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Official Name Skysteel
Common Nicknames Lodesteel, Seraph Steel, Laysteel
Proficiency Requires Virtuoso, or 25 points in Metallurgy Arts. Can only be made from existing Skysteel.
Origin Seraph
Uses Weaponry, Armor, and Decoration
Rarity Exceptionally Rare
Accessibility Nobility/Storyweb/Player Tokens

With the exception of Starris, Skysteel is the most wondrous metal existing in Aloria, capable of crafting weapons with a uniquely keen edge and brilliant shine and appearance. Most commonly found in Seraph ruins as a variety of weapons and trinkets, Skysteel is one of the oldest known metals in Aloria. A sign of status that exceeds almost any other item, Skysteel is a rarity among rarities and its utilities justify it tenfold.


Skysteel can be traced back to the first known civilization of Aloria. The metal is shrouded in as much mystery as the Seraph themselves, but what is known is its superior make that is entirely unlike anything else in the known world. A remarkable Steel rumored to have been created with Dragonfire, it holds an especially keen edge when used in the creation of weapons. Its sharpness aside, the strength and lightweight of Skysteel makes it a highly sought after metal. Skysteel items have been in the possession of noble families for decades, but the exact identity of the metal was unknown up until 302 AC, with it only becoming common knowledge in 307 AC.

Skysteel is most commonly found in the very depths of Seraph ruins. However, it quickly became clear that Skysteel could not be reforged through regular methods. Very few blacksmiths are capable of working with the metal to this day, resulting in a material that is highly valued but only known to be found in Seraph ruins. Within these ruins, weapons forged of Skysteel can occasionally be found, but given the traps and dangers each ruin possesses, most treasure hunters fail to secure such an artifact. More regularly, Skysteel weapons are found and reforged to suit the wielder’s needs, often ending up in the Houses of great noble families.

Notable Pieces

  • Talea's Chainmail: A suit of Skysteel wrought chainmail was recorded to be in the possesion of Talea Sunvidal, an Altalar Mage who fought the World-Crown Wars and founded the Allorn Empire. The Princess of Talea, she was a gifted mage who had unparalleled control over both Void and Exist Magic. A prophetess to the Faith of Estel, she was rumored to have retrieved the armor from a Seraph Ruin early into her reign, and was later buried in the armor. During the Wildering, an earthquake shook the city she was buried in, and the armor remains unrecovered to this day, suspected of laying among the ruins of Alar Telea, somewhere beneath the landmass of Daen. The later creation of Nightsilver is suspected to be Telea's attempts to recreate the Skysteel chainmail she had uncovered.
  • Howling Band: A Skysteel ring in the possession of House Howlester, the Howling Band has been passed down through the House as a sign of immense respect and leadership within the family. It has been stolen by thieves on multiple occasions throughout the Houses' history but has always been recovered by the male members of the House, often through bloody conflict. Initially found by Valgild Howlester in Old Ceardia, the ring is rumored to have come from a Seraph Ruin not far from the city of Silveredge. Taking the ring back to just north of the Ceardian mainland, the ring was kept safe by the then-Barons of House Howlester. The entire continent of Old Ceardia has since been corrupted by the Void for years now, but the ring remains in the hands of House Howlester to this day, likely kept safe in Regalia. The Ring is darker than most Skysteel pieces, bearing a haunched silverwolf over the top side of the piece, with its tail wrapping around the bottom. The eyes of the wolf are made of a glittering metal too fine to identify, but the value of the ring is undeniable and a source of pride within the House.
  • The Wolfswind Armory: More a rumor pertaining to an armory of Skysteel than an individual piece, the Wolfswind Armory is rumored to lay in Ellador, in Wolfswind Bay. The Bay still teems with Wolves and Url, but the old Velheim raiding base was rumored to house a secretive armory with Skysteel weapons, used by the Velheim in their efforts to claim southern Ellador for their own. Any such record of the armory was lost when Direwolves cleared the place of any other denizens, but the odd treasure hunter does depart for the south of Ellador in search of this armory, only to never return again.



Skysteel almost has a light blue, near opaline shine to it. With a base color of white-gray that appears as a shining steel, anything forged from this metal shines brilliantly when light touches it. Weapons and items forged from Skysteel have a ripple pattern that shines a brilliant white-gray when not dyed, and, when dyed, can almost appear as if the blade has a slight glow. Master smiths are capable of setting a dye compound into the metal as it’s reforged, producing a different shine across the weapon in question.

General Usage

Because of the excessively long forging process and the rarity of the materials to craft Skysteel, the material is beyond expensive, second only to Starris in its cost. Weapons forged from Skysteel tend to be no longer than a longsword, with armor being practically nonexistent. What few pieces of Skysteel armor that are known tend to be on par if not outright superior to Nightsilver armor in its weight and protection. Given the metal is practically indestructible and never needs to be sharpened or repaired, it very much pays for itself if used properly. Apart from its martial uses, Skysteel can be used to create brilliantly shining jewelry and furnishing accents.


Skysteel’s durability is so grand that most weapons are unable to leave anything more than a small knick upon it. Skysteel can slice through platemail if the wielder of the weapon is appropriately skilled with it. Sharpening is never needed for a Skysteel weapon, and when wielded it seems to weigh at least half as much as normal steel. Given the relatively recent discovery of Skysteel and it's even more recent public knowledge, the exact properties of the metal are still being researcged today.


  • Weapons or items made from Skysteel are closely guarded within a select few Noble families; only those with wealth just below House Kade’s can entertain the notion of purchasing Skysteel, given its worth and reputation.
  • Two lesser nobles rather recently carried Skysteel daggers throughout Regalia, showing them off in front of a commoner family they had wronged. So great was the value of these weapons that they were shot with a crossbow in the street, their weapons stolen, and the entire commoner family retreating into the sewers to begin lives as wealthy criminals. Skysteel has rarely been carried openly since.

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