Regalian Archipelago

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Regalian Archipelago
Regalian Archipelago 2.png
Full Name The Regalian Archipelago
Pronunciation Reh-Gall-ean Ark-apel-ago
Demonym Regalian.
Area 250,000.
Population 10,000,000
Flora and Fauna

The Regalian Archipelago is, in many ways, considered the center of Aloria. Because the archipelago is the capitol of the Regalian Empire, it has, over the years, experienced many changes and turns, leading to an influx of migration into the continent. People from Ceardia, Ithania, Daendroc, and more all flock to Regalia's lucrative wealth and security, all eager for a piece of the plentiful pie. From its inception to its current status as home to perhaps the most powerful empire of Aloria, Regalia is a home to many, whether they are advocates for the empire, or criminals hiding in plain sight.

West Regalia


The Anglian region is considered the Empire's grain barn, a source of all major food shipments that are used to feed the far flung regions of the Empire, as well as the source of the Anglian Culture. Traditionally also the source where the Five Family Rebellion started, Anglia has always styled itself as a loyal and faithful core region of the Empire, yet the locals have always retained a higher loyalty to their long-ruling noble families as opposed to full devotion to the Crown. Anglians are considered peasant-like, but bring a great number of troops to the army and are an important agricultural center of the Archipelago.


The Dorinn region has long been considered an extension of the Anglian cultured landmass, but has its own distinct history detached from it. While it is essentially Anglian, the Anglian culture is more developed in Dorinn, giving rise to the many mountain monasteries, cultural centers and picturesque villages along the shores of Lake Doorin. Dorinn is generally considered the poetry capital of the Empire, and houses many artists and actors. Yet, there has always been something sinister about the place. The eccentrics of its actors have sometimes gives birth to infamous individuals.

Heartland Regalia


Dragenthal is considered both Alt-Regalian and Heartland Ceardian in culture, and also double the trouble. Dragenthal was once the birthplace of the Baron's Rebellion during the Drachenwald Crisis which resulted in a temporary overthrow of the absolute monarchy of the Regalian Emperor. Time had corrected this travesty, but the independent mindset of the barons never quite faded, making sure that Dragenthal was always one of the hardest areas to rule. Dragenthal is also one of the most populated regions in the Archipelago, while also featuring the Dark Wald, a massive dark forest.


Brissiaud is the often-forgotten cousin of Vixhall, cultured, yet dark and depressing. Brissiaud is the home of the Leutz-Vixe people and culture, a hybrid between the military Alt-Regalian and Ithanian. While the people living on the land are high cultured, the land itself is mostly beset by forests and swamps, starkly contrasting the colorful attires of the people living within. Ithanians often snub their noses at Leutz-Vixe for being too uncultured, though Alt-Regalians often strongly appreciate the shared military sentiments.


Vixhall is synonymous with the Royal lands of the Ivrae Family, the family that controlled the Imperial Crown for 301 years uninterrupted. Since the passage of blood act, when the throne passed to another dynasty, the Ivrae family was compensated by being given control over the Vixhall region. Vixhall is commonly also referred to as Ithanian Palace Capital, in that the river lands of the Loiree Bassin are just filled with palaces and estates, and small communities to support them. Vixhall is barely populated, generally considered a good holiday location or retreat for nobility who wish to live in splendor and silence away from the capital.


Vultaro is high cultured, yet conflicted and rural. Once controlled by the Lampero family, ill management and political faux pas decisions led to the complete collapse of local order. Previously known for Coal mines, Vultaro is now mostly known for the practice of the Inquisition, which executes the Vultar heretics by throwing them off the cliffs near Lampeport. Vultaro was once the heartland of the Dressolini cultural change, but has descended into virtual anarchy over the past decade.


