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Appearance A thick and white, slightly chunky, liquid.
Difficulty 3/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Unknown
Class All Classes
  • 1 gallon milk
  • 5 ounces Sneið
  • 1 tsp animal rennet or ½ tsp vegetable rennet
  • ¼ cup warm water

Sneið is a unique, yogurt-adjacent dish native to the Fridurfolk of Drixagh, in the northern regions of the Regalian Archipelago. Mild in taste and high in nutritional value, the dish is routinely enjoyed not just by members of the Northland Cultures but also in several urban cities across the Regalian Empire as an expensive, yet valued, culinary good.


Sneið has a relatively unknown history among the Fridurfolk, mainly because it has existed for so long among their people and has remained mostly unchanged in all of that time. The most commonly told origin story for how they made the dish features a devotee of the Old Gods named Jón. He traveled the world, seeking knowledge and new lands. In the time of chaos at sea, he was washed ashore into the lands of the Fridurfolk along with his bounty of goods and knowledge from across the world. He was unable to stay with them, so great was his desire to see the whole of the new land he had crashed into. Still, he left the Fridurfolk with many gifts, one of which was the original piece of Sneið which was used to make all others. Most external scholars reject such an idea, and suggest either that the dish was brought, at least in part, by Velheim traders from another region. Some say naval vessels and sailors originally developed the dish from the miasma that allows the creation of the special cheeses and dairy goods known across the Regalian Empire. Regardless of the truth, Sneið is one of the only dishes from the north to gain acceptance and consumption outside of this region, albeit not very far, and only in certain commercial centers of the Regalian Empire. The populace in these cities enjoy its unique taste, as it is not as fierce as yogurts made by other exotic Cultures, and pairs well with fruits and other dishes regular yogurt might get added to. As a result, the dish is likely to gradually expand in popularity, and not just eaten by Northland Cultures anymore.


When creating Sneið, it is essential that all utensils and containers used be washed and thoroughly cleaned, ideally with boiling water, in order to ensure that no outside substances taint the food-making procedure. The first step is to bring the milk to a simmer over a medium to high heat in a deep pot for up to twenty minutes. Once it is scalding the next step can begin, though if the bottom of the milks begins to scald to the pot, the heat should rapidly be reduced. However, once the scalding point is reached, the heat should rapidly be reduced to low anyway, and removed to let it cool. Once that has been done, one cup of the cooled milk and all of the pre-existing Sneið should be combined together, and then stirred back into the main pot of milk. In a separate bowl, the rennet should be whisked into the water and then rapidly whisked into the milk pot. The pot should be covered by a towel and kept in a warm place for at least twelve hours. Once the towel is removed, the curds that have formed should be spooned out and placed into a double layered bag made from cheesecloth. The bag should then be set above a pan in a cold place, and allowed to drip down, slowly draining the bag until what remains is thick. The dish is then done and stays edible for up to four weeks in cold temperatures.


  • Sneið looks like a white-colored yogurt, with a few chunks of white or more solid bits peeking up out of the concoction.
  • Sneið smells like nothing.
  • The dish has a thick consistency but a mild flavor, most easily compared to a lighter variety of Etosian yogurt.


  • Jón is one of a dozen highly respected heroes in Fridurfolk society. While not a warrior, he ultimately did die a glorious death, distracting a tyrannical Skagger king and his tribe with song as his allies freed their captive friends. He was killed where he stood after the ruse was discovered, but by then, all those held captive had escaped, and the Skaggers left the land in anger.
  • Sneið is one of only a few recipes known in Aloria that requires a portion of itself in order to be made.

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