Regalian Civil Strife

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Regalian Civil Strife
Historical Event
Event Name Regalian Civil Strife
Dates and Times June 15th - 29th 302 AC
Location Regalian Archipelago
People Involved Regalian Empire

Following the death of Emperor Justinian II in 302 AC, the choice of who should be made the next ruler of the Regalian Empire was the source of much controversy, the likely choice Alexander Kade. During the months after the death of Justinian II, a variety of noble houses staged attacks against their neighbors or began to betray and twist the Imperial Court with intricate politics in hopes of gaining the upper hand and asserting their power. As Alexander Kade was away in the Elven War of 302 AC, the houses warred unhindered and the matriarch of House Lo declared herself Empress of the Empire, forming a Consortium of allies to follow her that scored an uproar from other houses of the Regalian court. House Lo and her allies were ultimately defeated, though the scars of the conflict and the sides in which each house took still exist in Regalia’s politics in the current day.

Background Information

In the years before the Civil Strife occurred in Regalia, there was a notable growing factionalism between the noble houses of Regalia, one of which increased with the Drachenwald Crisis that demonstrated the taste of violent sentiments that were brewing within the Empire. Every house began to form distances from their age-old neighbors, and as a result, violent political clashes between opposing sides were becoming more frequent with the growing tension. In the south, House Anahera quarreled politically with their neighbors, House Pileran, over various border regions, unable to come to an agreement over who owned what. In the north-east, tensions were rising between rival houses, House Typhonus and House Santorski over political influence over territories found in Opper Calem and Hinter Calem which had long since been fought over due to their connection to the Skagger Wars that occurred a hundred years beforehand.

To the north-west, the matriarch of House Lo resented House Kade following the death of her Kade husband several years prior. Freya Lo’s daughter, Astrid, who was the firstborn of Freya’s twins, was set to inherit the Lo owned land of Dorinn. However, House Kade supported her minutes younger brother instead. This conflict and other factors led to a political back and forth between the two powerful houses, building up the tension. Then in 302 AC, Emperor Justinian II died, and Alexander Kade took the throne as the Crown Prince. These groups of feuding houses took this as an opportunity to take advantage of the new Crown, and they all began to close in on their chosen targets; though the question remained on who would strike first.


Pileran Peril

The question would be answered by the Anaheras as they were the first to strike on the evening of June 14th 302 AC and into the morning. Anahera levies suddenly marched on Pileran lands and attacked the family’s estates and land holdings across their shared border. The Pileran levies were easily confused and continuously driven back by the Anaheran sneak tactics, and trickery used to gain the upper hand in the violent conflict across their border. As the attacks raged, the Anahera patriarch managed to seize “Le Grand Bijoux Vert,” a massive gemstone from the days of the Ithanian Gem Boom that granted the family that possessed it the pseudo-power to rule the region. With the gemstone in possession, the Anahera patriarch declared that stewards should examine all Pileran records, which he presented to the court; the ancient papers supposedly declaring that House Anahera owned all of the Pileran lands.

When news of these attacks reached the heads of House Pileran, they immediately made preparations to leave the front of the Elven War of 302 AC and return home with their forces in an attempt to save their homeland from the Anahera forces. Upon reaching their homeland, however, a relative suddenly declared that they had been betrayed by their family members and those that were truly loyal to the Pileran name to join her, though ultimately those divisions remained unsolved and the large Pileran force reinforced what little territory they still laid claim over. The first peril ended abruptly as the Pilerans were suddenly trapped in their own attack when an ambush in a citadel they had fortified failed completely and the family, with the addition to their rogue relative, were captured. Now in possession of both “Le Grand Bijoux Vert” and the Pileran household, the head of House Anahera waited.

Consortium Crisis

During the same time as House Anahera’s move on Pileran lands, Lo and Santorski forces declared a Consortium and invaded the Calem regions to restore lands the Santorskis has long since claimed as theirs. Within Calemberg, there were quick surrenders to the Consortium due to the severe lack of defenses. Most of them had been carried off to fight in Daendroc not long before to assist in the war effort against the Nelfin. It only took until the morning of June 16th for the entire Calemberg Host and their allies to return to their native lands and seek battle with the Consortium immediately. Just outside Calemberg, levies of House Lampero and House Typhonus separated with the former going ahead. With only an hour set back, the Typhonus forces were shocked when they crossed the rolling hills outside the City of Calemberg to discover that the Lampero forces had seemingly turned against them and joined the Lo and Santorski levies outside the city.

Behind the Consortium forces, the Lampero patriarch reclined next to Freya Lo (inhibited due to his injuries from the Elven War) while the head of House Santorski sat in a gatehouse tower nearby. From there, they witnessed as the two armies met in a whirling melee of a cavalry charge, in which the Velheim forces ultimately overpowered the Calemberg levies, forcing them to pull back and allow their infantry to march into the field. As the two sides rushed into combat, the Lampero troops suddenly turned and began attacking their allies, betraying the Consortium infantry. Upon the walls behind the warring levies, Freya Lo flew into a fit of pure rage as she witnessed the betrayal of the Lampero levies, promptly turning on the head of House Lampero and stabbing him repeatedly. As the matriarch of House Lo brutally attacked her ex-ally, the head of House Santorski discreetly turned away and ordered a secret signal.

