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Affected Races All, with some Exceptions
Contraction Birth
Origins Arken
The Iron Duke Ryker Lampero has made a name for himself as a Pride Silven, ruling as a strong hand of the Regalian Empire in Vultaro.
The presence of Silven is so widespread, that even the Pride Silven Tristan Kade has earned the distinction of service as an Imperial Guard.
The Cult of Envy are notorious hunters of Silven, attacking and killing them to gain their powers for their own.
A Silven's unique presence makes them all the more unsettling when they commit great evil.
The Arken that Silven earn their namesake from are mysterious, alluring, and dangerous.

Silven are the offspring of extra-planar demons known as "Arken," who manifest unique appearances, personality, and powers based on them. They are notable for their extremely unique eye color and colored limbuses, which distinguishes them from all other Afflictions as uniquely Silven. Silven are an incurable birth Affliction (though it is not considered an Affliction legally on the same level as Vampirism), and thus have a rocky place in most societies, heavily depending on the most prominent Religion of the region. For Void and Estellon worshippers, Silven are heralded as welcome children and bringers of change. For most Unionists and Dragon Worshippers, Silven are ill-omened demon children, worthy of scorn, ostracization, and sometimes outright death. In the Regalian Empire, Silven have found acceptance in the modern times, brought on by more accepting social changes and the positive presence of the likes of the Silven Iron Duke, though laws oscillate frequently. In the Empire, and even beyond, it is common knowledge that wherever and whenever Arken show up, the appearance of one or more Silven is sure to follow. The inherent magical influence of their Arken parent causes Silven to often be unpredictable and capricious, giving them a widespread negative reputation that a Silven must work to combat all their life-- or succumb to. Silven in Regalia are partly legal, but are treated with skepticism and social stigmas, and sometimes outright legal repression. They may face the cold shoulder from people who have had dangerous, and painful, interactions with Arken, which the Silven serve as a reminder to. Conversely, the Silven might be welcomed by Void Worshippers, or people seeking to take advantage of their powers and presence. No matter their Arken-Sire (parent), Silven have as much freedom to carve out their path in life, and often choose to live a life ignorant of their Arken-Sire, or specifically seek them out for glory and purpose. Silven can only be born through Direct Conception, meaning one parent must have been the Arken (though some exceptions are clarified below). Below are the Rules to designing a Silven:

Rules to designing a Silven

  • A Silven can only ever be born to one Arken parent, there is no recorded case of a Silven born to two Arken parents, ever. Silven also cannot change dimension in any way shape or form, a Void Silven will always be Void, and can be infected by Vampirism, but is immune to Cahalism, learning Exist Magic, or acquiring any other dimensional Powers or Abilities.
  • Primal or Ordial Mages, cannot be Silven in any way. Urlan can also not be born as Silven, but Silven can be turned into Urlan. This does however cleanse their Affliction (to a degree). Their eye color remains the same, but they lose their Specials, and the Arken will no longer recognize them as Silven, for all intents and purposes their connections are broken.
  • Races such as Kathar and Yanar who are Dimension-locked cannot be born as Silven of the other Dimension. Additionally, some Races that do not conventionally reproduce like Maraya or Yanar are only capable of being Silven belonging to an Arken who is either a shapeshifter, or locked to that specific Race.
  • Silven cannot be Undead. What exactly happens to their souls when they die is barely understood, but it is at least known for certain that part of their soul reparts and returns to the Arken that gave birth to it, whether that means they are denied entry to the afterlife nobody can say for certain.
  • All Silven must be direct conception of one Arken and one non Arken parent, where the genetics of the parent matters. For example, if below an Arken states that during a specific year of a character’s birth they were a female Altalar, then the Silven child must be full or half-Altalar, and the non-Arken parent must be male.
  • There are some Arken who are marked as “unconventional”, meaning they may be shapeshifters, gender-benders, or otherwise unusual in how they sire Silven. The text will always explain how it works, and what the possibilities are. If you have any further questions or want clarification, inquire in a ticket on the Rp Com Discord.


