Poison Ivy

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Poison Ivy
Official Name Poison Ivy
Common Name Poison Vine, Three-Leafed Ivy
Classification Vine
Common Use None
Origins Unknown
Habitat Forested regions

The bane of many travelers throughout Aloria, not many plants are as ubiquitously reviled by so many as Poison Ivy, also known as the Three-Leafed Ivy. This species of plant is hated for good reason, for even rubbing clothing against it can lead to a nasty rash with an unrelenting itch in the area beneath the clothing. While its origins are unknown, it can be found in the forests of most Alorian continents to this day.


It is unknown where exactly Poison Ivy originated from initially, but there are two competing theories. The first states that the Ivy was originally native to Ceardia or a more temperate region of Aloria, which the Altalar of the Allorn Empire interacted with later into their history. These interactions then brought the plant back to Daen, whereupon it spread across the continent and then across Aloria through further interactions. The other theory is the reverse, that the plant originated on Daen, though perhaps in some isolated area of the continent and then was spread across Aloria thanks to the Altalar. Considering how ubiquitous the plant is, records from the height of the Allorn Empire mentioning the irritating rash it caused, and tales from Ceardian peoples of a plant that hated to be touched, the truth may never be known.


Poison Ivy, at a glance, holds the unsuspecting appearance of a regular vine-like plant. It can be distinguished, however, by its red-tinted leaves, which always come in groups of three. Younger leaves are more red and rounded, while more mature leaves are greener in tint and are pointed at the end. Poison Ivy flowers are small and off-white with orange centers, and they tend to grow in clusters. The plant similarly grows in clusters across the various forests and jungles it inhabits across Aloria.

Uses and Abilities

Poison Ivy has little practical utility, and is only notable for its detriments. When a person’s skin or clothing comes into contact with the plant’s leaves, the person will soon begin to suffer a horrible rash, and blisters will develop in extreme cases. The rash itself will appear anywhere the skin has made contact with the plant or its oils, and will remain for a period ranging between fives days and a few weeks. There are no ways to be rid of the rash entirely, but placing the affected area in cool water can alleviate the itching sensation caused by it. However, the Gorr Races are immune to the rash and all the plant’s effects due to their scales, fur, and so forth. Even Slizzar shifted into their different forms will be unaffected with the plant.


  • There is a saying among foresters and hunters to help identify and avoid the plant; “Leaves of three, let them be!”

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