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The RogueryPoint Buy is part of the bigger Test System. Please read the Proficiency Page first before reading this one. The Roguery Point Buy provides Packs for the Character to become skilled in all manner of Rogue or Criminal activities. While in theory Roguery is all Mundane Techniques, players have the freedom to dictate their own Magical aesthetics. For example, even though the Burglary Pack allows the user to pick lock doors, the player can also decide that instead they magically step through the door, or a pickpocket can use a magical third arm to pickpocket someone instead of relying on their own sleight of hand.


Roguery Point Buy is part of the Test System. Its Packs allow a Character to get better at Rogue or Criminal activities. While in theory it is all Mundane Techniques, players can add Magical aesthetics if they like. For example, phasing through doors instead of lockpicking them, or pickpocketing with a Magical third arm.

Burglary Skill Pack

The Burglary Skill Pack allows the user to participate in the Burglary System and break into Regalian Homes. WIP

Pickpocket Skill Pack

The Pickpocket Skill Pack allows the user to pickpocket other Characters with guaranteed success and without being noticed. (though, should be used within reason, if a user spams Pickpocket, report it). It is not possible to Pickpocket Artifacts or exceedingly large items like weapons, but anything hand-held is fair game. If the user wasn’t looking for a specific item owned by the Target, then the Target must provide alternate items equivalent to or greater value than 20 Regals (or just 20 Regals).

Disguise Skill Pack

The Disguise Skill Pack allows the user to disguise themselves. It can obscure their sex, race, appearance, face, voice and anything that would lead to identification. It is impossible to identify a person who is actively using a Disguise from the Disguise Skill Pack. However, if the user is Knocked Out or Restrained, a disguise can be removed and their identity revealed. Note that all these changes do not actually occur on the body and are purely cosmetic. There are no real limits on how they can disguise themselves, but it should generally involve some form of face mask, and can be multiple variations of different disguise. If the user carries an Artifact, this Artifact can also be disguised as a normal weapon, but this disguise ends if they use any of its abilities or powers.

Stealth Skill Pack

The Stealth Skill Pack allows the user to sneak and stealth their way around the city and Progressions without being easily noticed. While sneaking, the user produces no sounds even if they walk on creaky floors or use hand-held items. Any items they can feasibly hold in their hands also do not produce any sounds. This Pack has no effect if the user is actively being seen, or wearing armor including and above half-plate. In Progressions, this Pack allows the user to sneak into places without raising the alarm, though some places may have tighter security than anticipated and force the user to flee, though they will never be captured. When submitting a Progression Order where this Pack becomes relevant, please be sure to mention it in the description of the Order.

Sleight of Hand Pack

The Sleight of Hand Pack allows the user to deploy Sleight of Hand during card games, games of chance, and other non-pickpocketing activities such as parlor magic tricks and the like. Sleight of Hand allows the user to convincingly produce magical aesthetics without actually being a Mage. Its primary use however, is to cheat during games. Sleight of Hand allows the user to retrieve that perfect card, or trick their game opponents into watching the wrong cup when switching them. Sleight of Hand always guarantees that they succeed in cheating/scamming/fooling others, and they are also guaranteed to get away with it. There is however one exception: Anyone who also has the Sleight of Hand Pack can detect if someone uses Sleight of Hand to cheat.

Parkour Pack

The Parkour Pack allows the user to deploy Parkour or urban free-running in Regalia that other Characters normally would not be able to do. The Character becomes as “Fast as an Asha” (thus being able to outrun any other Race, except Asha, or those who have this Mechanic also). Additionally, the Character is able to walk on the roofs of Regalian houses (which are normally too steep to allow a person to walk on them without this Pack). The user may move around Regalia with Jump 2 and reach any part they could feasibly reach without the use of Enderpearls and without using leaf blocks to stand on. All other players without similar mechanics cannot use Jump 2 in roleplay.

Vandalism Pack

The Vandalism Pack allows the user to deploy anonymous Vandalism in the City of Regalia, or even frame another person or group as being responsible. Normal Vandalism is possible for anyone without this Pack, however it always leads to them being detected and announced OOC. By using this Pack, the user becomes anonymous and they may choose to hide their identity, or frame another person or group, thus causing the OOC announcement to carry their name(s). Additionally, this Pack allows the user to sabotage important buildings, historical sites, temples or other such buildings in Progressions. When submitting a Progression Order where this Pack becomes relevant, please be sure to mention it in the description of the Order.

Forgery Pack

The Forgery Pack allows the user to perfectly forge writing and seals belonging to any of the following persons or groups: Noble Families, The Emperor and the Imperial Court, The Lord Commissioner and the State Metropolitan. When Forging, the user must send a Forum Direct Message to MonMarty on the MassiveCraft Forums, including who is being impersonated, what the Forged Message is, and why it is being done. If all checks out, Staff will force the content to be posted by the person who is being impersonated. For example, a Forgery produced to pretend to be the Emperor will be forum posted by MonMarty, while anything Forged for House Howlester will be posted by the account BillyTheScruffy, this is all done to aid the OOC misdirection. Please note, however, that forgery is not intended to "generate" wealth tokens from other players or entities, and attempts to do so will most likely be bounced.