Within a few minutes, a bright red firework exploded above the warring sides, and the Consortium host immediately dropped to their knees, seemingly surrendering to the opposing side. Cheering broke out among the allied lines, though it quickly died out as a Qadir mage suddenly lifted someone high into the sky among the Calemberg forces. Officers and commanders among the allied forces immediately demanded their troops to follow what the enemy had done and "surrender", but to no avail as the uplifted mage suddenly unleashed a powerful flash of light, unlike anything that has been seen since the days of the Elven Empire. With their enemies blinded, the Consortium forces charged back to arms and slaughtered the front lines, and those behind them as Santorski and Lo levies broke through the Calemberg lines to continue their massacre.

When the bloodshed finally drew to an end with the remaining troops murdered and the multiple nobles among the Calemberg forces arrested, the death toll was catastrophic; the Consortium had lost only a little over 200 troops while there was a shocking total of over 4,000 men killed in the allied forces. Various regions across the Archipelago began to destabilize as major counties filled with mothers and fathers that found themselves without their sons. Vultaro, especially, erupted into an uproar of violence as the head of House Lampero was assumed dead, unseen since his apparent murder at the hands of Lady Lo.

The Madness Ends

Following the slaughter by the Consortium, the Crown Prince had had enough and issued a decree to cease the fighting in the Archipelago. The decree declared that any lands seized were to remain conquered, which fit perfectly for the Anaheras, who installed a member of House Pileran to puppet over the former Pileran lands in the name of House Anahera. Within Dragenthal, the reveal of spies in many noble houses, the loss of so much military power, and poor leadership lead to upheaval and riots within the state. Farther north, Santorski forces kept a firm hand over their seized Calemberger lands despite consistent shows of resistance by the civilians of Calemberg, though they did not actively fight back. As for the Consortium, Freya Lo was not yet done, and she soon proclaimed herself to be the living embodiment of all the Old Gods and that she would bring Regalia to its knees.

On June 17th, the day following her proclamation, Freya Lo personally led her troops in an attack on the capital city of the Empire. However, her forces were caught and destroyed as they left the harbor, lacking the needed numerical superiority. Freya fled the battlefield herself to take shelter in the Regalian Park where she was met with Alexander Kade, the Patriarch of House Fong, and the Patriarch of House Anahera. To Freya Lo’s displeasure, she was given a vial of unknown liquid and told to drink it, which she originally refused. After several more moments of protesting, she gave in and drank the contains of the bottle which ultimately killed her there in the park. The Crown Prince then carried her body through the streets, citizens passing caught between cheers of celebration and pleased silence to know that the Consortium leader was finally dead. The body was taken to the Chancellery where it was later buried in the Imperial Crypt.

With the death of Lo, the Imperial Seat’s word was taken much more strongly, the new Emperor leading Dragenthal back to stabilization and House Santorski's matriarch was forced out by other family members, many sickened by their part in the massacres while others knew that as soon as the Elven War was over, more troops would return to help free their lands from remaining Santorski forces. The new head freed the lands House Santorski had taken, returning everything to its prior state save for the loot gathered during the campaign. In the end, only House Anahera gained anything from the Civil Strife with their capture of House Pileran lands. As for those of House Pileran, their usefulness ran out, and they vanished one by one.


The Regalian Civil Strife severely affected the Regalian Empire and its civilians; not to mention their military. Despite the split forces, though, the Regalian military managed to continue their victories against the Nelfin in Daendroc, making the Elven forces laughable to Imperialists and most historians. The Strife not only tested the military but also Emperor Alexander I himself, who some believe still technically lost despite him snuffing out the Consortium and their forces. The belief that Alexander I lost is sparked by the fact he had to issue the decree that acquiesced to the situation, one that was revoked as soon as the countries involved had stabilized. For the Archipelago, many nobles not involved in the Strife felt that the conflict was simply cathartic, blood that needed to be spilled to ultimately clear the waters between the noble houses. The nobles that hold this belief also tend to agree that without the Civil Strife, Regalia would've never become unified nor defeat and destroy the Northern Elven Kingdoms. To many others though, the war continues to echo through their lives. Those that lived in the epicenters of the conflict such as the City of Calemberg still suffer through the loss of family members, destroyed homes, or physical and mental scars from the battlefield.


  • One of the mentioned spies in Dragenthal was discovered when he accidentally slipped on a banana peel and went crashing down some nearby stairs, alerting the estate’s guards to his presence.
  • Freya Lo has become one of the most infamous women of the Empire as even death did not stop her. She returned as head of the Deathlings during the Lo Occupation and proclaimed herself Empress once again. She ultimately died when she was stabbed by her own daughter, but some might say it was of a broken heart due to betrayal by her own spawn.

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