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Official Name Salpeter
Common Nicknames Cannon-Rock
Origin All over Aloria
Uses Explosives
Rarity Extremely Common
Accessibility Common

Salpeter is a rock that has many of the same uses as its counterpart and look a-like rock, Sulfur. Salpeter is one of the main ingredients in gunpowder, it is especially popular in the Yang-Tzu islands, and can be used in gardening as well. Salpeter is also commonly used in medical practices as a base ingredient. Its uses vary from person to person, but there’s no doubt that Salpeter is one of the most commonly used rocks in Aloria.


Originally discovered in the Yang-Tzu islands some years following the Cataclysm, though, in various other parts of the world, was also discovered in a similar time frame. In locations such as: the Regalian Archipelago, Farah’deen, and various more minor areas that would later come to contribute to the trade of this common material. Generally mined in the same way sulfur is mined, Salpeter is is a flammable rock that is used in gunpowder, which is even more traded than the materials that make up its structure. Around the world following the discovery of Salpeter, various different professions tried using it as a ‘cure all’ rock, and to their surprise, it worked for the most part. Doctors, pyromaniacs and bakers alike all use this product now-a-days for various purposes



Salpeter appears as a white rock with a chalky substance on it, various porous holes make its way through the rock in its rawest form. In dust form it appears white with little specs of the rock remaining in the dust if not properly ground up.

General Uses

The foremost use of the material is that it is used in gunpowder, and more commonly, fireworks that are specifically found in the Yang-Tzu isles.


Salpeter has a whole slew of secondary abilities found out by the various professions around the world, as a fertilizer for plants, in alchemy as a base, and in medical supplies. It can be used as a preservative in place of salt when applicable, and nearly every butchery, clinic, and alchemy shop in Aloria carries a large amount of it for this reason.


  • Some people even say that Salpeter can stop massive bleeding, though a trained medical professional will tell you that it does not have blood clotting properties.

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