Arken are the planar beings that serve as the direct sires of their Silven, and dictate their overall theme and manifestations of power. While there is generally an Arken for every concept manifested, the most powerful and influential Arken commonly devour others to gain their power. This leaves only twenty-four Arken of importance that are accessible for Silven characters. Arken are inherently bound to one of the extra-dimensional planes, either Void or Exist, as that is where they originated from. Arken are functionally endless but not immortal, having a cycle of reincarnation in which they lose their memories each time they are reborn. Arken are born mentally and physically adult. While their birth is often mundane (a random family randomly across the world), they often have race preferences, and as soon as they are born, rapidly age up, kill their parents, and go out into the world.

Void Arken

Pride Arken

The Pride Arken is the paragon in ultimate ego, self faith, and advertising one’s self and one’s capabilities to those around them. The Pride Arken himself is an immensely powerful Mage, and many of his (large number of) children are usually some type of mage, battlemage, or gladiator, all with a chip on their shoulder to prove something. The Pride Arken has been a blonde Velheim male Ailor since 250 AC, and has been a Fin'ullen male before that. The Pride Arken has the following themes: Magic, Ego, Kathar, Gold and Red, and Toxic Masculinity. His children are often caught in an endless loop of trying to prove themselves, not getting satisfaction from victory, and reaching for even higher goals.

Body Arken

The Body Arken is obsessed with changes and alterations of the body, the creation of the perfect being, or to keep changing one’s own body to suit the needs of the environment or condition. The body Arken’s children are extremely varied, because the Body Arken’s identity is unconventional. The Body Arken is a shapeshifting Arken, meaning they can parent any Silven as any Race or sex. The Body Arken has the following themes: Transformation, Mutation, Urlan, Red and Black, and Malicious Kindness. His children are often on the cutting edge of body modification and customization, whether it be tattoos, piercings, mutations, engineering, or outright race-change.

Fury Arken

The Fury Arken is the ultimate warrior, an Arken so singularly obsessed with fighting and being the best fighter that he leaves behind a trail of corpses hoping to ever find a worthy opponent. The Fury Arken has been a blonde Velheim male Ailor since 250 AC (a twin to the Pride Arken), and has been a Maquixtl male before that. The Fury Arken has the following themes: Weapons, Mundane (he hates Magic) combat, power makes right, large over small, Blue and Black, and victory in tournaments. His children have the same urge for combat, a never-ending hunger for the adrenaline of being one blade swing away from death.

Avarice Arken

The Avarice Arken is by far the wealthiest and most materially obsessed Arken, who has become one of the world’s wealthiest people, and is ready to flaunt it. The Avarice Arken has reincarnated as an Ithanian woman for the past since Cataclysm, with her identity before that being a female Teledden. The Avarice Arken has the following themes: Greed, Wealth, Opulence, Flaunting, Blackmail, Business, Gold and Silver, and making Dwarves do all the manual labor. Her children have the urge to own more, to have more, and to be materially possessed, no amount of money will ever satisfy them.

Envy Arken

The Envy Arken is one of the most unpredictable Arken, and one who has a particular dislike of other Arken’s Silven, while favoring her own deeply. The Envy Arken has been a Songaskian woman with crimson red hair since 250 AC, and has been a Suvial woman with crimson red hair before that. The Envy Arken’s themes are killing or ruining the lives of other Silven, becoming buddies with people who own or are important things, and then taking them, Lime-green and Orange, and the Desert Sands. Her children often have her direct protection, and return the favor by ruining the lives of other non-Envy Silven, as she wants her relation with her children to be unique to her.

Power Arken

The Power Arken knows that true power is not taken, but given freely as the sweetest of offerings. The Power Arken seeks to create scenarios in which people willingly give up their self-agency with a smile, instead of a tear. The Power Arken is unconventional, in that it does not have a body. It possesses politically powerful individuals like Dukes, Kings and Queens, and then sires offspring in the process, which are still Direct Conception, even if the Arken didn’t have a physical body (meaning they can sire a Silven of any Race). The Power Arken’s themes are Pocket Dimensions, Velheim Ailor, Dark Blue and Red, and Chains. The Power Arken’s children have an endless desire for power, clawing their way to the top of whatever they get into.