Loiree is generally considered the Vixhall flowlands, Ithanian inhabited lands that are more population oriented than their palatial northeast. Loiree is mostly a coastal region, meaning all populated centers are concentrated on the long southern coastline facing Gallovia. Loiree is often the first location where so called Ithanian Emigrees arrive when they migrate from Ithania to the Regalian Archipelago. Many remain there, while some transfer on to Pays-Sud or the Regalian Crown Isle. Loiree is natively home to many Vineyards and plantations of exotic plants due to its relatively calm climate, shielded by the mountains of Gallovia.


Basta is the smallest region of the Regalian Archipelago and a true mix of cultures. The land cannot truly be ascribed to a single culture as many inhabit it, ranging from Etosian and Lusits to Dressolini, Alt-Regalian and even some Anglian. Basta is formally recognized as Sancella land, meaning the vast majority of it is identified as church property. Monasteries are frequent, and churches can often be seen within miles from each other. As such, Basta is often also called the peak capital, given that a profile of the Island would show many spikes rising from the ground where church towers stand.

South Regalia


Gallovia is synonymous to the Rough South, a Highland Ceardian core where many of the refugees from Old Ceardia made their home. Gallovia is relatively unpopulated, largely owed to its rough climate, and despite only having really been inhabited in the past 100 years, it has already given rise to a very Empire oriented people with a strong military presence. What the Highland Ceardians lack in class, they have always made up in with authority, loyalty to the state and the Empire, and above all, fraternity to one another. Gallovia is the land of brotherhood, and treason is a far sought concept there, even as the land itself is frequently punished by the stormy weather blown in from the southwest seas.


Girobalda is home of the Daendroque people in the Regalian Archipelago. It was mostly settled when Regalia subjugated the colonies on Daenshore, and experienced economic growth when the local nobles pushed for a stronger naval presence. Girobalda has since been the primary location for sailor recruitment across the Empire, also breeding some of the more cutthroat and capable captains known to the Regalian Fleet. Aside from the military focus, Girobalda is also a popular party area, given to the frequent Fiestas held by the locals.


Lloriesta is the largest continuous forest in the Regalian Archipelago, only sparsely populated by Daendroque people. The locals in Lloriesta are prone to superstition and extreme racism against non-Ailor, giving rise to the various forests cults. Many of the remote towns in Lloriesta are barely touched by global events, owing to their extreme isolation from the Empire aside from a few yearly wood shipments. Lloriesta is often considered one of the few largely uncharted areas of the Archipelago, being entirely covered by massive forests that explorers rarely venture into.


Pays Sud is a largely Ithanian inhabited region that experienced a massive influx of Ithanian migrants following the Gem Boom at the end of the 3rd century AC. After the gem mining died down, the locals established an Empire wide reputation for skilled jewelry crafting as well as brocade weaving. While Ithanians are generally known for lacking great contributions to the production of the Empire, Pays Sud developed a strong reputation as a diligent production center for fine goods.


Rivellia is a multicultural and often also multi racial province that was originally inhabited by Ithanians, but slowly accepted even Songaskia into their populations. Rivellia is often considered the foreign immigration hub for non-Ailor attempting to migrate to Regalia. The Fong Family has always had a sizeable power base over this area, strictly controlling the immigration papers of foreigners and also giving rise to the unofficial title of the area, Islandia.


Etolia was the last region in Regalia to be properly inhabited by large populations, and this only came into being after the Etosian people started migrating back to Regalia when their state was accepted back into the Empire. The local Etosians have since established a local society very similar to their homeland, owing much to the very mountainous region. Etolia is famous in the Empire for two reasons, primarily because it produces a dye called Etolian Tyre, which is commonly used for Royal purple attire. The other reason being more sinister, Etolia is home to the Suffran Order which imports all its slaves to Etolia.

