Rokhaal Bloodline

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Rokhaal Bloodline
Pronunciation Rowk-Haal
Origins Teled Varren
Niche Vampire and Cahal hunting Vampires that feed off defeating their enemies and tongue-in-cheek working with the Dragon Community

The Rokhaal Bloodline is a relatively new Bloodline on the global playing field, though it has been around for several centuries already. The first Rokhaal Vampires were created when a number of Kathar Draga Ifrit worshipers located in Teled Varren learned of a ritual that would somehow (in their eyes) cleanse the Vampire of its connection with the Archdemon, thus ridding it of the traditional Vampiric mentalities, and reconditioning them to become Vampire hunters. The Rokhaal Vampires were slow to grow, as outside of the Varren Kathar, other Races and nations continued to see them as regular Vampires to be purged, though they steadily increased in number among the Varren Kathar where worship of Draga Ifrit remains popular. Eventually these Rokhaal would grow to such numbers that they would create Vampire-hunting organizations that would quickly also include Cahal that started invading their lands from the nearby Cielothar and Avanthar communities. These organizations eventually came together into the powerful monolithic organization called the Black House of Sanguivorus, establishing Chapters in all major Varren Kathar cities. These Chapters remained very open and hierarchy-free, meaning they had no real boss or leader, but usually acted as a safe house from which the other Rokhaal could plan their next moves against the Vampires or Cahal. Around the height of the Chrysant War, the Rokhaal managed to establish an underground safe house in Regalia, and from there, the Regalian chapter would grow to become stable, opening up Regalia as a new hunting ground for these distinct Rokhaal Vampires.

Rokhaal Mentality

The greatest difference between a Rokhaal and any other Vampire is that the Rokhaal are not connected to the Void or the Archdemon, at least not in the intrinsic way. In essence, Rokhaal are the first and only truly free Bloodline, though some scholars argue that the Rokhaal have simply exchanged one master for another, replacing the Archdemon with Draga Ifrit. Draga Ifrit supposedly creates the impression of free will, but enslaves the Rokhaal by circumstance to fight against other Vampires who it hates. Still, Rokhaal will argue that this is merely demagoguery, and that they are indeed on a holy mission from Draga Ifrit to combat the Vampire and Cahal scourges on the world, resulting in a strong dislike and hatred for these afflicted. What freedom from the Archdemon’s chains means for the Rokhaal, is that their personalities are relatively tame. Unlike other Bloodlines, Rokhaal do not suffer from grandiose ideals of self importance and superiority, nor do they seek to unleash an eternal night of terrors onto the world where Vampires rule. Rokhaal are usually far more reserved, stoic, quiet and observant, seeking to be diplomatic and refraining from picking fights unless they absolutely have to, or have caught the scent of one of their enemies. Rokhaal Vampires can feel true love, friendship, and devotion. They are capable of respecting and preaching religion, though frequently prefer Draga Ifrit over all others, believing that Draga Ifrit has shown them the true path to enlightenment and wrestling control over the Vampiric curse for their own purposes. Rokhaal work well with others who hate Vampires, being an excellent fill for a team of even non-Vampire warriors. They are also pragmatic and understand that the world is just not ready yet for them to become legally approved Vampire hunters out in the open, thus retaining a veil of secrecy and clandestine approach to their actions.

Rokhaal Niche

Rokhaal Vampires fill a specific niche outside of Vampiric society that aligns them more with the Dragon Community, though their position therein is anything but secure. While Draga Ifrit worshipers might see Rokhaal Vampires as warriors of their god, many of the more traditional Dragon worshipers still see them as a Vampire scourge. Rokhaal are not part of Vampire Society and rather more-so fill the niche of the lone-wolf or ally in the fight against Vampires and Cahal for other groups and entities. It does not take long to look at the Rokhaal and think of pop culture half-Vampire or Vampiric Vampire Hunters in popular media and films. The mistake of thinking that Rokhaal Vampires are legal should not be made. While an individual guard may show some corruption and turn a blind eye to a Rokhaal chasing down another Vampire, Regalia’s laws do not look kindly on any type of Vampire, and Rokhaal will be hunted all the same. Rokhaal Vampires can still be cured conventionally and as such, they are treated with the same end-goal by the Regalian Guard.

Vampire Base Kit

Vampire Base Kit are the Abilities that Vampires of this Bloodline have access to at all times. Vampire Base Kit Abilities are always roughly the same between different Bloodlines, with only incremental changes (such as Blood Eyes I or Blood Eyes II). Vampire Base Kit Abilities are inspired by the theme of the Vampire Bloodline, but detached from utility versus combat balancing. Full descriptions can be found on the Ability List.

Rokhaal Base Kit

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description
Afflicted Life 1 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Afflicted Life 1

Blood Eyes 4 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Blood Eyes 4

Blood Curse 1 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Blood Curse 1

Blood Feeding 3 Control Power Self Grants the user Blood Feeding 3

Scale Shift 1 Full Shift Self Grants the user Scale Shift 1

Cursed Soul 1 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Cursed Soul 1

Bloodline Ability Kit

Bloodline Ability Kit is the list of Abilities that Vampires of this Bloodline have access to outside of a Vampiric Form, as they do not have access to a Vampiric Form. Not all Bloodline Ability Kits have the same number of Abilities, as not all Abilities are born equal. Each Kit is roughly balanced between combat or utility functions, depending on the theme of the Vampire. Rokhaal Vampires in particular have far less Abilities than other Bloodlines, because they are not traditional antag characters, meaning they get less free Abilities to prevent being overwhelmed. Full descriptions can be found on the Ability List.

Rokhaal Bloodline Kit

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description
Primal Specter 1 Primal Power Self Grants the user Primal Specter 1

Primal Realm 1 Primal Power Direct Touch Grants the user Primal Realm 1

Darkness 5 Magic Spell Self Grants the user Darkness 5

Belliard Horror 1 Constant Passive Self Grants the user Belliard Horror 1

Affliction Hunter 1 Toggle Passive Self Grants the user Affliction Hunter 1

Ifritti Infection 1 Void Spell Direct Touch Grants the user Ifritti Infection 1


  • Rokhaal Vampires frequently use Blades. Every Rokhaal Vampires loves their Blade. And cannot live without their Blade. (They do not necessarily have to use a Blade).
  • Rokhaal Vampires are only legal in the Varren Rokh states, now part of the Allorn Empire. The Allorn Empire seems to be condoning them for now, as it would be politically disadvantageous to provoke a revolt from the Kathar by going after the Rokhaal Vampires in their midst.
  • Rokhaal Vampires have different eyes than other Vampires, but nobody truly pays attention to the shape of their pupils or their limbal rings, so anyone will just scream "Vampire!" the moment they see one, much to their annoyance.

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