Legacy Arken

The Legacy Arken knows their past, and wants to ensure that everyone has the most manicured version of it to worship. The Legacy Arken is also singularly obsessed with restoring the glory of the past, as such, it should come as no surprise that the Legacy Arken has been a Maraya, changing between male and female every year, trying to bring about a new golden age for the Maraya. The Legacy Arken’s themes are History, Allorn & Maraya Empires, Restoring the old, Killing the new, Fame, Infamy, Pastel colors and Silver, and rejecting upstart races as inferior. The Legacy Arken’s children have an obsession with unearthing the past and expanding their fame to be known by all.

Guilt Arken

The Guilt Arken is overly critical of their own wrongs and mistakes, and wants everyone else to feel the same way, even relishing in others feeling the weight of their conscience. The Guilt Arken has been an Isldar female since 120 BC, before which she was an Altalar. The Guilt Arken’s themes are ensuring others feel bad about what they have done, reminding others about their misgivings, blame, griefing, and the colors White and Blue. The Guilt Arken doesn’t necessarily just complain about her own wrongdoings, but wants to feel the satisfaction of crushing anguish felt by others who are confronted with themselves. Her children do much the same, seeking out those who get off easy from having done terrible things, and being reminded of them constantly.

Obsession Arken

The Obsession Arken is never pleased with anything, always chasing the unattainable perfect and seeking a higher standard. In this sense he is similar to Pride, but he differs from Pride in that Pride is about the self, while Obsession is more about material creation and crafting. The Obsession Arken has been a male Qadir since 250 AC. Before this, he has interchangeably been a Teledden or Solvaan every few decades. The Obsession Arken’s themes are Tortured Artists, Art Block, Gold Plating, Gold and Dark Blue, Machines, The Sariyd Empire, and Statues. The Obsession Arken’s children are equally bereft of satisfaction of having created a Magnum Opus, they are endlessly critical of their own work, and that of others, always seeking ways to improve what they create.

Corruption Arken

The Corruption Arken has little to do with planar corruption, and more with the act of corrupting politicians, leaders, officers, and officials away from their natural duties and obligations and into self-satisfaction. The Corruption Arken seeks to spread a self-serving attitude and corrupt those who have any amount of power. The Corruption Arken has been a Slizzar, meaning they are somewhat unconventional, because as a Slizzar, they can have shapeshifted to be any Race when siring a Silven. The Corruption Arken’s themes are: Government, Abuse, Knights, Yellow and Red, Guards, and Crowns. Corruption’s children always have an innate desire to provoke those in power to abuse their privilege, either by seductive means, or by goading and provocation, but also to corrupt the good will and nature of others to become self serving and self interested.

Wickedness Arken

The Wickedness Arken believes that nothing is worth frowning over and you could and should be happy for hurting others, especially when they live idyllic lives. The Wickedness Arken has a complete disregard for other people, a polar opposite to their Allar identity, from a society that is normally about taking everything into account. The Wickedness Arken frequently switches between male and female Allar, and rotates between the subraces just as frequently to spread their wickedness. Wickedness has the following themes: Trickery and Deceit, Light Blue and Red, Goblin-like Creatures and Rodents, as well as making pacts that always hurt more than they benefit the signee. Wickedness’s children in general just enjoy causing misery to others, not in a violent way, but in a subtle plotting manner.

Anarchy Arken

The Anarchy Arken declines the rights and authority of any state apparatus or enforced law, they are literally rule and law breaking incarnate. The Anarchy Arken always seeks to reduce the effectiveness of legal states, and encourage others to break the law with no regard for society. The Anarchy Arken has always been a Maquixtl, but has changed frequently between the sexes and subraces over the years. The Anarchy Arken’s themes are: Independence and Liberty, White and Silver, Frogs and Foxes, and Breaking the Law and being a Rebel. Anarchy’s children are equally motivated to cause others to break laws, and to show to them how little consequences there are for actually breaking the rules, and that most people fear the hand of the law for no reason.

