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Full Name Oceans of Aloria and Beyond
Pronunciation Oh-shin
Demonym Oceanic
Area N/A
Population Vast
Races Innumerable
Cultures Countless
Flora and Fauna

The vast oceans of Aloria were once a far more mysterious place than they are today. Ships were constantly lost at sea, either taken by storms or other entities residing below the surface. These dangers led to a lengthy process of charting the oceans, where sailors identified hazards to ensure safer passage for travelers. A variety of oceans, seas and passages have been mapped out for safer sailing since the years when the first cartographers set out to map the waterways of the world. Now, ships can navigate the dangers of the oceans far more safely, despite the lingering danger of many waterways. Many species of Fish, aquatic Mammals and Reptiles migrate through the oceans of Aloria as well, bringing life to these vast bodies of water.

Northern Bodies

Windward Seas

The Windward Seas are a collection of several seas which expand out from the north of the Regalian Archipelago, and reach to distant Ellador. This territory has long been a nexus for Velheim trade, and over three centuries ago, knitted the Hedrylli Empire together. The Cataclysm severely destabilized this body of water, and it took several years to calm. The Windward Seas have cold waters and winds, but sometimes form storm fronts as warm winds blow in from the Vultarrin Sea. The three seas that make up the region are: the Skaggøn Sea, the Vindryll Sea and the Sørkald Sea.

Narrow Ice-Bræ Gap

The Gap is a far-northern body of water sitting between Fendarfelle and the Great Northern Expanse. The territory has been rarely traveled except by some fishermen and explorers, with good reason as it was once highly dangerous. Void Storms swirling in the northern-half of the Narrow Gap sent icebergs and snowstorms hurtling across the vast channel into the calmer waters of the southern half, forming a swirling, self-fueling cycle of chaos. But, when many of the Void Storms across Aloria ended with the fall of the Archdemon’s physical form, the Gap’s storms ceased, and the endless swirling chaos calmed. The waters of this region are freezing with a biting wind, as the Expanse still blows its frigid cold outward and down south.

Great Unexplored Expanse

The Unexplored Expanse is a wide stretch of ocean that sits between the Great Northern Expanse and the northern coastline of Essalonia, but stretches out beyond these continents into open water. Little is known of these waves, beyond that they eventually meet with the Seas to Sihai-Loong.

Central Bodies

Feerlais Ocean

The Feerlais Ocean is a body of water that sits off the southeastern coast of Fendarfelle, and serves as the crossing point from it to northern Daen and into the western regions of The North Belt. The Ocean has been a gentle, calm space for years, though beneath its waves are believed to lay the ruins of many ancient structures. The current geography of Aloria is not what it was three centuries ago, and territory of what would now be considered Daen and The North Belt lies at its water depths, out of sight and reach for most. The Ocean has warm currents and warm breezes, and is largely responsible for the surprising warmth Nordskag receives in the spring and summer. It is also the site of much pleasure-boat traffic, piloted by Ithanians.

Vultarrin Sea

The waters of the Vultarrin Sea have seen many nations and people pass through them over the years. The Sea lies between the Regalian Archipelago, Talamoor, and Essalonia, where it has been the site of trade and travel for many years, though not much warfare. The Sea is named for the Regalian Lordship of Vultaro, a territory of the aristocratic Dressolini, for it was largely Dressolini merchants and captains who first fully charted the Sea for Regalian interests. These waters are notably more diverse than others, capable of warmth and cold in equal measure with strong galls and dead air being another range of regional extremes.

West Allorn Sea

To many, the West Allorn Sea is foolishly named, for it sits to the east of what was the homeland of the Allorn Empire. Nestled between the southwest of the Regalian Archipelago, north of Etosil, Talamoor and east of The Azoras, the West Allorn Sea was actually named by Ailor of the early Regalian Empire. They called the body of water such because it was located to their west, and as far as they saw it, was the realm of the Allorn (for the Regalians had not truly grasped the collapse of the Allorn Empire). This Sea is one of the most frequently traveled in Aloria, the shipping of the Regalian Empire passing through this region to begin their route to the Schön River, while other ships fan out to reach Hadaria, Carrhen and other lands. The West Allorn Sea is also one of the most well patrolled by the Imperial Navy.

Corontium Sea

The Corontium Sea is located, surprisingly, outside of Corontium. Found south of the geographic territory and forming a second ring of travel to the West Allorn Sea, the Corontium Sea has several well known features. The first is its carrying of warm air currents through its western reaches straight onto the Ashal Islands, which many believe is why those lands are so humid. The other is its general temperate water and winds, the region fairly predictable with its currents and weather patterns. The region is also known for the deep Viranna Trench, once a site of aquatic Allar habitation and of interest to Regalian scholars, resulting in multiple diving bells being dropped in the area in the lead up to and following the Chrysant War.

Eastern Bodies

Inner Essa Sea

Little is known of the Inner Essa Sea given that most of the powers that border it are hostile to the Regalian Empire, and their Velheim allies in the region do not desire their ships destroyed due to this connection. Generally, it is viewed as a cool to temperate water region, while the Sea itself largely lacks strong winds. However, regional currents, fed by the outflow of the Hessan River Delta help move traffic in the area.

