to reach the Far East: the Sariyd Empire centuries ago, the Songaskian Masaya (though only once) and, more recently, the Regalian Empire as led by Cedromar I. He sought to aid the Sihai in their battle against a dark force that threatened their land, shipping thousands of men over the warm waters to the Far East to win the trust of the Dynasties. The sea is far more frequently crossed by trading vessels, procuring valuable exotic goods as well as some fairly important ones. The nations of Farah’deen have long relied on trade with the Far East for food like rice and chickpeas.

Southern Bodies

Ceardian Sea

The Ceardian Sea is an ancient body with a documented history spanning back to the beginning of the Ceardian Ailor but also the time of the Allorn Empire. The Sea is a temperate region with Essalonia and the Altar Sea to the north, Farah’deen to the east, Sendrass to the south with Hadaria and the Turmen Sea to the west. The Ceardian Sea surrounds Oldt Era entirely, bathing the region in a predictable system of rain and snow similar to the Regalian Archipelago. Unlike most of the other bodies of water on this list, essentially every current has been charted across the entire sea, first by the Allorn Empire and then by the later Ailor. Some scholars believe these early explorers did so to seek the best way out of their terrible lives on their homeland. These maps are largely still accurate today and are simply extrapolated to fit shifts that have taken place over the years. The region also has several well-known wrecks of Allorn ships from the Empire’s slaving operations. Some are fairly close to the Ceardian shore, while others lay deeper in the water. Few have been properly explored.

Hadar Sea

The Hadar Sea is one of the most naturally volatile bodies of water in Aloria as well as one of the most shallow. Its warm current occur naturally, rolling in from Daen and up from Sendras. The Hadar Sea has many tropical rainstorms which drench its islands in lifegiving rain. However, these rainstorms can sometimes boil over into horrific and monstrous typhoons, which roar over the region and wash out whole low lying islands with seawater and rain. These storms then either roll outward, usually hitting Daen or Turmen which are much less affected due to their large physical size. The Hadar Sea is also very shallow, populated by many tropical coral reefs that illuminate the water with beautiful rainbow colors. This natural beauty is what attracted the Allorn Empire to the region, though the Slizzar were also another fascinating mystery. Once the Altalar left, the Allar eventually came. The recent Chrysant War fought between the Allar and Slizzar against Regalia damaged the natural landscape and also added many wrecks to it, which has allowed the corals to begin regrowing underwater. There are also a number of new coastal ruins (bombarded into such state by the Regalian Empire) which also help in this process.

Lesser Southern Bodies

  • Snake Bend Strait: The Snake Bend Strait is the piece of land between Sendrass and the rest of the world, running all along its coastline. It is comparable to the Fendar Strait, as it radiates heat and warm currents from the tropical rainforest continent. However, unlike the Fendar Strait there is nothing to stop the warm fronts coming off of Sendras as the surrounding waters of the Turmen and Hadar Seas are similarly humid. The Strait is currently a region of interest as the Void Worshiping Allar of Sendras seem to probe and poke at the Allar of Hadaria, who are not at all keen on seeing this force gain a foothold in the region.
  • Southern Unknown: The Southern Unknown is the body of water which begins around and south of Solangeria, the jungled land squeezed between Farah’deen to the east and Sendras to the west. The Unknown has barely been charted by any force, but it is possible records from the time of the Sariyd exist within Qadir Hadrityas or blacklist expeditions in the vaults of the Songaskian Masaya.
  • Turmen Sea: The Turmen Sea is a body similar to its sister, the Hadar Sea. Unlike the Hadar Sea, however, the Turmen Sea does not form typhoons in its waters, which are slightly cooler. Turmen is also missing the same bright coral reefs as Hadar; the Turmen Sea surrounds Turmen, a singular, solid landmass that is very different from the sandy, shallow and many-island archipelago that is Hadar. The region is sailed mostly by the Regalian Empire and its navy, alongside local fishing vessels and trading ships.

Western Bodies

Western Calms

The Western Calms is the name for the vast body of water found in western Aloria beyond Daen. The region ends in the far north and northwest along the coastline of Fendarfelle, where powerful storms rage and force ships back. Far to its western reaches lies the mysterious homeland of the Eronidas, Guldar. However, none have sought to reach this poisonous land in years. Instead, the calm waters of this ocean have been mostly used for trade, exploration and pleasure craft for decades, and Regalian Navy patrols have extended into the region only over the last few years. Even more recently as Kathar war vessels leave the Dread Empire enmass for Daen, the coastlines of resort cities and trading jewels haved turned to old walls and the hiring of mercenaries to defend themselves, alongside the Regalian Army in those areas aligned with the Regalian Empire.

Lesser Western Bodies

  • Talaï Sea: A large inland sea located in central Daen, the Talaï Sea has long been an isolated location, even at the height of the Allorn Empire. The reason for this is its surrounding terrain, all marshes, swamps, and wetlands, with plenty of quicksand as well. Hundreds have been swallowed by the shores of this Sea, and it has earned a somewhat ominous reputation. However, plenty still fish and live at its edges.
  • Suvial Sea: The Suvial Sea refers to the body of water that surrounds the Sundial Isles of the Far West. Unusually warm, even for the Western Calms, the region is well known for the Waterfall Cycle, a cycle of four rain seasons that have made the Isles unique in geography for centuries. It is also essential to regional agriculture and has been mastered by the Suvial Altalar of the area. It is located directly north of the Dark Ocean.
  • Dark Ocean: Tempestuous or calm as a frozen lake, the Dark Ocean is a mix of extreme to mundane weather patterns as a result of its local Void-worshipping inhabitants. Existing around the Shadow Isles and Saivale, the Kathar have long allowed the unnatural, archaic Void Storms to emerge, ravage, and then vanish in the area making travel for non-Kathar vessels dangerous.


  • The Daendroque people, followed closely by the Asha, are often considered the best sailors in Aloria.
  • Many species of Fish and aquatic Mammals migrate through the oceans of Aloria.

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