Exist Arken

Justice Arken

The Justice Arken is the living embodiment of righteousness, the concept that there is justice in the world that must be enforced uniformly, completely, and without pity. The Justice Arken themselves is an immensely powerful Mage and swordsman, and many of their children are usually similar in nature. The Justice Arken has been a blonde female Teledden since 0 AC, and was a male Teledden before that as far as recorded history goes. The Justice Arken has the following themes: Flying Swords, Blue Fire, Elleyon, Thunder, Rainstorms, and Wind. Their children are often caught up in the chase to destroy all evildoers, the hunt that never ends.

Compassion Arken

The Compassion Arken exists as the ultimate victim, always finding ways to be slighted or hurt, or to absorb the attention of any situation on themselves to evoke pity in others. The Compassion Arken is unconventional, because they are a shapeshifter (though have a strong preference for Yanar, and self-duplicate through growthling pods) to maximize the yield of self victimization (meaning they can sire a Silven of any Race). The Compassion Arken has the following themes: Embracing and Closeness, Pink and Purple, Tears and Weeping. Compassion Silven have a habit of extorting sympathy from others, and trying to vex anyone who has hurt them by amplifying the grief to drum up support.

Diligence Arken

The Diligence Arken exists as the direct opposite to the Corruption Arken, the two constantly caught in a titanic struggle to corrupt and safeguard law and order. The Diligence Arken seeks to correct corruption in the government either by ousting wrongdoers, or causing them to change their behavior and remain virtuous in their expectations and service. The Diligence Arken is unconventional, because they possess the body of any person they deem as corrupt, to correct them, or guide them to correction, and in the process may sire Silven, who are directly conceived even if the Arken has no physical body (meaning they can sire a Silven of any Race). The Diligence Arken has the following themes: Policing, Authority, Obedience, Lawfulness, Anti-Corruption, and White and Black. Silven children of the Diligence Arken are on a perpetual hunt to find, expose, and prosecute corruption in government, the State Metropolitan, or the Military, and when they find it, to scream it from the highest rooftops so everyone hears.

Absolution Arken

The Absolution Arken believes in forgiveness and repentance of the unworthy and the fallen, so that through submitting themselves they can be reborn anew and become something better. They travel the world for sinners to rescue, sometimes saving them from the law (or from the Justice Arken) and taking them on as apprentices. The Absolution Arken has always been an Ailor, of either gender. Their children do the same thing on a smaller scale with less potent targets, often seeking out Vampires, Undead, and similar to redeem. The Absolution Arken has the following themes: Prayer, Hopefulness, White Light, Rebirth, Renewal. Their children are often caught up in the fact that no one actually wants to be redeemed, and that their targets often take advantage of them and backstab them when their guard is down.

Happiness Arken

The Happiness Arken will find a way to put a smile on everyone’s face, regardless if it is a genuine smile of happiness, or a smile brought about by a mental break from miserable trolling and misery. The Happiness Arken does not care how, but they will get people to smile, no matter how fake it is. The Happiness Arken is unconventional, because it does not have a body, instead possessing random people to try and spread happiness as far and as wide as possible, sometimes even just for a day (meaning they can sire a Silven of any Race). While doing so, it can leave Silven behind, even if it does not have a physical body. The Happiness Arken has the following themes: Dolls, Puppets, Burgundy and Yellow, Joyous Mask and Theatre Plays. Happiness Silven have a habit of trying to make fun of even the most heavy hearted situations, making inappropriate jokes, and forcing comedy on others even if they are deeply unfunny.

Resolution Arken

The Resolution Arken is tragically anti-conflict, and does whatever it can to avert or resolve it. This is often why Resolution and Compassion do not see eye to eye, because Resolution is often required to solve the problems caused by Compassion. The Resolution Arken is unconventional because they do not have a physical body, and possess people around the world wherever they might be in a good position to be a mediator to something, like a diplomat signing a final treaty to end a war (meaning they can sire a Silven of any Race). The Resolution Arken has the following themes: Diplomacy, Mediation, Contract, Peace, Settlement, Calmness, Serenity, and stopping the Compassion Silven from causing bad things to spin out of control. Resolution’s Silven are equally motivated to act as a counterweight to Compassion’s Silven, but also to seek out conflicts between people and become a mediator to solve them.

