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Official Name Roughvine
Common Name Nenne-Mzabi, Qasya-Karmas
Classification Vine
Common Use Medical, Culinary
Origins Farah’deen, Southern [Essalonia]]
Habitat Coastal Cities and shores.

Roughvine is a vine that grows most commonly along the coastlines of Farah'deen, particularly on the walls of the famous Pearl Cities of the Songaskian Masaya that dot the coast, and the Sariyd Empire before them. While it is sometimes used in some culinary dishes, Roughvine's primary use is its medical application of easing muscle and joint pain.


Roughvine first started growing on the coastline shores of Farah'deen centuries prior to the Cataclysm, it is often speculated that Roughvine began its existence sometime during the birth of the Sariyd Empire as coastal cities began to emerge. The accounts of scholars vary on the exact origins of Roughvine or how it came to be, some suggest that it was a descendant of a jungle-dwelling vine or that Roughvine never truly began its existence in Farah'deen at all, that it was brought there by the Qadir from another part of the world or might of been an invasive species attaching itself to the hulls of trade ships. While the true origins of the vine remain a mystery, the purpose it serves does not. Extensive historical records written on the accounts of Qadir historians suggest that the Sariyd Empire domesticated and farmed Roughvine for both culinary and medicinal use, often using the soft interior of the vine as a salve to soothe muscle aches and joint pains, even sometimes going as far as to to help alleviate arthritis.

Later, after the Great Storm and fall of the Sariyd Empire, the Songaskian Masaya began using Roughvine for a similar purpose as the Qadir centuries prior. While for many years, the vine continued to grow on the walls of what were now the great Songaskian Pearl Cities that dominated the desert coast. It wasn't until in more recent years during the First Songaskian War and Second Songaskian War that Roughvine suddenly saw a change for the worse in its history. As Regalian fleets began besieging the coastal Pearl Cities of the Songaskian Masaya, Roughvine began to see a sharp decline in numbers as mortar and cannon fire struck and burned the vines growing on the walls and some of the trees neighboring nearby. Though all was not lost, in recent years the vine has begun making a comeback, growing steadily on the walls of the Pearl Cities once more.


At a distance, Roughvine appears like any other mundane vine native to Aloria and spans roughly around a diameter of two to four inches, with a very rough surface overlapping areas of growth. The dark green surface of the vine often stands out in stark contrast to the often sandstone and stone walls of the coastal cities of Farah'deen, while the inside of the vine consists of a thick pale green mush that's easily made into a paste, salve or even food.

Uses and Abilities

The primary use of Roughvine is its medical application, wherein it is made into a salve to help remedy muscle aches and pains. This is done through a process of boiling the mushy interior of the vine and mixing it with animal tallow. It can also be used to help remedy joint pains and is a prominent fix for those suffering from arthritis or other similar ailments. One can also go as far as to mix it with Ruby Flower for an even more potent cure.

The secondary use of Roughvine lies within its culinary application; it is often cooked and added to soup. Most prefer to cook Roughvine as it tastes better cooked, though some choose to eat it raw. It's not detrimental to eat the vine raw, though most typically avoid doing so because of its otherwise bland taste.


  • Most typically equate the flavor and texture the vine boasts to that of a zucchini.
  • Some suggest that the vine might truly be a malicious and invasive species, the trees it grows on are usually found dead and withered, some suggest that the vine may have been the culprit.
  • The mostly herbivorous races of Aloria tend to not even bother cooking the vine at all, eating it raw as is. When asked, some say it simply tastes better that way.

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