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Affected Races Ailor and Nelfin excluding Kathar, Drowdar, Mages,or Silven
Contraction Near-death Experiences
Mortality Rate N/A
Origins Unknown
  • Constant dull ringing in head (early symptom)
  • Greensight (early symptom)
  • Jarring confusion (early symptom)
  • Mage/Silven/Kathar/Vampire hunting Traits
  • Glowing Green Eyes

Phantasma, more commonly known as the Witchblood Curse, is a mysterious blood-curse that shares many similarities with the infamous Sanguine Curse, but is far less widespread and known of. For many centuries, Witchblood concentrated itself purely in Ellador and Daendroc, before the increase in travel and legalization of Magic attracted those with Witchblood to the Regalian Empire. The recent resurfacing of Blue Crown Dragon has led to Witchbloods being created inside the City of Regalia, creating the implication that Witchbloods are somehow tied to Dragons. Witchblood are some of the least understood beings in the world, their affliction being only very recently exposed, and the deeper and inner mechanisms of it barely understood by Scholars. There has been the implication that Witchbloods have a far more significant historical role, but most of the history relating to Dragons is still shrouded in mistery.

Witchblood Infection

Phantasma occurs in only one way, though the manner in which it occurs is not known to scholars. Those who have a near-death experience (or in some cases are considered clinically dead), have a random chance to become a Witchblood. The exact process by which this occurs is unknown, which is furthermore complicated by the fact that nobody knows where Phantasma comes from, or who first contracted it, or if it is even contagious. The blood curse itself doesn’t start showing symptoms until a week after the near-death experience (or temporary clinical death). The first of these is a constant, dull ringing in the head. This is usually misdiagnosed as a bad inhalation of miasma or headaches, and subsides after a few days. The next symptom that occurs is a phenomenon known as greensight, followed by a state of jarring confusion. Everything they look at will appear ever so slightly more green, almost as if a green filter has been placed over their vision. Meanwhile, the infected will become more disoriented and confused about what is going on, who they are, where they are, or what they were doing. At this stage they usually do not seek medical aid (unless forced to by others) and even when assistance is sought, these symptoms are not curable or diagnosable as anything but insanity.

In the final stage of their transformation, the Phantasma gains a strange and unexplainable urge to strangle any individual with a Void or Exist connection—notably Mages or Silven. The first target a Witchblood seeks out is almost automatic; they are able to sense a nearby Mage or Silven, and will proceed to strangle the one closest to them. While in the process of this strangulation the Witchblood curse will fully activate, and they will instinctively learn how to channel their inner Essence Concentration to use their Witchblood traits. There is currently no known cure for Witchblood. It is not possible to effectively hide Witchblood eyes with tinted glasses, most notably because Witchblood eyes glow, and are thus visible behind most glasses or even hoods unless they are pulled all the way over the face. During the final stage of Phantasma, the Phantasma is no longer able to cast Magic or Sorcery in any way or form (including Will Spells for the Altalar).

Witchblood Mutations

Witchblood develop certain Mutations during their becoming a Witchblood, four of which maximum that can all be categorized below in the Choice Mutation section. These Mutations don't need to follow a specific pattern or type, and can be combined into whatever combination. There are also Group and Aesthetic Mutations that come for free for all Witchblood, and do not take up any Mutation slots. Finally, the Greater Mutation can only be acquired IC through events, and does also not take a Mutation slot.

Choice Mutation Name Ability Category Range Description
Venator Detection Area Detection Emote Distance The Witchblood may aim their weapon skyward, causing a ripple wave of green energy to flow out from it in rapid succession in Emote Distance around them from the weapon. If any Infested-type Aberrant is present in Emote Range, the weapon will start vibrating and produce a howling sound for several seconds, though not tell which person it is. This Ability can only be used once per hour.
Venator Challenge Phantasma Spell Emote Distance

Witchblood, when entering within Emote Distance of a person they know is a Mage or Sorcerer, can "challenge" this Mage or Sorcerer by pointing a weapon or fist at them and making some sort of edgy or token statement or line. This will then cause a green light to erupt and form a barely visible tether between them and the target, with barely visible illusions of blades hanging around the target Sorcerer or Mage. Only one challenge can be made and it cannot be broken by the Witchblood until the target submits to them (surrendering/kneeling/fainting etc.) or leaves Viewing Range. If at any point the target uses a Mage or Sorcery Spell (but not using Transformations and Magic related passives that were activated prior), the swords materialize while the tether is broken, and slice at the target before disappearing, causing painful gashes to appear wherever the attacks landed. Once a challenge is completed or broken, it cannot re-apply to the same person for 24 hours.

