Shadow Weed

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Shadow Weed
Official Name: Shadow Weed.
Common Name: Dae Galenas (Elven).
Classification: Plant.
Common Use: Medicinal tea.
Habitat: Magically-rich forested areas.
Origins: Drowda.

The Shadow Weed is a bulbous violet-colored weed which commonly grows within the dense, tainted forests of eastern and western Drowda. It is easily distinguished by its wide, dark bulb and the four broad leaves which stem from its base. The sepals of the plant excrete a murky, “shadowy” liquid which can be boiled with water and ingested as a form of soothing drug, used to de-congest and relax the lungs alongside producing calming effects.


Shadow Weed is an artificially created plant native to Drowda, having been magically altered by the overwhelming presence of magic within its ecosystem. It survives solely upon feeding from the arcane substances within the soil and air around it, drawing in magically-altered nutrients through its roots and absorbing magical energies through its stigma. In appearance, the Shadow Weed appears to be a rather stubby plant, possessing a dark violet hue. Found at the base of the plant are four large waxy leaves of a similar dark coloring, broad at the bottom whilst thinning outwards to an abrupt, pointed tip. Alongside these rest numerous murky sepals of the Shadow Weed, stained and blackened by the magically tainted ecosystem. These are the leaves used in the brewing of medicinal tea, and cannot survive for more than five minutes without wilting if not used. Resting in the center lies the head of the plant, somewhat bulbous and with a lighter shade of purple. The “head” contains the curling fronds of the stigma, the tips of each a glowing blue color—from these fronds the magic is drawn in from the atmosphere to sate the plant. Shadow Weed can commonly be found upon the blackened and frozen forests of the forsaken continent, though it is not rare to see the plant being kept within the rooms of alchemists and healers in the looming citadels of the Drowdar. The sepals contain liquid which have useful properties as a medicine— after the inky-black fluid is mixed with water and boiled, it may be ingested, causing the lungs to soon become relaxed and result in alleviating sensations, which renders it a useful tool for both drug and surgical purposes alike.


Being a plant solely found in Drowda, and given the Drowdar tendencies to remain secluded and reclusive in their relentless conflict against the Shendar, the Shadow Weed keeps the Elven name given to it: Dae Galenas (Literally, Shadow weed).

Primary Use

This plant naturally produces black liquid from the sepals which may be drunk as a tea to de-congest the lungs and act as a mild pain relief.

  • When ingested or drank after boiling with water, it produces remedying and cleansing effects upon the lungs, especially useful for those with tight chests, constricted diaphragms or those who merely wish to relieve themselves of anxiety. It is often used as a medicine as to relieve Drowdar patients of pain and stress before undergoing surgery or treatment.
  • Shadow weed produces such thick, shadowy liquids naturally, and has been commonly used within the citadels for medicinal uses or even simply taken as a beverage. It was first discovered recently for such purposes in 280AC by a Drowdar healer who, after accidentally dropping a cutting of the plant into a scalding pot of water, was pleasantly surprised to find the soothing and cooling effects released into his lungs after ingestion.
  • All races may feel the calming effects of the shadow weeds though it is not commonly known outside of Drowda. Alongside this, the shadow weed will not survive outside of the magically abundant ecosystem of Drowda; given that it “feeds” off magic.
  • In order to access the medicinal qualities, the sepals need to be boiled and drunk as a tea. Therefore the soothing liquid may cleanse the lungs of pain.
Name Appearance Habitat
Shadow Weed Stubby dark-violet plant. Four broad, pointed waxy leaves at the base with collections of black, murky sepals. Bulbous, light purple head with curling fronds of the stigma, the tips of each a glowing blue color. Can only exist within Drowda, given the plant’s necessity to feed off the continent's magic.