East Regalia


Montania is the land of the Dressolini, Vultaro's less failing sister province. Montania is commonly appreciated by the people across the Empire as the birthbed of modern orchestra music and many of the famous musical instruments. Montania is a frequent holiday location for the Regalian elite due to the flowery and scenic cliff towns decorated with extremely colorful houses and terraced lord manors. Montania is also home to some Regalia's largest flower fields, and fresh flowers are exported almost daily to the Regalian flower markets from where they are spread across the Archipelago. Montania is also home to annual Dressolini Fencing tournaments and numerous other re-creative sports events, leaving some to conclude that the Montanian people are the happiest in the Archipelago due to the frequent leisure.


Calemberg is truly the aristocratic and patriarchal capital of the Alt-Regalian people. The huge capital of Calemberg itself, a massive walled bastion city, is the second largest city in the entire Empire. It features the largest number of religious buildings per capita and also has the largest local Landsknechten army that often operates independently from the lords. Calemberg was previously also home to the largest numbers of castles in the Archipelago, but recent reforms and conflicts with Montania during unstable periods of the Empire have caused many to crumble, alluding to metaphors about the moral corruptibility of graying men holding a tight grip on Empire politics from the Alt-Regalian heartland.

Hinter Calem

Hinter Calem is officially part of the greater Alt-Regalian Calem region, but was split off in recent re divisions of the provinces and regions. Hinter Calem is often ignored when Calemberg itself is taken as the only relevant regional province, but this does not do justice to the large military component of the region. Per capita, Hinter Calem contributes the largest number of soldiers to the Mark Armies and the Imperial Forces by far, nearly all families living in Hinter Calem have a proud history of military traditions. Furthermore, Hinter Calem also provides the largest number of troops to the Lords of Calemberg, even though these regions are not part of each other anymore. This is largely due to ancient agreements made between lords of both regions to support one another.

Opper Calem

Opper Calem is largely seen as the even more forgotten sister province of Calemberg and Hinter Calem, and largely with good reason, to the more cultured aristocrats of Calemberg. Opper Calem was the last province which acted as a border between the Skagger Horde and the Regalian Empire during the many Skagger wars, suffering the majority of the military losses, but also hardening in the many skirmishes and conflicts. While the locals are certainly Alt-Regalian, the Opper Calem people have a tendency for cynicism towards their southern neighbors and often have more in common with the Anglians who immigrated there, mixing with the local population. Opper Calem is otherwise also known for hosting some of the Empire's largest forge complexes and producing much of the military hardware of the Empire.


Drixagh is the last province of the Regalian Archipelago that is truly considered wild, inhabited by the Northerne people. Much of it suffers from the cold winds brought south from Ellador and Jorrhildr, making it the perfect location for the tundra nomads and tribal villages of the Northerners to thrive. The local barons and counts are often powerless in the face of strong tribes, many simply pay lip service to their technical overlord and rule the plains by force of their weapons. The Empire at large often ignores Drixagh politics because the land is poor and the people even poorer. As such, it is the only region in the Empire's heartland that still features frequent combat between the local lords and an ever changing political climate.


Holzskagger is a largely Northerne region inhabited by a sizeable Holzskagger population. It is generally considered a larger extended part of Drixagh, but tends to be far more stable because the locals have started adapting to Alt-Regalian culture due to frequent cultural exchange and trade between the regions. Holzskagger is also primarily inhabited by nobles who migrate from Nordskag to Regalia when they deem Nordskag too savage, or Elladorians who simply wish to settle in a more economically profitable region after the collapse of Elladorian infrastructure.


Norrlan is a mixture of Anglian and Holzskagger where more recent aggressive immigration by Anglians following the discovery of copper mines has led them to almost assimilate the entire province. That being said, much of Norrlan retains its very Northerne ancestry. Norrland is generally considered an insignificant rock aside from the recent mining finds, meaning it also the least populated region of the Archipelago. One can get truly lost wandering the northcoast which is often filled with endless grasslands and sharp rocks, interrupted with an occasional dilapidated cobblestone ruin that was once someone's home.


  • Archeological evidence suggests that the Ailor may not have been the first people to occupy the Regalian Archipelago...

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