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Presence Point buy is part of the bigger Proficiency System. The Presence Point Buy Packs are a more random assortment of uncategorized things that relate to Charisma that could not be grouped anywhere else.

Stupid Luck Pack

  • The Character, whether by happenstance or some divine intervention, is prone to stupid luck. This cannot be used to force actions, but may make players more amiable to comical interactions so long as it refrains from slapstick.
  • Once per day, if the player used a /Dice roll command to determine the success of any action, and they fail, they may roll again to try and make it roll higher. If it rolls below, the highest is chosen.
  • This does not seem to do anything in Progressions.... or does it? Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't, play around and find out! (But don't expect too much from it either!).

Mount Husbandry Pack

The Mount Husbandry Pack allows a Character to own a Mount outside of Regalia, and also hand a copy of this mount to every Progression Order ally. By default, this is just a regular Horse. Mounts are only available during Progressions, and can never be shown or used in Regalia. Mounts from the Husbandry Pack do not affect Mounts used by the Cavalry Point Buy Category, those Mounts must ever only be Mounts available in the Pets Plugin. Some upgrades are however possible that change what the Mount is for your Character depending on Proficiency Point allocation:

  • With at least 2 Proficiency Points in Charisma, the Mount becomes a Racial Mount. Reference the Racial Mount table below for more information.
  • With at least 4 Proficiency Points in Charisma, The Mount becomes an Advanced Mount. Refer to the Advanced Mount table below for more information.
Racial Mounts
Race/Culture Animal Description
Wirtem and Regal Ailor Heerstepper A large, strong, and robust black horse that shrugs in the face of intimidation
Anglian, Cearden, Gallovian, and Breizh Ailor Stadder Horse Traditionally more useful for ploughing, the Stadder is a robust brown steed.
Ithanian Ailor Gôdive Horse A graceful white horse with blonde reflective hairs and blue eyes.
Daendroque and Aetosian Ailor Janita Horse A brown or spotted horse that is famed for its long stamina sustained gallops and lithe body.
Velheim Ailor Eskøy Horse A large white horse with thick hair and fur reminiscent of sheep and large hooves.
Krainivaya, Întuneric and Szabadok Ailor Pannor Horse A black tusked horse with a temper that frequently attacks strangers.
Sihai Anui Lion Robust lions with very curled manes and back fur, reminiscent of (east-asian) stone lions.
Dwarf Vlomm Mole A burrowing mole the size of cattle that is slow but very durable in battle.
Qadir Clockwork Charger Qadir produce their own mounts that resemble long-legged rams out of Clockwork.
Songaskia Maaris Cobra A horse-sized Cobra with the rider on its hood, able to slide through the deserts.
Teledden Ulaan-Shiraal A slender and lithe deer-like horse with elegantly curled antlers and a long tail hairs.
Lesarra Mushraan Viper Despite its name, not a snake, but rather a long-legged ant-eater like reptile.
Solvaan Üssey Terror Bird A flightless bird the size of a horse with a sharp beak and strong legs.
Fin'ullen Qomond A creature that appears like a shark head and fin with the body of a lion.
Suvial Dirrin Reptile A horse-sized orange and white salamander that can walk on vertical surfaces.
Maquixtl Mantavaar A tiger-like creature with six legs and the face of a man that evolves from feeding.
Maquixtl Silat Wolf A smaller than Horse sized wolf with silvery fur and the face of a fox.
Isldar Evjer A polar-bear like mustelid with stark white fur and agile movement.
Kathar Marrack Ravager A horse-sized monitor lizard that loves the taste of blood and carnage.
Sihndar Qilkar A chiropteran beast without wings and the head and neck of a plesiosaur.
Yanar Elfaar A horse-sized construct made of tree and plant matter that has come alive.
Maraya Elmin A horse shaped animal that is actually a wing-less moth with insectoid face.
Allar Two-Claw Raptor A large reptilian predator that stalks its prey in the jungle and kills with its claws.
Slizzar Qarresh A large obsidian hovering cube that can shapeshift to appear like other Mounts.
Asha Mehtil Asha do not ride animals, instead weaving Living Metal into any other mount's shape.
Eronidas Aaltaar Bok A bison-like charging animal that can both be fierce in battle and tame in grazing.
Urlan Erker A Ram-like beast with tusks and more horns than its head seems capable of bearing.
Bralona Heraln A wading bird-like Matter Form whose beak can narrow into a stabbing implement on command.
Advanced Mounts

An Advanced Mount is a Mount Upgrade, not an additional Mount. When getting this Upgrade, the original Mount disappears. You may reject this Mount Upgrade if you want to, however only one can be on your Character Application.

Race/Culture Animal Description
All Ailor Cultures Cheval du Ciel An athletic winged horse with long tail hairs capable of flight.
Dwarf Steamtech Stoneshredder A large Steamtech construct made up of three huge grinding wheels, capable of breaking through many obstructions.
Qadir Clockwork Centiskuttler Qadir produce their own mounts that resemble a large centipede capable of carrying passengers within it, with built-in Firearm ports.
Songaskia Felipipi A creature with feline and canine attributes, and a prominent hollow horn upon its head that can put people to sleep.
All Nelfin and Yanar except Isldar Ellon-Wing A magical manta ray that flies through the sky on trails of stardust.
Isldar, Maquixtl, Sihai Wyvern A horse-sized flying reptile with long neck and two tails.
Maraya To-Solar-Ohm A flying disk of crystal-tech that allows the rider to defy gravity.
Allar & Slizzar Hadarian Satrap A flying feathered reptile which can spout water from its beak.
Asha Dew'enet A hovering amalgam of tentacles and tendrils of living metal that consumes metal.
Eronidas Maak-Shield A flying shield, upheld by the floating spirits of Eronidas Warriors.
Urlan Silvershale A (non-flying) white tusked gorilla-like beast that can rampage even without rider.
Bralona Somdolna An avian Matter Form with an aerial and ground stance, capable of belting out hypersonic shrieks capable of blowing back opponents.

Pet Husbandry Pack

This Pack gives the user the means to keep and maintain their own mundane pet. This pet may be any animal from the Animals page, so long as it is no smaller than a candle mouse, and no larger than a domestic dog, and the animal itself is described as domesticated on its own page. These pets may wander with the player Character and can aesthetically interact with the environment, but can never be used in combat, and can only carry around items if they are uncontested. Domestic animals reserve kill perms, meaning they are not valid targets for attacks and cannot be killed in roleplay or progressions. This can additionally be a magical familiar, but only if the user has at least 1 point invested in Spell Point Buy. Domestic animals can also optionally have any mutations applied to them in the same way people do with Arcanology.