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|officialname = Silver
|officialname = Silver
|nicknames = Grey [[Gold]]
|nicknames = Grey [[Gold]]
|proficiency = Requires 10 points in [[Metallurgy Arts]] to smelt, requires 10 points in [[Finecraft Arts]] to properly shape
|proficiency = Requires 5 points in [[Metallurgy Arts]] to smelt, requires 10 points in [[Finecraft Arts]] to properly shape
|origin = [[Aloria]]
|origin = [[Aloria]]
|uses = Decorative, [[Alchemy]]
|uses = Decorative, [[Alchemy]]

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Official Name Silver
Common Nicknames Grey Gold
Proficiency Requires 5 points in Metallurgy Arts to smelt, requires 10 points in Finecraft Arts to properly shape
Origin Aloria
Uses Decorative, Alchemy
Rarity Rare
Accessibility Nobility

Silver is a relatively common material found largely in Essalonia and in scattered smaller deposits across Aloria. The nation of Silsaerimas once dominated Silver mining and trading, and the material was the base for Regalia’s coinage, making it highly valuable in addition to its uses as a decorative metal. Unfortunately, the Regalian Empire switched to the Gold standard which crashed the price of Silver on the market. Silsaerimas was devastated, and it took almost twenty years for the price to properly recover. Although most old Regalian coins of Silver have been melted down for alternative use, a few coins are still in circulation in scattered areas of Aloria. Despite the crash, Silver retained its decorative value as a jewelry metal and, additionally, as an ingredient in various alchemical mixtures. Today, the New Ceardian Colonies eagerly seek Silver to help fuel their own economy while others remain more cautious, as the economic downturn from their childhoods is still fresh in mind.


Silver has been a mineral highly sought after by various nations for centuries. The Allorn Empire hunted for Silver as much as it did Gold, ultimately expending the large veins once found in Daen and Hadaria. The lack of raw Silver might have been a driving force in their attempt to colonize Essalonia, as the landmass was found to contain large quantities of Silver. This colony ultimately failed, and Silver became a scarce and highly valued commodity up until the Cataclysm. Following that event, a small group of haggard colonists reached Essalonia on some old Altalar slaving vessels, the group being made up of escaped slaves and lower-class Altalar. They had managed to learn of the old Essalonian colony and, seeking a new life, had tried to reach it. While they did miss the old site, they chose to rebuild their lives in the lands they found themselves in. By 70 AC, a small thriving nation began to form, and they gradually opened up the earth to reveal the treasured Silver underneath. The kingdom that formed from these people, and ultimately took part of its name from the material, and Silsaerimas became renowned for its Silver mines. In 201 AC, when the Regalian Empire made contact, they showed immediate interest in this mineral wealth. The smaller nation was more than happy to help provide the material for them and was eventually made a client state of the Regalian Empire.

But in 264 AC, the broader Regalian Pessimism inflicted its first major economic casualty: the switch to the Gold standard caused a Silver crash followed shortly by several major Silver mines running dry in Silsaerimas. The nation was ruined virtually overnight and fell into chaos as the monarchy was forced to abdicate and fled the country as crime organizations moved in. At the same time, several settlements in the expanding New Ceardian Colonies in the north of the continent discovered Silver deposits of their own - however, they moved on and left them where they were. Following the Chrysant War and the re-empowerment of the Regalian Empire, Silver prices increased once more and the Colonies opened up their own Silver mines. Silsaerimas, however, was still devastated, only nominally recovering in 300 AC when their monarchy returned. Today, Silver is a significant luxury good traded out from Essalonia and smaller sites across Aloria and will likely remain stable as a commodity with a high price.



Silver is a bright grey metal that gleams even when unrefined and further shines when properly processed. It appears in pockets and veins alongside other materials but rarely appears in large veins, save in Essalonia.

General Uses

Silver serves a variety of purposes, from decorative to alchemical. It is used as a second rank jewelry material as it is gorgeous when paired with gems such as Sapphire, Solacrox, and Diamonds. It most often appears in necklaces and earrings. Silver is also used to decorate various weapons of the Regalian Nobility through plating and intricate carving. In Alchemy, Silver is used in a smattering of expensive but useful concoctions.


  • Some Silver coinage is still out floating in economies of a few Minor Nations and States. As it does not have the same value as the Regal, some people instead seek to collect the coinage as memorabilia of the past.
  • Most mistakenly assume that Silsaerimas has no Silver left at all. They in fact do, but their monarchy is attempting to turn the state toward other economic pastimes, viewing the material as a reminder of the past and no good to any economy.
  • The New Ceardian Colonies have “Silver Rushes” every few years or so, as with Silver valuable again, when even the smallest bit is found, prospectors, miners, and merchants flock to the area to try to get a piece of the glittering pie.

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