Venator Firesight Immobile Channel Emote Distance

The Witchblood is able to immobilize themselves, and then cause both of their eyes to light up with a bright green flare and crackle of green energies, followed by a bright but thin green ray of light emitting from them that can reach up to Emote Distance in a straight line at whatever they are focusing their eyes. This beam starts as two smaller beams, but crosses together on the target into one beam, though it is still only as wide as an average wrist. When hit, this beam does not affect non-aberrants, but scales up in pain-factor depending on the level of aberrancy a person is. Primal Aberrancy is unaffected, Lingering Aberrancy feels a warmth, Touched aberrancy feels an uncomfortable ache, Infested aberrancy feels a distinct piercing pain, and Linked aberrancy feel a severe and debilitating pain that prevents them from attaining the concentration to cast Sorcery or Magic Spells, but not other Abilities. While using Firesight, the Witchblood cannot move, and are also unable to fight, keeping their arms stationary as if they are a light-house and their eyes are the light. Witchbloods can keep this Channel up indefinitely, though knocking them over will cancel the beam.

Venator Scalehide Toggle Passive Self The Witchblood can use this ability to cast a self-defensive ability. Following the casting, the Phantasma's skin turns into Dragonscale, making it immune to slicing and cutting damage, but still allowing brute and piercing damage. Additionally, the Witchblood cannot have their skin pierced by Vampire or Werebeast teeth or claws.
Venator Mindwall Constant Passive Self The Witchblood can see through any Mind Illusion, and are not affected by any Object Illusion. Furthermore, the Witchblood is immune to any Target Curse as long as this Ability comes from a Mage, Sorcerer, or Silven. An Object Curse can still affect the Witchblood, though the Witchblood does get a distinct feeling of hesitation about a Cursed Objects moments before they touch it.
Venator Shielding Phantasma Spell Emote Distance The Witchblood can establish a tether with any other person in Emote Distance, creating a green ghostly tether between them, and a green glow on the target. Any Magic Spell, Sorcery Spell, or Silven Spell used on the target has its damage properties halved (if there are any) and redirected onto the Witchblood. If such an Ability has no damage properties, it is completely Prevented instead.
Venator Smashing Phantasma Spell Emote Distance The Witchblood can target a Mage Ward from up to Emote Distance and shatter it instantly, once a day. The shattering effect causes the ward to break apart like glass, and leave shards on the floor that may hurt anyone walking on them, or cutting anyone standing up to the Ward at the moment of breaking.
Venator Painhold Trigger Passive Self The Witchblood can activate Venator Painhold by crossing their arms without holding anything. This will cause green crackles and light to erupt from their hands and form all the way to their shoulders, where the light is brighter at the hands. While Venator Painhold is active, the Witchblood cannot use any weapons or items, save for Unarmed Combat Skill. While Venator Painhold is active, any punch that lands on a Mage disables their use of Mage Spells, Sorcery Spells and Magic Passive effects(and not Transformations), while pausing any pre-existing effects caused by any of these for the duration of the counter, which is 8 seconds. this can repeatedly be done to chain-block a Mage's capacity to use Magic related Abilities (it cannot stack, but can repeatedly be applied with each punch). While using Venator Painhold, the character gains +10 Unarmed Combat Skill (which cannot break cap limits), but is additionally unable to use other Phantasma Abilities that are not Passives, ending any previously used ones. Venator Painhold can only be cancelled by the Witchblood, or by knocking them out. They cannot use or wield any items or weapons while Painhold is active, as they instantly burn out of their hands (though they can still open doors or push things aside). The Witchblood is able to sacrifice Venator Painhold's duration only once by holding both hands to block an incoming Mage Spell or Sorcery Spell. This blocking mechanic instantly forces Painhold on a 10 minute cooldown.
Venator Tongues Constant Passive Self The Witchblood is able to understand Wyrm Tongue, both spoken by Dragons and Isldar, but also from long distances like Isldar can. Additionally, they can temporarily manifest a Soul River near them, and carry a message of their own towards all Dragons through the Soul Rivers, which will be heard by all Dragons connected to the Soul Rivers.
