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Template:Info alchemy A stew made by Drowdar natives of Drowda, Praeter Stew is a very basic meal. Comprised of common ingredients, it grants an individual gradual resistance over time to the weakening effects of Praeter Stew Horn and builds lasting endurance. It remains a local dish to the Drowdar.


When Praeter Stew Horn was first discovered and collected, a variety of different methods were used to try and eat it. Eventually, after a short period of trial and error, the Drowdar learned that adding the fungi inside to warm or boiling water removed its weakening effects and thickened, creating a base broth. In the years following this first, base creation, meat and Eluhwa were added to the stew to provide more nutrition.


Making the stew is a simple process. Water must be warmed to near boiling before the inside of Praeter Stew Horn can be added. The mixture must then be stirred with the other ingredients. These need to be chopped, and may then be added and served.



By simply ingesting the stew over a period of several years, the subject gains its effects.


The stew has two major effects on those who regularly eat it. The first and the main effect is that it builds up resistance to the weakening effects from raw Praeter Stew Horn. Over the same amount of time, the physical endurance of the individual is built up to be superior than normal. What occurs specifically are minor increases in muscle mass, often in the legs or arms, to help with climbing and other physical activities.

Physical Characteristics

Praeter Stew appears as a light grey near liquid, often with chunks of chopped meat and Eluhwa mushroom. It has a pleasant aroma of tomatoes and it’s base taste is similar to tomato soup.


  • The Drowdar refuse to make this stew, devotedly refusing to use Praeter Stew Horn.
  • If the stew is reheated after growing cold, its previous taste changes to one reminiscent of potatoes.


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