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Shadow Weed
Shadow Weed.png
Official Name Shadow Weed
Common Name Dae Indil
Classification Herb
Common Use Medicinal
Origins Drowda
Habitat Drowda; dark, magically-charged areas

Shadow Weed is one of the tainted plantlife found on the forbidden continent Drowda. It was initially a very fast spreading weed that was ignored by the Drowdar population until it was discovered to have medicinal properties. These properties were found to only work for Drowdar and Kathar, while to any other race it was a poisonous plant. Thus, Shadow Weed remains relatively obscure to the world at large, but is commonly used in Drowda as well as Saivale, the home of the Kathar.


Shadow Weed may have once been a lily plant native to the arctic regions of the north. After the Cataclysm caused the continent of Drowda to be tainted with heavy magical energy, the plant became corrupted to its current form, a conspicuous purple bush that spread quickly among the black forests of the continent. The plant's flashy appearance caused it to be avoided by the Drowdar for fear of being poisonous, and in many cases, it was even cut back as it was considered a very aggressive weed. Inevitably, some Drows tried eating the plant as a last resort after being injured in battle and left out in the dangerous wild without supplies or provisions. Upon consumption, they felt their pains fade, and a sense of tranquility come over them, causing them to assume the plant had indeed fatally poisoned them and that they were at death's door.

It was not until these Drow woke from their state of tranquility that they realized they were healed. Soon, Shadow Weed began being used as a common Drowdar medicine. The plant was common enough on the island not to require cultivation and was freely harvested from the wild. Shadow Weed was reasonably unknown to any race other than Drowdar. In recent times, due to cultural mingling in trade centers such as Regalia, the plant has come into limited contact with other races where, unlike the Drows, most of them found it quite repulsive and toxic. The Kathar Elves eventually discovered the plant in their earliest scouting missions in Aloria. They soon learned that they were the only other race that experienced the beneficial effects of this plant, and specimens were brought back to Saivale where they were cultivated for medicine, though this medicine is expensive and rarely used except on the upper class and those smart enough to steal it. The plant remains growing in Saivale but also Drowda to this day, with other regions rejecting the plant as infected by the Void.


Shadow Weed is a bushy plant that can grow up to two feet tall with large leaves that can range from deep violet to fiery orange-purple. The leaves are spear-shaped with parallel veins and grow in quartets. The plant has small, thin tubers in the ground from which its roots sprout. Flower stalks grow out of the bush and can reach another foot higher. The flowers are diamond or shield-shaped and has the same texture as the leaves, though it is paler in color, ranging from pink to slight orange. Inside, the flower has an ashier gray color with a net of sticky, stringy stamen ending in black anthers where the pollen forms. Shadow Weed seeds are shiny black with spots of purple.

Uses and Abilities

Shadow Weed has medicinal effects on both Drowdar and Kathar. The tubers of the plant can be consumed to produce a regenerative effect much like the Ruby Flower, but about twice as potent. Unlike the Ruby Flower though, Shadow Weed must be consumed to affect the body. Merely pressing it on the body or applying it as a paste will have little effect. The flowers can also be consumed to clear the lungs of dust, allergens, and other impurities. They also induce a mild state of relaxation and clarity of mind accompanied by slower breathing.

For other races, Shadow Weed is a toxic plant that causes sickness, with symptoms including nausea, severe dizziness, and headaches that persist for a couple of hours before slowly wearing off. The plant also produces monstrous nightmares and increased fear of darkness for a day or two afterward. A single bite of the tubers or flowers is enough to trigger these symptoms, any less will lower the severity of the symptoms, though they will still last as long.


  • Shadow Weed will have a slightly sweet taste to Drowdar and Kathar, though to any other race it will taste moldy and rotten.
  • Only full-blooded Drowdar or Kathar will experience the benefits of Shadow Weed.
  • The large-scale usage of Shadow Weed on Drowda has caused it to change from being an aggressive weed to having a very controlled population.
  • Shadow Weed is especially unhealthy for Yanar, and can be lethal if ingested in a large amount.

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