Shadow Weed

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Shadow Weed
File:Maedin’s Hand.png
Official Name Lanarra’s Hand
Common Name Ambrosia, Sweethand
Classification Fruit
Common Use Incense or perfume
Origins New Ceardia
Habitat Forests and wetlands

A sweet tangy fruit from New Ceardia that grows on a short tree, Lanarra’s Hand takes its name from Old Gods worshippers. These same worshippers also use the fruit prolifically as a part of their worship in the form of incense or for self-decoration as a perfume.


Lanarra’s Hand was first discovered by the explorer Laura Redblock in her mapping of New Ceardia, who described its sweetness and noted it before continuing on her travels. When colonists first arrived to the land, several groups went in search of the fruit and settled close to its location. Old God worshippers then gave it the name Lanarra’s hand after the sweet touch of a mother’s hand (as Lanarra is the mother patron diety) and its pleasant smell, along with the general hand-like appearance. Eventually, the aroma it produces became its defining feature for many, with merchants and business people setting up the refining of the fruit into either perfume or, for Old God followers, incense for their altars.


Appearing as a small amber-orange fruit, it has five protrusions down with a rough, textured yet thin skin. A small stem holds it to the squat and often sparse trees that bear it.

Uses and Abilities

Once peeled, cut, or seared in a burner, it can make a delightful perfume. This perfume is often used by older women and many female Old Gods worshipers due to it’s pleasant smell. To make the other product, incense, the fruit must be made into a paste through grinding. It must then be mixed together with a natural adhesive before being rolled into a rod with a wick or a thin stick inserted directly into the middle of the rod. It must then be allowed to dry to form the incense stick. Sometimes, people allow the paste to be dried in the air into cubes which are then sold to the less wealthy, lacking the wick and the work required in the other method.


  • The scent of the fruit, perfume and incense can be detected and enjoyed by most races, though to Naylar the smell is that of rot and decay for unknown reasons.
  • The plant can be kept as a houseplant, sometimes by Old God and Ithanian households, however it often lives far less of a lifespan then if it was out in the wild.
  • Most animals enjoy the sweetness of Lanarra’s Hand, so in the nights of the spring and summertime, when its scent is the most potent, farmers thickly net the plant to keep the animals from eating them.

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