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Praeter Stew
Appearance Thick, light grey liquids with small chunks.
Difficulty 2/10. (0-Easiest)
Creator Drovv
Class Drowdar

A creation of the Drovv, Praeter Stew is one of very few dishes consumed by the Void-touched Nelfin sub-race known as the Drowdar. After having established themselves in Drowda, the Drowdar re-discovered how to prepare what was once a common dish for the Drovv, with the recently-acquired ability to stave off the weakening effects of Praeter Stew Horn. However, due to Praeter Stew Horn only growing within Drowda, the stew is near-impossible to obtain outside of its home continent.


Before its use by Drowdar and the infestation of Void energy in Drowda, the recipe for Praeter Stew belonged to the Drovv as a mundane dish. Of course, following the Cataclysm and the subsequent disappearance of the Drovv, the ingredients once used for the soup were altered and mutated. This caused fundamental changes to its original recipe. Since this discovery of both a proper preparation method and how it affected the consumers, Praeter Stew has become a central part of Drowdar diets.

The stew’s effects aren’t easy to attain for non-Drow, and even some Drowdar visitors to other Xaster citadels are denied access to the dish. For someone in Regalia, the initial struggle to even get a sip of the soup comes from its ingredients growing exclusively in Drowda, compounded by Regalia’s strict trade sanctions on any item coming from the continent. Within Drowda, an outsider must prove themselves to a Xaster before even being considered for allowance to the stew’s gifts.


Given the militaristic lifestyle of the Drowdar, the process of making Praeter Stew is quite simple. Firstly, two or three praeter stew horns should be cut open to expose the white inner ‘flesh’, which is to be extracted and placed in warm water. This water is preferably purified by boiling, with the ‘flesh’ being added as it cools. After this point, the water should be stirred regularly to allow it to evenly thicken into a soup-like consistency over the course of twenty minutes. After this point, it is ready to serve. At any point during the dish’s preparation, meats and/or chopped Eluhwa mushrooms can be added to enhance flavor and texture. Drowdar of all ages are taught how to make Praeter Stew in most Xaster citadels, meaning that even outsiders can learn how to make it.


  • From a first look, Praeter Stew simply appears to be a thick, pale grey soup with prominent chunks of meat and mushroom.
  • Despite this, the dish smells and tastes much like potato soup, though its texture is slightly grainy. *The flavors of the meat and mushroom are most prominent as an aftertaste, overpowered by the liquid of the stew until swallowed.
  • Peculiarly, after around five years of consumption, the effects of eating raw Praeter Stew Horn are completely nullified.


  • Some chefs in Aloria have attempted to recreate Praeter Stew without using the ingredients from Drowda. All ultimately fail to provide the same benefits as the true original stew.
  • The grainy taste the soup produces is actually from the thousands of seeds that make up the inside of Praeter Stew Horns.

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