Excellence Arken

The Excellence Arken believes that if anything is to be done, it should be done rightly, and that the many imperfect things in the world, whether they be skills, crafts, or people, should be uplifted. The Excellence Arken has been a male Suvial since 250 AC, an ardent admirer of the Fire-Scar spells which he sees as a majestic expression of Magic, and before that was a female Fin’ullen who was a famous artist in the Allorn days. The Excellence Arken has the following themes: Artistry, Grandeur, Gilding, Savellon, Jewelry, and Precious Things. His children are often starving artists or visionaries who spend their lifetimes trying to attain perfection.

Change Arken

The Change Arken believes in the future, and that what currently is must be different so that that future will be better. They are interested in bringing about the change that they are named after by influencing others and changing their minds, leading them into new ideologies (usually Exist-influenced). The Change Arken has been a male Asha since 250 AC, before which he was a male Ailor. The Change Arken has the following themes: Glitter, Ouroboros, Debate, Mirrors. His children often spend their lives trying to make the world a (what they think is) better place.

Beauty Arken

The Beauty Arken is consumed by the desire to be the most beautiful thing in existence, and to raise herself above others. She is unique among Arken because she is most famous for her current mortal incarnation rather than her eternal ideal, a female Ithanian Ailor who goes by Madame Vernier and stages country-wide beauty pageants in a variety of disguises. The Beauty Arken has been an Ithanian Ailor since 250 AC, before which she was a female Fin’ullen. The Beauty Arken has the following themes: Fashion, Competition, Silks, Threading, Gold and Silver. Her children enjoy improving on their own appearances, and are usually incredibly material people.

Luck Arken

The Luck Arken is a sort of folk hero, the opposite of the Greed Arken, who busies themselves with creating the concept of luck by taking from the villainous and giving to the unfortunate. They have lived out many lives as a bandit in the lands of the former Allorn Empire, robbing slave plantations or setting prisoners free. The Luck Arken has been a male Ailor since 250 AC, before which he was a male Maquixtl. The Luck Arken has the following themes: Coins, Chance, Equality, and Archery. His children act in his image, repossessing anything they believe others don’t deserve to have, and giving it to those who do.

Purity Arken

The Purity Arken, also named Do-Aila, believes that the world has become corrupted over time, and that grace can be achieved by restoring things to their original intentions. She is interested in breaking down combinations of ideas, corruptions of ideas, divergent versions of ideologies or Races, and generally restoring things to as they were made, or as they were born. The Purity Arken has been a female Solvaan since 140 AC, before which she was a female Teledden. The Purity Arken has the following themes: Marble Statues, Blank Slates, Blindfolds, Tomes, and Hammers. Her children usually work to suppress new ideas before they can take root, and turn back the clock on offending concepts, while also seeking to cleanse those with mutations of their rot or reverting Race-changes.

Divinity Arken

The Divinity Arken believes that mortality is imperfect, and a greatness is achieved by transcending weakness and becoming a flawless figure of worship. She poses as various deities wherever she can get away with it, or attempts to convince others that she specifically is worthy of their worship, something that her children emulate by looking to create cults of personality around themselves. The Divinity Arken has been a female Teledden forever. The Divinity Arken has the following themes: Crowns, Scepters, Places of Worship, Cloaks, and Light. Her children can be found among the clergy, and look for positions of infallibility.

Silven Specials

Silven have a single Special complimenting their Sire parent. There is no such thing as a Custom Kit Silven+, though due to the close proximity to Magical powers, Silven on average are more likely to be born as Mages than non-Silven, so expanded Silven Custom Kits should apply for a Mage Kit instead (while mentioning the Silven identity in the Application).

