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Affected Races All, with some Exceptions
Contraction Birth
Origins Arken

Silven are the offspring of extra-planar demons known as "Arken," who manifest unique appearances, personality, and powers based on them. They are notable for their extremely unique eye color and colored limbuses, which distinguishes them from all other afflictions as uniquely Silven. Silven are an incurable birth Affliction, and thus have a rocky place in most societies, heavily depending on the most prominent Religion of the region. For Void and Estel worshippers, Silven are heralded as welcome children and bringers of change. For most Unionists and Dragon Worshippers, Silven are ill-omened demon children, worthy of scorn, ostracization, and sometimes outright death. In the Regalian Empire, Silven have found acceptance in the modern times, brought on by more accepting social changes and the positive presence of the likes of the Silven Iron Duke. In the Empire, and even beyond, it is common knowledge that wherever and whenever Arken show up, the appearance of one or more Silven is sure to follow. The inherent magical influence of their Arken parent causes Silven to often be unpredictable and capricious, giving them a widespread negative reputation that a Silven must work to combat all their life-- or succumb to.

The Iron Duke Ryker Lampero has made a name for himself as a Pride Silven, ruling as a strong hand of the Regalian Empire in Vultaro.
The presence of Silven is so widespread, that even the Pride Silven Tristan Kade has earned the distinction of service as an Imperial Guard.
The Cult of Envy are notorious hunters of Silven, attacking and killing them to gain their powers for their own.
A Silven's unique presence makes them all the more unsettling when they commit great evil.
The Arken that Silven earn their namesake from are mysterious, alluring, and dangerous.

Playing a Silven in Regalia

Silven in Regalia are completely legal, but are treated with skepticism and social stigmas. They may face the could shoulder from people who have had dangerous, and painful, interactions with Arken, which the Silven serve as a reminder to. Conversely, the Silven might be welcomed by Void Worshippers, or people seeking to take advantage of their powers and presence. No matter their Arken-Sire, Silven have as much freedom to carve out their path in life, and often choose to live a life ignorant of their Arken-Sire, or specifically seek them out for glory and purpose. Any individual of any race born near the presence of, or infested by, an Arkenspark (a manifestation of the presence of an Arken, or their magic) can be born as a Silven, however, there are some exceptions.


  • A Silven can only be born to one Arken Parent, and their dimensional alignment cannot change. Godly figures, or other Arken/Deities, however, can ICly change Silven from Void to Exist and vice versa.
  • Primal and Ordial Mages cannot be Silven.
  • Urlan cannot be born as Silven, and Silven cannot be transformed into Urlan.
  • Kathar cannot be born as Exist Silven.
  • Yanar cannot be born as Void Silven.
  • While Silven can be infected with any curable, or temporary, affliction or curse, they cannot be transformed into any Incurable Affliction.
  • Silven who are revived as Undead lose any Silven powers or traits.
  • Silven cannot be cured under any circumstances, even by Primal Cleansing.


Arken are the planar beings that serve as the direct, or indirect, sires of their Silven, and dictate their overall theme and manifestations of power. While there is generally an Arken for every concept manifested, the most powerful and influential Arken commonly devour others to gain their power. This leaves only twenty-four Arken of importance that are accessible for Silven characters. Arken are inherently bound to one of the extra-dimensional planes, either Void or Exist, as that is where they originated from.

Void Arken

Pride Arken

The Pride Arken is the paragon of ultimate faith in oneself, and one’s ability to prove that faith to those around them. The Pride Arken is usually a mage of unparalleled power. Pride Silven are often skilled Mages and Gladiators, reaching the pinnacle of skill.

Body Arken

The Body Arken is obsessed with changes and alterations to one, and other’s, bodies. The Body Arken values mutations, tattoos, piercings, and anything and everything that can make a body look or function differently (and better.) Body Silven are often believers in the Horopadosi Sect of Unionism, and hold the idea of Urlan in high regard.