Essalonian Sea

The Essalonian Sea is a far better understood sea than its sister in the Inner Essa Sea. Located between Essalonia, Oldt Era and the Vultarrin Sea, the Essalonian Sea was one of the first bodies of water to be charted by Ailor in Aloria. Leaving from Old Ceardia, the Proto-Velheim found their way through this body to other landmasses, and gradually expanded their possible travel time and knowledge, reaching farther and farther. Since the Destruction of Old Ceardia though, the region is largely a transit point, ships traveling beyond it on their way to southern waters before the journey across the Sihai-Loong. However, trade does still happen here, in a lowered capacity from days of old, between Regalia’s few Essalonian allies, and the nations of Carrhen in addition to Regalia’s involvement.

Seas to Sihai-Loong

The Seas to Sihai-Loong are vast, stretching from the east coast of Essalonia all the way to The Far East. The bodies of water here are warm, and are capable of generating strong currents with light rains, but are relatively empty of islands or bodies. There is the odd volcanic island, lush with life, but such specks are only valuable as layover or stop off locations on the continuous push to the distant eastern lands. However, these waters eventually meet the Jade Sea, the body of water which existed around the borders of Zhong, and now sit beyond the Jade Wall. The Jade Sea is studded with huge plates and spires of Jade, which hold within them frozen sea creatures, and beneath the waters, lurking Akula and dark energies. Ponderous but fortified Sihai airships patrol near and far, to help find and guide those they find worthy, to the safe harbor of Dexai. The sea has been crossed en masse a few times by large empires seeking to reach The Far East, most commonly the Songaskian Masaya and, more recently, the Regalian Empire as led by Cedromar I. He sought to aid the Sihai in their battle against the Akula in 305 AC, shipping thousands of men over the warm waters to win the trust of The Zhong Kingdoms. The sea is far more frequently crossed by trading vessels though, procuring valuable exotic goods as well as some fairly important ones. The nations of northern Farah’deen and southern Essalonia, meanwhile, have long relied on trade with The Far East for food like Rice and chickpeas, and so they, too, have been involved in this trade for decades. Among the seas of this area are: the Man Sea, the Zhon-de Sea, the Rukia Sea, the Frontier Sea, and the aforementioned Jade Sea.

Warmyn Ocean

The Warmyn Ocean sits to the south of Essalonia and west of Farah’deen, where it had served as the body of water most familiar to the Qadir and later Songaskians for centuries. The waters are warm, as is the breeze, and while the winds are often gentle, that can rapidly change due to terrestrial sandstorms blowing out to sea and forming into small storm fronts. The Ocean has seen much in the way of military conflict, be that between the mechanical weaponry of the Qadir along the shore striking out at Songaskian landing attempts, or the Regalian Navy sweeping into the region with thoughts of conquest, an event that has happened twice in only a handful of years. Still, the Warmyn Ocean keeps its gentle nature.

Southern Bodies

South Allorn Sea

The South Allorn Sea is a small body of water that rests between southern Daen, the southern reaches of The Far West, and the coastline of Sendras. This region, while once fairly quiet and lacking notoriety even for many years before the Cataclysm, has erupted into violence and has since become the site of many battles. It was the primary invasion route for the Dread Empire in their march on mainland Daen in the Dread War, and is now a skirmish zone between the Sendrassian Allar on the resurgence, Dread vanguard forces on islands to fight back these attacks, and the probes of the reborn Allorn who seek domination of the waters around the territories that have joined them willingly. The waters here are choppy and humid, made as wild as they are due to the feedback from Void Storms that continue to swirl on Rokhara.

South Passage Way Ocean

The second body of water to rest in the southeast, the South Passage Way Ocean is directly south of the Warmyn Ocean, and is a column of water that leads right down the Sendrassian coastline from the south of Oldt Era to Solangeria, off many world maps, and the waters beyond. The South Ocean is tropical warm, fed by the warmth of Sendrass lands, and is frequently bathed in warm rainfalls along with swift currents and winds. However, sudden storms can blow across the Passage with great speed, and easily disorient unprepared fleets. The South Passage Way Ocean vanishes to the southeast of Aloria, and none know where it goes beyond the point of Solangeria.

Western Bodies

ÄWest Cross Ocean

The ÄWest Cross Ocean is the name for the vast body of water found in western Aloria beyond The Far West. The region ends in the north along the coastline of Fendarfelle, where powerful storms rage and force ships back. Far to its western reaches lies the mysterious homeland of the Eronidas, Guldar. However, none have sought to reach this poisonous land in years. Instead, the calm waters have become a battleground as the Kathar and Suvial Altalar both send flotillas of ships out to destroy one another in a death struggle for supremacy. Even so, this occurs only at the fringes of the Ocean, closest to the Sundial Isles and lands of the Dread Kathar.


  • The Daendroque and Baragacao Ailor, followed closely by the Asha, are often considered the best sailors in Aloria.
  • The Oceans of Aloria are believed by many to hold incalculable valuables, the Cataclysm washing away whole cities and raising new plates of land from what was once rubble.

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