Venator Hunting Constant Passive Any Any Infested level Aberrant and above that was hit by an attack (including punches) from a Witchblood will leave behind a trail of green smoke wherever they go for upwards to an hour. This smoke is visible to only Witchbloods, but any Witchbloods, including the ones who did not attack the target. This ability does not work on Aberrants that have protection against Aberrant Detection Mechanisms.
Group Mutation Name Ability Category Range Description (Group Mutations are free and do not take up any Mutation slots, all Witchblood have them)
Umbra Denial Phantasma Spell Emote Distance As long as three Witchblood are present within Emote Distance of each other, they can use Umbra Denial together to banish an Arken or Herald regardless of their strength from their scene, and deny them the ability to return for up to an hour.
Umbra Holocation Phantasma Spell Emote Distance As long as two Witchblood are present within Emote Distance of each other, they can produce a green three-dimensional holographic display of any Dragon they have personally seen to allow others to identify them based on physical descriptions.
Umbra Lordcall Phantasma Spell Emote Distance As long as three Witchblood are present within Emote Distance of each other, and another Dragon or Dragonblood is present within Emote Distance, any weapons they are wearing will start producing a crystalline singing-like sound, announcing the presence of Dragons.
Visual Mutation Name Ability Category Range Description (Aesthetic Mutations are free and do not take up any Mutation slots, all Witchblood have them)
Magehate Toggle Passive Self A Witchblood is able to manifest their hatred of Mages, Silven and Sorcerers, if they so desire, through physical changes. These include more vibrant green eyes (brighter than usual) that have green crackles lighting up and flowing away from their eyes. Their hands glow green, with the glowing effect traveling up to their elbows. Their voice can turn more hollow and ghostly.
Baneweapon Toggle Passive Self A Witchblood's weapon glows green, just like their eyes, and leaves a faint glowing trail behind in the air while wielded and moved around. Additionally, the weapon may appear see-through and glass-like, as well as have various Dragon scale inspired swirls on the material.
Archguardian Toggle Passive Self A Witchblood is able to manifest an Archblood's Armor and Dragonwings in a ghostly see-through green form on themselves. These are purely aesthetic, give no actual armor, nor do the wings actually work. The Armor is reminiscent of Dragon Knight Armor, while the wings appear like Dragon wings folded in. These wings may move depending on the actions of the Witchblood, but never provide lift. Ghostly armor will always overlay existing armor.
Greater Mutation Name Ability Category Range Description (Greater Mutations require in-game Progression unlocking, but do not cost any Mutation slots)
Archblood Arsenal Phantasma Spell Self The Witchblood who was marked Archblood by either a Dragon, Dragonblood or the Conduit, can summon any weapon from any category in ghostly green flame, and change this weapon to any other weapon mid-combat, even ranged weapons. Weapon wielding is still dictated by Proficiency however.

Witchblood in Regalia

Witchblood have a curious relationship with the Regalian Government. Much like Vampires, Witchblood are considered aberrants and illegal. To be Witchblood-infected is to be hunted—perhaps not to the extent of Vampirism, but certainly to the extent of ridicule and exclusion or discrimination. As such, most Witchbloods hide their identity and live in the slums. Some choose to report themselves to the Regalian Government and enlist among certain organizations to assist in the hunting of Mages or the capture of Silven due to their natural ability to weaken both. Others yet that have devotion and zeal for their religion seek guidance and solace from the holy men that administer their faith. Witchblood that show their glowing green eyes are almost always reviled, and are commonly mistaken for demonically-possessed individuals, notably because the very existence of Witchblood is not common knowledge. The first reaction any Regalian citizen has to seeing someone with glowing green eyes is to call for the guard and the inquisition.


  • Rumor has it that the Grand Vigil of the Azure Order was actually a Witchblood. The woman has never shown her face in public, so it could not be confirmed nor denied.
  • Many suspect that the Azure Order used a host of Witchbloods to hunt runaway mages from the Azure Spire when it still existed, and that this is how they managed to keep the mages under control.
  • One Witchblood by the name of Sebastian Salbard was said to be incredibly powerful—able to fight multiple Mages at once. He was eventually killed when a group of Dark Mages tracked him down and killed him in revenge.

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