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|flora10desc = ''Description Pending...''
|flora10desc = ''Description Pending...''

|flora11    = [[Toughgrass]]
|flora11    =  
|flora11desc = Toughgrass is a commonplace grass found across [[Ulaan-Ujuur]] and eastern Muird, where both groups have a variety of uses for it. For the [[Kifchun Nomads]], the plant is the main animal fodder for their herds of wild beasts and serves an artistic purpose for their weavers as baskets, rope, and other small items. To the Muirdians, it is not only an animal fodder, but also a mild muscle relaxant once distilled down. Only in recent times have these two views on its use helped both sides benefit and develop more intriguing ways to use the plant.
|flora11desc =  

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Aloria is rich in both fauna and flora. This page specifically is dedicated to all recorded, extinct or still living, plants that grow in the world of Aloria. All plants are split into their relevant categories. Keep in mind that this list is not final and will be added to when necessary. As a player you may claim one of the plants and try to write a Player Lore-Write me, though remind yourself to consult Lore staff about any relevant descriptions!