Lust Arken

The Lust Arken espouses that most lives are too short to worry about propriety, and that people should do anything and everything their heart is set on. The Lust Arken seeks to acquire whatever they want out of other people, whenever they want it, and hates being tied down. Lust Silven are often flirtatious and outgoing, seeking excess and fulfilling their own personal desires.

Avarice Arken

The Avarice Arken is sure that the wealthy have too much, and the poor have too little, and that theft is the only way to rectify this. The Avarice Arken does not acknowledge the concept of “paying for something” or “bartering,” and thinks that things only belong to those who can take (and keep) them. Avarice Silven are often greedy and self-serving, pursuing ‘careers’ as swindlers or con-people.

Envy Arken

The Envy Arken is sure that anyone who has special or unusual magic or powers absolutely doesn’t deserve them, and seeks to take it (or whatever they can actually get their hands on.) The Envy Arken seeks more power for themselves, but only from others, and wouldn’t bother with growing or improving on their own. Envy Silven often hold grudges against people undeserving of their unique-ness, and seek to acquire it for themselves in any way possible.

Power Arken

The Power Arken knows that true ‘Power’ is not taking things from people, but having them surrender whatever they have. The Power Arken will orchestrate any scenario it sees fit, in order to goad people to conceding, and surrendering themselves and their power to their designs and whims. Power Silven are often haughty and self-assured, and will try to get people to concede to them, because they know better.

Vengeance Arken

The Vengeance Arken believes that retribution for a wrong should be exacted by the wronged, and the perpetrator should suffer for it. The Vengeance Arken encourages people to seek out their own personal satisfaction against people who hurt them, by any means necessary. Vengeance Silven are often judgmental and nosy, digging into other people’s slights and encouraging them to get revenge.

Guilt Arken

The Guilt Arken is overly critical of their own wrongs and mistakes, and wants everyone else to feel the same. The Guilt Arken feels immense guilt for their actions at all times, and constantly finds ways to make others feel guilty for hurting them. Guilt Silven are often organizers of pity parties, and want to ensure others feel shame for bad things they’ve done.

Obession Arken

The Obsession Arken is never pleased with anything, and is always chasing the unattainable “perfect.” The Obsession Arken is constantly making and re-making the object of their obsession at any given time, seeking to do it absolutely perfectly before moving on (but never reaching it). Obsession Silven are often tortured artists, unable to make anything they don’t see a flaw in.

Dread Arken

The Dread Arken knows that the end is coming, and is terrified of living an incomplete and sinful life. The Dread Arken espouses the absolute fear of the afterlife, and one’s death, impressing the weight upon others that they too, should be scared, and repent. Dread Silven are often macabre people, always meditating on their, and other’s, inevitable death.

Wickedness Arken

The Wickedness Arken believes that nothing is worth frowning over, and that you can, and should, be happy even when hurting others. The Wickedness Arken doesn’t take other’s feelings into account, ensuring that at least they are happy while they’re doing something (even if that’s cackling while stabbing someone). Wickedness Silven are often oblivious to other’s emotions, and will do what they want, smiling all the while.

Anarchy Arken

The Anarchy Arken declines the rights and authority of any state apparatus or enforced law. The Anarchy Arken makes any attempt to reduce the reach and efficacy of laws, and tries to get others to ignore the demands of the State and other figures of authority. Anarchy Silven are often free-spirited revolutionaries, doing what they can to avoid punishment and disregard authority.

Exist Arken

Justice Arken

The Justice Arken knows that the only power worth having, is power used to impart justice on others, whether they want it or not. The Justice Arken is a mage and combatant of unparalleled power, and enforces a rigid set of rules without impunity. Exist Silven are often mages and combatants, and act as vigilantes and enforcers of their own internal moral code, treating violations of it with extreme prejudice.