Arken Parent Special Name Special Description
All Silven Lord & Master If the Silven is Void, their irises are gold with a red limbus. If the Silven is Exist, their irises are silver with a blue limbus. A Silven cannot be infected by incurable afflictions, but, an can only be infected by Curable Afflictions if it matches their planar alignment. So, a Void Silven can become a Vampire, but not a Cahal, and vice versa. Silven have varied aesthetics depending on their Arkensire. If you are not sure of an Arken’s aesthetics, please make a Roleplay Community Discord ticket to inquire.
Pride Lord Domineered The Silven child of Pride is immune to the mental effects of any Soul Curses (Ordial or Primal Afflictions), meaning they always remain in control of themselves. Furthermore, these Silven are also unaffected by the mental changes of Afflictions, such as Vampirism. They are still affected by other mental Control Powers however.
Body Lord Fleshed The Silven child of Body has a high degree of control over their own bodily representation. While they cannot change Race or remove their Silven eyes, they are able to freely change: Sex/Gender presentation, hair color/texture, skin patterns/color, height, age-appearance, facial/body hair, tattoos, and body-shape and body-fat. Regardless of the changes, this never counts as a disguise and the Character is always recognizable.
Fury Lord Judged The Silven child of Fury may ritually send a request to the Fury Arken, which they are guaranteed to receive and may answer (though this is not guaranteed), inquiring if an opponent they just faced (and defeated) was a worthy opponent for them or an unworthy one.
Avarice Lord Golden The Silven child of Avarice has the ability to summon an endless supply of illusions of coins of any nation and time-period, or gemstones and other items of wealth. These illusions are indistinguishable from the real thing, and are so effective they even pass through Illusion Immunity. These illusions last for several hours, or shorter if they want to.
Envy Lord Whispered The Silven child of Envy may ritually send a request, series of questions, or monologue (in Rp Community Discord Ticket) to any Arken, which they are guaranteed to receive and may answer (though this is not guaranteed). Additionally, while in Progressions, a Silven child of Envy and Ambition will never be hunted by Silven hunters of the Envy Cult.
Power Lord Actualized The Silven child of Power has the ability to trick a person into a substitute reality. Any person who starts working for, living in the Silven's home, or permits any level of authority from the Silven onto themselves, unconsciously allows that Silven to affect their whole world view and perception of reality until they are Exorcised. This is not the same as mind control, but functions more like a reality perception alteration (and thus does not require consent).
Legacy Lord Recognized The Silven child of Legacy can pick a moniker or title that is not related to Nobility, or Gods/Religion/Higher beings. This title must always be acknowledged by other characters as legitimate, and other characters can instantly recognize them as the title, which should usually follow the style of "X of Y", "The X of Y," or "The X." Once chosen, it is expected this title should not be changed, and should probably be included on the Character App.
Guilt Lord Misguided The Silven child of Guilt can magically enforce bad things to happen to them, or others. When someone else encourages the Guilt Silven to do something, the Silven can have it go as wrong as possible, even to the point of harming themselves, as long as they followed the directions of the target. Alternatively, if the Guilt Silven warns another person not to do something, they can also magically have it go wrong, but not to the point of harm, only to failure/ embarrassment. This Special has no effect in Progressions.
Obsession Lord Fixated The Silven child of Obsession can never be deprived of their tools of the craft. No matter where the Obsession Silven goes, regardless of whether they want to or not, they will always find, somewhere, a set of tools relevant to their most used art skill. (Such as, a set of chisels, paint brushes, etc.) This Special has no effect in Progressions, but does work if the Silven is imprisoned anywhere on-server.
Corruption Lord Infiltrated The Silven child of Corruption has a subtle reality-warping aura that allows them to visit places they probably shouldn't be. The Silven can always enter the 'restricted' sections of Government buildings, and Greygate (but not the palace), even if they aren't a Constable or Government Official. This Special only applies on-server, and has limits of reasonability: the Silven can still be ejected if they are disruptive or a known criminal, and can still be denied entry to private meetings. Individuals affected by this Special simply assume or rationalize any reason why the Silven is allowed in, or simply "don't think about it."
Wickedness Lord Echoed The Silven child of Wickedness is inclined to get other people in trouble, and smile all the while. The Silven may target a person (up to 3 per day) and magically throw their voice, making it seem like the target person said something (whatever the Silven wants, at whatever volume the Silven wants), but this can only be at maximum one text line of dialogue. This Special is not telegraphed, but if the Silven uses it frequently enough, it is reasonable for others to be suspicious.
Anarchy Lord Released The Silven child of Anarchy is always capable of freeing others from restraints put on by the State Metropolitan or any other government official. They can always unlock state shackles near instantly, cut or un-tie individuals bound with ropes by government officials, and can easily pick open cell from the government, but only to free others, never themselves. This does not work on clandestine cells or restraints from non-government sources.
