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Official Name Qilin
Common Nicknames Silkskins
Classification Mammal
Habitat Yang Tzu Islands
Domesticated No.
Current Status Common

While it is not completely unheard of to stumble across a Qilin in the wilds of the Yang Tzu, it is always a stunning sight. Lithe in their build and seemingly otherworldly thanks to their shimmering fur, these animals are hailed as some of the most beautiful in all of Aloria for good reason. These skittish deer are a rare find, but their pelts and horns make them a value to both the Island's inhabitants, and hunters from abroad.


The first recorded run in with a Qilin comes from one of the native Chien-Ji residents of the islands. A man had gone out for a stroll in the woods near his home village when he heard the twigs near him snap. For a moment, the man thought it to be the Wulong attempting another raid, but he soon realized it to be something far more shocking; a lone deer-like creature, clad in a glistening white pelt. The man had hardly any time to truly admire the animal before it darted back into the heavy woods from whence it came.

Despite still being hunted by Wulong native to the Yang Tzu Islands, the Qilin population appears to be fairly stable. One can quite easily find one of the animals peacefully supping on bamboo shoots and leaves if they look in the serene forests around the islands.

Physical Appearance

The Qilin are a very skinny and generally weak species. This has lead to their strengthened legs for sprinting not only at great speed, but over long distances. Qilins are very agile and relatively small in terms of body mass when compared to similar animals. Their nickname “Silkskins” comes from their silk-like white fur. The females also have very lengthy and thin antlers.


Qilin are native to the Yang Tzu Islands and will likely remain on the islands unless moved by an outside force. Qilin are not a very diverse species with the only real differences being the females having antlers for fighting, their pelts are consistently bright white in color.)

Life Span and Development

Living fairly short lives of only twenty five years at most, the Qilin grow into adulthood relatively quickly. The female’s antlers begin growing in at around the age of eleven, allowing for fighting and subsequently mating as a result.

Mental Overview

While very docile in nature, female Qilin are known to fight each other for the affection of the males in their herd. While these skirmishes are rarely to the death, they are more often than not bloody and brutal encounters.

Territory and Groupings

Qilin tend to travel in small herds that often number from five to twenty of the creatures, this is a defensive strategy born of necessity that often allows a fair few of the herd to escape should trouble arise.


  • Pelts and horns of Qilin are sold to nobility all over the world for fairly hefty sums due to the luxurious appearance the items have. However, prices have recently fallen dramatically due to a large amount of goods making it past the Chi'ien-ji from an unknown source.
  • The Qilin drive another wedge between the Chi'ien-ji and the Wulong. The Chi'ien-ji revere them as spirit animals, while but the Wulong slaughter them for food.
  • In Chi'ien-ji culture, every part of a Qilin is sacred, but most of all the pelt. This represents its pure spirit and the Qilin’s horns represent the animal’s desire to protect those with similarly pure spirits.
  • If a Qilin is found to have died from natural causes, many Chi’ien-ji will take the animal’s pelt and place it in their home to ward off evil.

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