Compassion Arken

The Compassion Arken exists as the ultimate victim, always finding ways to be slighted or hurt. The Compassion Arken wants to be seen as pitiable and extort excess sympathy from others because of it. Compassion Silven are often prickly and easily offended, exaggerating slights to them to drum up support.

Maestro Arken

The Maestro Arken is singularly focused on the expression of the arts, and sharing them with others. The Maestro Arken knows that a life not enriched by music, art, sculpture, etc, is a life not worth living, and wants everyone to know and experience some form of enrichment, believing art should not be selfishly hoarded away. Maestro Silven are often teachers and artisans, encouraging others to explore art as best as they can.

Absolution Arken

The Absolution Arken believes that the true value of Religion is encouraging oneself to seek forgiveness. The Absolution Arken constantly seeks repentance and to absolve themselves of their sins, encouraging others to do the same. Absolution Silven are often mediators and priests, constantly self-reflecting on their mistakes and guiding others to do the same.

Happiness Arken

The Happiness Arken will find a way to put a smile on everyone’s face, no matter what it takes, because everyone being happy and positive is how things should be.The Happiness Arken conveniently overlooks what it takes to make people happy, and tries to enforce “happiness” even when it is not entirely appropriate. Happiness Silven are often maniac and overly positive, always looking for a bright side to things (or making one.)

Freedom Arken

The Freedom Arken believes in the absolute right of all people and things to be free to live their lives how they want. The Freedom Arken especially abhors slavery, indentured servitude, and other situations that would impede on the right to do as one wishes (such as borders.) Freedom Silven are often activists, guiding those around them to live their lives with the least amount of rules possible (or skirt the edges of them as safely as possible, as going to jail isn’t very free). The Freedom Arken’s Void Manifestation is the Anarchy Arken.

Excellence Arken

The Excellence Arken espouses absolute excellence in whatever skill or task one undertakes. The Excellence Arken values honing one’s own skill and exemplifying it to others. Excellence Silven are often master artisans, showpeople, and seek to constantly improve whatever skill or hobby they undertake.

Change Arken

The Change Arken believes that anything, and everything, must always be changing. The Change Arken does not distinguish between good and bad change, believing that eventually the ‘best’ change will always come around at some point. Change Silven are often extremely open to new things, and places, constantly finding new ways to dress, or act, or think.

Beauty Arken

The Beauty Arken wants themselves, and everything around them to be as absolutely appealing to everyone that lays eyes on them. The Beauty Arken is singularly focused on either fulfilling the exact standards of beauty and perfection that those around them have, or changing them to suit their own needs. Beauty Silven are often vain and commanding, ensuring they know what’s best, and most beautiful, and enforcing the highest standards of it.

Luck Arken

The Luck Arken thinks that every decision that matters in the world is beholden entirely to chance, and exists to prove that. The Luck Arken is always looking for arbitrary (or magical) ways to improve their ‘Luck,’ and will attribute any success or failure to it, or lack of it (even cheating, because then it’s just lucky that nobody noticed them doing it.) Luck Silven are often whimsical and laid-back, accepting that “luck” was either with them, or it wasn’t.

Ambition Arken

The Ambition Arken always sees another step to climb, another higher power to obtain, and another goal to fulfill. The Ambition Arken will use any means necessary to improve their relative power, wealth, and social standing, constantly self-evaluating and finding their current situation wanting. Ambition Silven are often overly critical of themselves, and will take any steps they deem fit to reach the next stage of their lives.

Divinity Arken

The Divinity Arken knows that the best Religion is the one that gets people to listen to you. The Divinity Arken abuses the power and reach of any and every religion to control the masses, and seeks to firmly spread and entrench religion for that reason. Divinity Silven are often specifically religious, seeking to entrench themselves in one that offers them some position of relevance or authority.

