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Official Name Roughvine
Common Name Nenne-Mzabi, Qasya-Karmas
Classification Vine
Common Use Culinary
Origins Faradh
Habitat The trees of jungles and dense forests

Recently discovered, Roughvine is a plant found to grow in central Faradh within the borders of the Hadravian State and the Osmaniliyye Caliphate. A thick, heavy vine with a dense inside, it is most commonly used as an ingredient in regional soups. With the recent Hadravian War in the region, the plants numbers were reduced. It continues to recover in the wake of this tumultuous war that devastated the region.


Roughvines started to grow on Faradh around 200 BC, originally developed through unknown means, yet became commonplace as it attached itself to many trees in the region. When the Cataclysm occured, the vine’s domain was reduced. However, as the resident Qadir and Songaskia peoples moved out across the continent to re-populate the changed landscape, both groups rediscovered the plant around 60 AC. They had forgotten its existence in the chaos of the Cataclysm and soon after, its culinary use was discovered as well. The plant has been harvested as a food source for the human peoples of the landmass ever since. Most recently in the Hadravian War however, a great number of the jungle and deciduous trees the vine called home were destroyed. Military battles caused damage as did the armies harvesting the trees for various reasons. A little over a year has passed; since then,the vine is slowly beginning to redrape across its habitat.


From a distance, Roughvine appears to look like other common vines in Aloria. The differences are only visible when closer to the plant. Roughvine has a diameter of two to three inches, with a very rough surface of overlapping growth areas. This dark green surface often melds into trees a bit, while the inside of the plant is a pale green mush. The plant normally spreads out along the forest floor and then up around trees that it finds.

Uses and Abilities

Roughvine’s only use is as a consumable. While it can be eaten raw, the most common use for it is to be cut up and added into soups. Sometimes these recipes make use of the whole vine - given the exterior of the plant is edible, despite its tough texture or only the mushy inside of the plant. Another more recent use it taking and cooking the vines to eat.


  • Most equate the taste and texture of the vine to that of a Zucchini.
  • Some people worry that the vine is actually more menacing than it appears, noting it’s nature to spread and possibly strangle trees. This is why in some areas, they have begun to cut back new vine growth.

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