Regalian Government

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Regalian Government
Leader The Lord Chancellor
Headquarters Greygate Prison, City of Regalia
Affiliation Regalian Empire

Below is a list of all notable government offices, their holders, and their duties. Note that some organizational positions are absent from this list for the sake of simplification. Most positions can be freely added/altered/removed by the Lord Chancellor.

Government Ministries

Lord Chancellor: Madelyn de Azcoissia

  • Dictates Regalian State Law in the Empire, being able to change any and all Regalian State Laws.
  • Dictates the declaration of war on foreign states and can force the Marshalry to focus on a specific front.
  • Dictates the summoning of foreign dignitaries to Court for an event (think Iron Duke, Ithanian Prince Sovereign, King of Nordskag etc).

Foreign Minister: Vacant

  • The Right to create and send diplomatic missions on behalf of the Regalian State, provided they have funding from the government
  • The Right to negotiate with foreign nations on behalf of the Regalian State
  • The Right to appoint Ambassadors within the Ministry to send on diplomatic missions
  • The Right to create ad hoc committees focused on a specific diplomatic mission

Occult Minister: Ashvarya Sylfina

  • The right to investigate Occult Matters on the Crown Isle
  • The right to hire Mercenaries or order the Regalian Guard to investigate Occult matters.
  • The right to utilize Occult capabilities in service to the State
  • The right to safely secure Occult objects on behalf of the State
  • The right to alter laws related to the Occult, and institute or alter legal codes related to the Occult, so long as they do not conflict with other State Laws
  • The right to declare certain Occult status Apostasy
  • The right to declare a public area of the Crown Isle permissible for Occult Ability usage.

Civics Minister: Sivrid Sorenvik

  • The Right to assemble ad hoc committees and tribunals to handle minor matters in the Regalian Capital
  • The Right to own the Civic House, which will serve as “neutral ground” under State protection. Only the Imperial Guard or direct Crown Authority can override a Neutral Ground location. (Currently, only the Civic House has this privilege)
  • The Right to approve the following building permits: requests for repairs of buildings, requests for clean-up of vandalism, beautification, and other architectural repairs.
  • The right to appoint and remove at will an "Officer of Commoners"
  • The Commoner Executive alone has the following Rights:
    • The right to host "Commoner's Assemblies" wherein citizens may proclaim concerns and needs.
    • The right to access Violet Order records for investigations into matters raised in Commoner Assemblies.

Defense Minister: Arahael Bancroft

  • The Right to dictate the forced conscription of soldiers within the Regalian Archipelago during time of War
  • The Right to dictate the allocation of troops, ships, and additional logistics to the Regalian Military during time of War
  • The Right to handle State Intelligence through their three "Speakers," provided the identities of such are shared with the Lord Chancellor
  • The Right to sit on the Imperial Marshal Cabinet as an Advisor, and coordinate with the Cabinet on matters of Defense
  • The Right to form ad hoc Regiments to deal with matters abroad, with approval of the Imperial Marshal Cabinet and Lord Chancellor
  • The Right to detain Commoners for up to 48 hours for interrogation on suspicion of threat to the State, provided the Commoners are released, unharmed after that period of time

Whip Minister: Rodderick Howlester

  • The Right to call, at will, a meeting of all Ministers and the Lord Chancellor to discuss Government Affairs
  • The Right to oversee weekly meetings of all Ministers and the Lord Chancellor
  • The Right to enforce bi-weekly reports of Ministerial activity to the Lord Chancellor
  • The Right to attend any Ministerial meeting, excluding Foreign Ministry meetings with Foreign Diplomats, to ensure proper protocol

Commerce Minister: Tuija Nordhjem

  • The Right to maintain a public ledger of Businesses and specialized Artisans in the Isle.
  • The Right to aid willing businesses with organization, recruitment, and advertisement.
  • The Right to direct customers and prospective workers to businesses within the Isle.

Equality Minister: Nefer Morathes

  • The Right to Create smaller Councils of Gender & Racial Equality to focus on specific issues in Government Institutions.
  • The Right to set guidelines and policy for the reduction of inequality in Governing Institutions.
  • The Right to set guidelines for Governing Institutions on hiring policy.
  • The right to petition the Finance Minister for funds to implement solutions.

Government Agents/Miscellaneous

Lord Commander: Viggo Sorenvik

Armament Officer: Erwin Braunschweiger

  • Issues weapon and armor permits according to the Legal Code

Mercenary Officer: Humaira di Civitia, Hera van Hal, Franz Knispel

  • Sanctions mercenary contracts for the Regalian Mercenary Companies

Lifeguard Officer: Heinrich von Schwarzkrau

  • Registers Noble House Guards with the State and regulates the rights and privileges of Palests (unique bodyguards)

Brood Officer: Abelhard Petrou

  • Maintains the registry of acceptable Vampire/Cahal Broods for the State

First Contact Officer: Valarosta de Azcoissia

  • Dictates the protected status of foreign peoples

Chancellor's Contingent Commander: Kaya Sorenvik

  • Commands the Chancellor's Contingent Guard

Belliard Representative: Dietrich von Drachenburg

  • Issues Puretek permits

Undercity Representative: Valarosta de Azcoissia

  • Communicates between the State and the New Crookback Borough

Military Officials

System Update Pending

Undercity Positions

Crookback Council: Valarosta Ino-Femunn, Maelstrom Keppkuula, Harlow Ketch, Bennet Clayton, Cecil SIreillan, Kauhet Lykke, Amaira Vaalia.

  • Oversee the New Crookback Borough

Militia Commander: Harlow Ketch

  • Commands the New Crookback Militia