Justice Master Avenged Justice Silven are capable of marking individuals within Emote Distance of them with a "Mark of the Sinner." This Mark can only be seen by other Justice Silven, or the Justice Arken, and marks the target as an enemy or sinner. This mark cannot be removed (except by the Silven who placed it, or the Justice Arken), and each Silven can only mark one person at a time. If the target is Disguised while marked, the mark only applies to the Disguise, and vice versa, if they are marked while un-disguised.
Compassion Master Cured The Silven child of Compassion is able to alleviate or remove non-combat damage on a person. If a person has a terminal illness (for example, cancer), they can take over part of it, after which they become ill themselves (with just general sickness) and spit out a cloud of pestilent flies, but they buy the other person more time and making them healthier(not curing them completely, but giving them another year or so). This can also be used to cure broken bones or sprained ankles.
Diligence Master Revealed The Silven child of Diligence is capable of making a public call-out of corruption that no-one can ignore. The Silven can make a Ticket on the RP Com Discord, which allows staff to @ everyone in the Staff Events channel with their condemnation of a Government Official, Lord Commissioner, Constable Sargent, Constable, or Public Group Leader. This condemnation should only be a few sentences long, and can be anonymous or signed by the Silven. While there is no hard cooldown for this special, Staff may deny to post if it is too frequently used or too joke-y.
Absolution Master Remembered The Silven child of Absolution may, after touching a person, conjure up visions or aesthetic manifestations that emulate or replicate the Target's religion. These manifestations can only occur while the Silven is within Emote Distance, and the Silven may decide if the visions are obviously theirs or disconnected from them. This cannot be used in combat, or to blind someone.
Happiness Master Enthused The Silven child of Happiness is inclined to prank, but not look favorably upon those who would boo them. The Silven may target a person (up to 3 per day) and magically (non painfully) glue or sew that person's mouth shut so they can no longer talk. This effect lasts up to 1 hour, or shorter depending on the Silven. This Special is telegraphed, meaning the Target and everyone around knows it was the Silven who did it.
Resolution Master Mediated The Silven child of Resolution seeks to resolve conflict, with minimal distractions. They are capable of inviting two other willing individuals to a pocket dimension (/tp FateArenaRP) where they can attempt to resolve a dispute between the two of them without interruptions. In this pocket dimension, the other individuals cannot attack each other, nor can the Silven attack them. The Resolution Silven has minor control over the space to better allow for their mediation: creating illusory displays to make a point, 'muting' one or both of the 2 individuals to allow them to speak, and deciding when to eject the two. All three are forced out of the dimension, returning to exactly the space they entered it from once the conflict is resolved, or the Silven declares that the two are hopeless. This Special cannot be used to escape combat or a chase scene, and can only be activated on willing individuals to solve a real dispute between the two of them.
Excellence Master Exemplified The Silven child of Excellence can perfectly complete a task, as long as it's done in front of five or more people, even if they've never practiced or done it before. This can include baking a perfect cake, drawing an exceptional piece of art, completing a physical challenge, etc. This cannot be used in Combat, or in Progressions.
Change Master Demonstrated The Silven child of Change can encourage others to change parts of themselves by temporarily altering one aspect of their current being. They can (as long as the target is willing) change one of the following: Sex/Gender presentation, hair color/texture, tattoo patterns/color, facial/body hair, or clothing color. Regardless of the changes, this never counts as a disguise and the Character is always recognizable. These changes last for up to an hour after the Silven has left emote range of the target.
Beauty Master Graced The Silven child of beauty can change their wardrobe, makeup, and hairstyle at will to achieve what they believe is the most beautiful version of themselves. They simply envision what style they want, and it will be done instantaneously upon their person. Outfits, makeup, and hairstyles may contain precious gems, but cannot use any metals or materials on the metallurgy or earthenware page. This never functions as a disguise.
Luck Master Beguiled The Silven child of Luck has the ability to summon an endless supply of dice, coins to flip, and decks of cards of any game. These illusions are indistinguishable from the real thing, and are so effective they even pass through Illusion Immunity. The Silven has complete control over the 'randomness' of whatever they summon, able to easily control what card is pulled, what number is rolled, and whether heads or tails is flipped, even if the Silven isn't the one touching them. These illusions last for several hours, or shorter if they want to.
Purity Master Envisioned The Silven child of Purity can conjure up an illusionary replica of a person with mutations, or of a race-changed person, showing them what they would look like without these mutations, or returned to their original race. This vision is unnaturally pristine, and the Silven can move it as desired to illustrate their point to the targeted individual.
Divinity Master Manifested The Silven child of Divinity conjure up visions or aesthetic manifestations around or on themselves that or replicate their religion, to impose relevance or importance to themselves and their words. These manifestations can only occur while the Silven is within Emote Distance, and the Silven may decide if the visions are obviously theirs or disconnected from them. This cannot be used in combat, or to blind someone.


