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Official Name: Roughvine.
Common Name: Toughvine, Slizvine.
Classification: Vine.
Common Use: Medicinal.
Habitat: Tropical Environments.
Origins: Hadar and Sendras.

An old plant said to be originally strands of Amasoluas’ hair, the plant grew on Hadar for years and when the Slizar made contact, spread itself across Sendras. Used in ancient times as the Naylar equivalent to rope, it helped to build many structures essential to Naylar growth in the region. Yet in the Chrysant War that consumed it’s habitat, the vine was hit hard with a vast amount being burned. Now, it has begun to recover and a new use has been discovered by the humans who came with the force that now occupies Hadar, The Regalian Demilitarized Governate of the Southern Isles.


Ancient myths say that one day, a Lizzar sailor awoke upon a beach after a shipwreck clutching a large green strand of something. As he claimed that Amasolua had personally saved him, it was believed the plant was Amasoluas hair. It was taken to a nearby temple built in her honor where it grew across the entire island and reached even beyond that. However, some claim the plant was on Hadar before this event yet were assumed to be heretics or mad if they said this (most now don’t really care about the plants origins). Used as a crude rope years ago, it helped with construction, shipbuilding, and hunting. When the Slizar arrived, they took to using the plant as well. Soon though, the invention of the rope made the plant useless except for use by hunters and in temples dedicated to Amasolua. It then became apart of the background as history moved on yet soon it became a great tool in the grand conflict of the Chrysant War. Naylar guerilla soldiers and civilians used the plant more than ever to cover their hidden bases, to set foot traps in the jungles and to crude build defensive weapons. Yet it had another use, this for those on the opposite side of the conflict. The Imperial Marines used it as a discrete fire starter when inland and in their camps. Once the war was done, they grow back swiftly, filling islands with curtains of vegetation and taking over ruins of Naylar villages. Yet now it faces a new threat, that in the form of the backwards and highly ambitious Mekett who have begun to cut swaths into the jungles for resources. Yet the vine stays strong, bonded together and growing slowly up trees and buildings.


Called Rafu-Suru or “Roughvine” since the beginning for it’s light prickles that cause minor scratches to the open flesh, an alternate name was Tafu-Suru or “Toughvine” for it’s strength. When the Slizar arrived on Hadar, some people noted the serpentine nature of the vine and another name of “Slizvine” was born. Most Slizar dislike the name and use Rough or Toughvine instead.

Primary Use

An ancient use for the vine was a primitive rope yet in modern times it is almost useless except for one very odd ability only discovered after the Regalian Demilitarized Governate of the Southern Isles arrived to seize control. It is now being more investigated by others after it’s odd ability of acting as a muscle relaxant has been discovered with the value of the plant slowly rising over the past five years yet not enough to afford large-scale shipping away from Hadar.

  • The vine must be heated over time in a bit of water to allow the filaments making up the vine can loosen. Slowly squash the loosened vine into a metal bowl or pan and wait for it to cool. Afterwards, if mixed with wax and mint, it can produce a light muscle relaxant.
  • When the Governorate arrived, humans came with them. Eventually, alchemists, doctors and even some mages began to experiment with the many exotic plants found on the islands. A doctor by the name of James Malak discovered this effect after experimenting with the Vine, using some materials he found within his home.
  • As the relaxant is relatively new, only being created in the last five years, few races have tested the mixture on themselves. However, Humans and Nelfin report the best results while the Naylar say it gets stuck in their scales.
  • The only way for it to work correctly is if the vine is slowly “stewed” in warm water, allowing for the tightly bought filaments that make it up to slowly dissolve and break the vine apart.
Name Appearance Habitat
Roughvine A deep green vine, it is often 1 cm or less thick and varies from thickly leaved to bare with prickles along it that can cause minor scratches Found in the tropical climate of Hadar and Sendras often wrapped around and hanging in between jungle trees, it has begun to move the tips of Teled Methen in recent times


  • Long before the war, a Slizar artist grew roughvine over a metal creation of his into a unique art piece which he gave to the Emperor of Regalia as a gift; it was apparently immediately burned upon arrival in Regalia
  • Evergrowth mages have quickly discovered that the plant is very responsive to Nature Growth and can be used as a training tool, but as it grows only in tropical climates, their usability is limited.