Indirect Conception Silven

Indirect Conception Silven are the most common type of Silven, and are born when an Arken-Spark is present in an area, or person, (or an extension of their power is) and the latent essence affects one of their mortal parents, resulting in their conception. A Silven is born to one Arken, and their counterpart, and while they can change between each counterpart, they cannot under any circumstances change their Arken-Sire. Anyone can mark their character as an Indirect Conception Silven, as long as they meet the proper requirements.

Indirect Conception Silven Specials

NOTE: Dimension Swapping is not yet available, nor may alternative Arken be chosen. Only the main 6 Arken per dimension, NOT their counterparts, are available during this time. This addition will be fully released in the near future.

Arken Parent Special Name Special Description
All Silven Lord & Master All Silven can willingly (or unwillingly) choose to change their planar alignment, alternating between Void and Exist. If the Silven is Void, their irises are gold with a red limbus. If the Silven is Exist, their irises are silver with a blue limbus. A Silven cannot be infected by incurable afflictions, but, if they are infected by a curable affliction, they are forcibly changed alignment to the Dimension of the affliction. (For example, if a Void Silven is infected by Cahalism, they will be changed to an Exist Silven, and vice versa.)
Pride and Excellence Lord Domineered The Silven child of Pride and Excellence is immune to the mental effects of any Soul Curses (Ordial or Primal Afflictions), meaning they always remain in control of themselves. Furthermore, these Silven are also unaffected by the mental changes of Afflictions, such as Vampirism or Cahal. They are still affected by other mental Control Powers however.
Body and Change Lord Fleshed The Silven child of Body and Change has a high degree of control over their own bodily representation. While they cannot change Race or remove their Silven eyes, they are able to freely change: Sex/Gender presentation, hair color/texture, skin patterns/color, height, age-appearance, facial/body hair, tattoos, and body-shape and body-fat. Regardless of the changes, this never counts as a disguise and the Character is always recognizable.
Envy and Ambition Lord Whispered The Silven child of Envy and Ambition may ritually send a request, series of questions, or monologue (in Rp Community Discord Ticket) to any Arken, which they are guaranteed to receive and may answer (though this is not guaranteed). Additionally, while in Progressions, a Silven child of Envy and Ambition will never be hunted by Silven hunters of the Envy Cult.
Avarice and Luck Lord Golden The Silven child of Avarice and Luck has the ability to summon an endless supply of illusions of coins of any nation and time-period, or gemstones and other items of wealth. These illusions are indistinguishable from the real thing, and are so effective they even pass through Illusion Immunity. These illusions last for several hours, or shorter if they want to.
Lust and Beauty Lord Delighted The Silven child of Lust and Beauty has the ability to magically summon delicious banquets, succulent meals, filling lunches, fresh fruits and snacks, and refreshing breakfasts. They can also summon any sort of drink. These meals are summoned magically, but do not have any magic in them, and can safely be consumed, resulting in a satisfying and filling experience.
Power and Divinity Lord Actualized The Silven child of Power and Divinity has the ability to trick a person into a substitute reality. Any person who starts working for, living in the Silven's home, or permits any level of authority from the Silven onto themselves, unconsciously allows that Silven to affect their whole world view and perception of reality until they are Exorcised. This is not the same as mind control, but functions more like a reality perception alteration (and thus does not require consent).
Justice and Vengeance Master Avenged The Silven child of Justice and Vengeance is a particularly hard to shake enemy. The Silven may target one specific person they can currently see and declare them a Vendetta. This allows them to permanently track the targeted person at all times. A week Cooldown is applied between switching Vendetta's. The person who is targeted knows the Silven targeted them, and knows when/if they are being actively tracked or the Silven is approaching them telepathically.
Compassion and Guilt Master Cured The Silven child of Compassion and Guilt is able to alleviate or remove non-combat damage on a person. If a person has a terminal illness (for example, cancer), they can take over part of it, after which they become ill themselves (with just general sickness) and spit out a cloud of pestilent flies, but they buy the other person more time and making them healthier(not curing them completely, but giving them another year or so). This can also be used to cure broken bones or sprained ankles.
Maestro and Obsession Master Depicted The Silven child of Maestro and Obsession may, once a month (preferably at the end of the month) produce a masterpiece of painting or drawing art. This involves "printing" an image out of game onto Minecraft Maps so they can be hung on Item Frames, and thus the item can be sold to Nobles for Wealth Tokens in Progressions. For more information on how to follow the process and rules, consult Lore Staff in an RP Community Discord Ticket.
Absolution and Dread Master Remembered The Silven child of Absolution and Dread may, after touching a person, conjure up visions or aesthetic manifestations that emulate or replicate the Target's religion. These manifestations can only occur while the Silven is within Emote Distance, and the Silven may decide if the visions are obviously theirs or disconnected from them. This cannot be used in combat, or to blind someone.
Happiness and Wickedness Master Enthused The Silven child of Happiness and Wickedness is inclined to prank, but not look favorably upon those who would boo them. The Silven may target a person (up to 3 per day) and magically (non painfully) glue or sew that person's mouth shut so they can no longer talk. This effect lasts up to 1 hour, or shorter depending on the Silven. This Special is telegraphed, meaning the Target and everyone around knows it was the Silven who did it.
Freedom and Anarchy Master Unbound The Silven child of Freedom and Anarchy is incapable of being held long term by the State Metropolitan or any other government official. If they are shackled by state shackles or bound with ropes by government officials, these simply fall off. If they are tossed in a cell from the government, they can simply walk through the bars or hop over a wall if in open air. This does not work on clandestine cells or restraints from non-government sources.

