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Pure Black Calemberger
Official Name Pure Black Calemberger
Common Nicknames Drixon Horse
Classification Mammal
Habitat Calemberg, Hinter Calem
Domesticated Yes.
Current Status Common

The Pure Black Calemberger is a loyal mount and a symbol of military superiority. This breed of horse is exclusively bred in Calemberg and Hinter Calem, and are highly revered war beasts. Taller than a man when on all fours, and built for power and stamina in the field, these steeds tend to be found in the possession of key military figures or the cavalry of wealthier high nobility across the Regalian Archipelago. They have also been the turning point in many past battles, giving the cavalry a decisive edge with their longevity and speed.


Originating from various stud farms across the Hinter Calem regions near 200 AC, they were bred in hopes of creating a strong and reliable horse for the Calemberg cavalry forces. This horse was bred for labor and combat, and quickly found its way into the ranks of the wealthier lords of Calemberg. The powerful creature was prized for its vigorous stamina and after leading years of decisive victories they are now favored as a sign of military prowess and strength all across the region. These large, dark beasts give off a menacing appearance and they can transport heavily armoured troops and supplies across entire countries, making them ideal for campaigns and warfare. The Black Calemberger also has a strong sense of loyalty and it is often that the cavaliers who ride them form a close bond with the particular horse. Over the past hundred years, the Pure Black Calemberger has spread to various armies and labor forces across the Regalian Archipelago, where their endurance and stamina has revolutionized the perception of cavalry as a lethal force. They are utilized frequently to this day, and there is a high demand on the stallions that appear larger in stature, and are also rarer than the mares.

Physical Appearance

The Pure Black Calemberger, as the name might suggest, is exclusively black. At their largest, they stand at 17-20 hands for stallions and 15-17.5 hands for Mares, making them one of the largest horse breeds in Aloria. The tallest of the stallions are hardly ever used for combat as they are too hard to climb, and tend to be used as effective labor horses instead. This giant steed is incredibly muscular, and almost emanates power to those around it. It is often said amongst the cavalrymen that no woman could ever ride a Pure Black Calemberger, as they are far too delicate to handle the strength of the horse. A curious trait of the Black Calemberger is their ability to adapt to their terrain. If it is cold, it will grow its fur at a rapid rate, and if it is too hot, it will shed it. Even their hooves are said to grow in different ways if they are climbing a mountain or speeding across flatland. The developments usually take up to a week from arriving in the new surroundings to be complete.


There is hardly any visible difference between Black Calemberger mares and stallions. However, the males often exceed the females in size and endurance, but the birth rate for females is higher than their male counterparts.

Life Span and Development

As a mammal, like the rest of the horse population, the Pure Black Calemberger is given live birth after almost a year of residing within their mother. Females will reach maturity faster than the males, with mares reaching maturity at an age of 15 months, and males at 18 months. They will continue to grow until they are 10 years of age after which they will usually live on for another 15, depending on what the horse was used for during its lifetime.

Mental Overview

The Pure Black Calemberger seems incredibly intimidating at a first glance. It is an animal that respects courage, and looks down upon weakness. If the rider’s first action is to wince and scurry away, the horse will not respect them as their master. Therefore, the horse is more oftenly found in the possession of battle-hardened soldiers and commanders who can stand up to the menacing beast. While not inherently hostile, both mares and stallions are incredibly aggressive when it comes to mistreatment, and as such, they are rarely ever used to haul carriages as they would attack the driver as soon as he made use of his whip. The Pure Black Calemberger will always hold loyalty to one person only, and they are considered some of the most reliable steeds in the Regalian Empire. They are almost as resilient and adaptable as their riders and would go through ice and fire with them, which is one of the reasons that they are considered so terrifying in the field, it being not uncommon to see a horse take several arrows for their masters and still carry on. However, magic is one thing that the horses hold an inherent fear of. While they can’t literally sense magic, their instincts inspire fear for anything voidborn, whether it be void energy, demons, or anything tainted by the void.

Territory and Groupings

This horse is bred exclusively in captivity, as there are no wild horses of this breed that roam the countrysides. However, the Black Calemberger do seem to have a strong group mentality, often flocking together and bonding with others of their kind. The horse is actually incredibly social towards others of its breed, making a stable of Black Calembergers and insufferably loud place to be.


  • Breeders of Painted Lancierrons and Pure Black Calembergers have always had heated arguments over which horse is superior.
  • This dark horse has been described as notoriously hard to breed, and the techniques is only known to a select few of the stud farms in Hinter Calem.
  • Black Calembergers make up the bulk of the Regalian elite cavalry, favoring both their menacing appearance and the strength they emanate for parades and intimidation.

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