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Ogres are the chaotic grey beasts found in Ellador, Jorrhildr, and New Ceardia. Large, violent, and dangerous, these creatures form small encampments and tribes call Truggs, lead by a single Chieftain, both to ward off hunters and provide more resilience against the rival clans that might challenge them. These creatures first appeared around 50 AC, and despite the popularity of hunting them, continue to thrive in solitude or small numbers throughout Aloria.


Ogres vary in size and stature. Some of the largest, though rare, range from 8 to 9 feet and are anywhere from 400 to 500 pounds, while the runts of the litter are a ‘meager’ 6 to 7 feet, weighing in at only 200 to 300 pounds. Ogres are thick-boned beings who have ash grey to light blue skins. They wear anything from horned skulls on their heads to tattered hides around their waist for protection and privacy.

Natural Habitat

Ogres primarily habitat the snow-covered island of the Tribelands of High Trollar, south of Ellador. They also live on the island of Trollstigel, though Trolls tend to predominantly control these areas. Ogres live in encampments ranging from one solitary beast to as many as six. While this number itself doesn’t carry much terror behind it, the strength and single-minded hunting habits of ogres make packs a nightmare for any traveller. Luckily, these encampments are generally very easy to spot from a distance, commonly placed in a hollowed grove where the ogre cleared away any surrounding landscape (trees, stones, etc) in a twenty foot radius. Usually, a large, beacon-like fire is placed in the centre of the encampment, formed out of the trunks of various trees that the ogres collected. These serve as a rather clear warning to passing travellers. If this warning is ignored, however, the ogre will typically attack any sighted intruder.

First Sighting

Ogres first made their minor appearance in the year 50 A.C. shortly after the first death of Sophie Baver. A Dwarven hunting party took a trip to High Trollar, and to their shock found a small Ogre runt upon washing ashore. They briefly fought with it and returned home with their trophy as the scholars among them recorded it. This was the first in a series of events where the Ogres began showing up on the island, revealing themselves on the shores of the mainland of Ellador and in higher concentrations on High Trollar.


After the populace of ogres became a widespread epidemic, they became the favorite species to hunt for many ambitious hunters. The ones who succeeded in their hunts claimed the ogre’s skull as a trophy, earning themselves glory as prominent Ogre hunters. Once hunting of this beast became more widespread, however, ogres responded by forming the encampments more commonly seen today. These camps led to a greater chance of survival for the ogres, and a higher death toll for the hunters. This also allowed the Ogres to thrive in the Aloria as a newly emerged species. In times of great strife and a common threat, the Ogre Chieftains have been known to call together a ‘Great Horn’, in which they all gather at a location to discuss delegations. The last of these was summoned in response to the arisal of Dakkar invaders on the surface near High Trollar. During these debates, the Ogre leaders are known to have used violence as a means to debating any matter, and will prefer this to any other form of solving conflict. Ogres also hold a reverence for Orcs, breeding with them whenever possible. They have been known to share a common ancestry with the Orcs and Trolls, perhaps being Orcs that have adapted to the savage and cold weather of Ellador. Ogre Blood also holds many medicinal properties, a rarity that many alchemists and healers search for on the market—and in the wilderness alike.


  • Ogres have a strange obsession with the feline specimens of Aloria. Ogres capture and cage as many as of them as they can find, then fall into a sorrowful rage when the cats pass away when the ogre gets too affectionate.
  • One way to identify the deadliness of an Ogre encampment is to scan for spiked skulls around the Ogres’ clearing. The more people that have fallen prey to the Ogre, the more skulls it will have collected to proudly display.
  • One of the largest ogres ever spotted was found in High Trollar. According to the surviving hunters, it was near ten feet in height. The beast was eventually tricked into falling down a crevasse, and the reported size or even existence of this ogre has never been proven.
  • Ogres have a rather cordial relationship with Humans and may take them as pets of sorts. The Humans of Ellador maintain an outpost used to study the Ogres, even procuring a translation between Ogre languages and Common. They have begun recording Ogre Folklore.