Silven have existed for as long as Arken have, but their presence (or lack thereof) is heavily dependent on where they’re born, and that culture or place’s predisposition towards them. Silven are notoriously known as ‘Demon Children,’ and are more often than not maligned for their capriciousness and unpredictability, with many treating them exactly like their Arken Sire. In spite of it, many Silven are adaptable people, escaping from where they’re unwanted and finding refuge in cultures that revere Arken, and by extension, them, as blessed people. A Silven cannot ever completely shake the influence of their Arken parent, and will always have some degree of eccentricity, but are still capable of living relatively normal lives. Even the most accepting people of Silven are often wary of them, and require warming up to. Silven generally have no codified groups or gatherings, but will (depending on their Arken Sire) find solace in their “siblings” who share their Arken Sire. Some Silven, such as Envy Silven, are usually overly hostile to other Silven, creating enforced hierarchies or trying to dispose of them. In Regalia especially, Silven find a modicum of acceptance, but only in certain parts of the Empire. This varies from Anglia, which considers them Demons, and will expel them at every turn, to places like Vultaro, which is ruled by a Noble Pride Silven known as the Iron Duke.

Direct Raised Silven

Lore Staff are willing to discuss the requirements and limitations on playing a Direct Raised Silven, meaning a child that was raised by their Arken parent. This is only available to those Silven who were born of a conventional Arken (thus one who sticks to a single Race for appearance over longer periods of time). This discussion involves opening a ticket, proposing the prompt, and having Lore Staff define boundaries and expectations in the ticket itself. Because Arken behave a certain way, and would have raised Silven a certain way, there is a great deal of things such Silven can and cannot be, and this may often be experienced as a deal-breaker to result in rejection. If however a player is dedicated to playing the "ideal child" of such a silven (or the rebellious one who ran away), then the Lore Staff might be able to help setting up such a Character design in a Ticket. For the time being, Direct Raised Silven will only be offered for Arken who are actively portrayed on the server, or at least assigned to a Staff Member. This currently includes the following Arken (though it is possible to transition at a later point in time, especially when more Lore Staff join the portrayal of Arken):

  • Pride
  • Justice
  • Avarice


  • There have been many copycats over the years, but nothing can imitate a pair of true Silven eyes.
  • Young Silven bond with one another very easily despite their feuding parents, something which often comes back to bite them in adulthood.
  • The Allorn Altalar loved tracing their descent back to Silven, and using their thrice-removed Arken parentage as a personal, even if meaningless, horoscope.

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