Direct Conception Silven

Direct Conception Silven are much rarer, and are born when an Arken directly has a brief relationship with a mortal, resulting in their conception and birth. Direct Conception Silven usually reflects their Arken parent more strongly than Indirect Conception Silven. Direct Conception Silven have all the Specials an Indirect Conception Silven has, plus their own unique ones.In order to play a Direct Conception Silven, a Silven must apply for a Custom Kit on the Forums, and be accepted by Lore Staff. Direct Conception Silven should have direct and tangible Arken involvement with their Sire, that isn’t just seeking them out and asking them what to do/what’s happening in the world. The ideal Direct Conception Silven is a Silven that galvanizes interest in the Arken and Lore, and engages in meaningful roleplay actions to show off to the Arken. Accepted Direct Conception Silven will have a Custom Kit written for them that includes unique Specials, and potentially 1-2 Abilities depending on argumentation and needs.


Silven have existed for as long as Arken have, but their presence (or lack thereof) is heavily dependent on where they’re born, and that culture or place’s predisposition towards them. Silven are notoriously known as ‘Demon Children,’ and are more often than not maligned for their capriciousness and unpredictability, with many treating them exactly like their Arken Sire. In spite of it, many Silven are adaptable people, escaping from where they’re unwanted and finding refuge in cultures that revere Arken, and by extension, them, as blessed people. A Silven cannot ever completely shake the influence of their Arken parent, and will always have some degree of eccentricity, but are still capable of living relatively normal lives. Even the most accepting people of Silven are often wary of them, and require warming up to. Silven generally have no codified groups or gatherings, but will (depending on their Arken Sire) find solace in their “siblings” who share their Arken Sire. Some Silven, such as Envy Silven, are usually overly hostile to other Silven, creating enforced hierarchies or trying to dispose of them. In Regalia especially, Silven find a modicum of acceptance, but only in certain parts of the Empire. This varies from Anglia, which considers them Demons, and will expel them at every turn, to places like Vultaro, which is ruled by a Noble Pride Silven known as the Iron Duke.


  • There have been many copycats over the years, but nothing can imitate a pair of true Silven eyes.
  • Young Silven bond with one another very easily despite their feuding parents, something which often comes back to bite them in adulthood.
  • The Allorn Altalar loved tracing their descent back to Silven, and using their thrice-removed Arken parentage as a personal, even if meaningless, horoscope.

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