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Official Name Solacrox
Common Nicknames Sun’s Stone, Sham’s Gem
Origin Farah’deen
Uses Dye, Decoration, Light-Source
Rarity Common
Accessibility Commoner

Considered the gem of Sham by the Songaskia, Solacrox has become a symbol of the Sun’s light since it was discovered by the Songaskia that emerged from the deepest parts of Farah’deen’s deserts. A common gem often found in sinkholes and oasis that dot the desert, it is commonly picked up by amateur adventurers, and used across the world as a light when going spelunking. Despite being rather easy to obtain, people warn those that hunt for the mysterious gem that the areas that hold the gem are often inhabited by less than hospitable fauna.


It is suspected that the Songaskia were in fact the first to find and use the gemstone as they marched out of the middle of the desert, where the gemstone is most commonly found. Documentation of the event accounts that the Songaskia often held a glowing gemstone as they went into battle with the Qadir, and are the first known account of the gems. Some historians even suspect that the Songaskia’s appearance might coincide with the creation or formation of the gemstone. As the coloration and magical appearance of the gemstone relate it to the mysterious Songaskia. As the Songaskia conquered the Qadir, the gemstone was commonly used in the building of the new Songaskian temples to the sun, and large gemstones are often centerpieces in foyer’s of temples.

Recently, the more adventurous of peoples within Aloria eventually came to know of the glowing gemstone that was located within the deserts of Farah’deen through traders and merchants that had access to a supply of them. Not to be deterred by much, these brave folks often venture deep within the deserts in search of the mystical gem, considering it to be a prize of some kind, or proof that they are a “good adventurer”. Those that survive the journey often account that the payoff is not worth it, though, peoples continue to travel into the unforgiving wastes regardless of what is said.



Solacrox is always yellow in coloration with orange swirls that decorate the innards of the gem. The gem is never any larger than an Ailor’s fist, and the larger a stone is, the more light it emits. Oddly, the larger a gem is, it becomes exponentially heavier. With a Solacrox gem the size of a pebble, it will be the weight of a stone twice its size. This is thought to be because of the material that causes it to be luminescent.

General Uses

Solacrox gems are often used in places of torches within the Songaskian Masaya, being placed strategically and decoratively in important government buildings and temples. They are placed strategically to gain sunlight throughout the day so that they can illuminate during the night time. The gem requires sunlight in order to glow when not in the sun, the amount of hours it receives light in the day is equal to how many hours it will glow when not exposed to direct sunlight. When smashed up and processed, the gem turns into a yellow dye, retaining the ability to glow when in the darkness. The dye is often used in drapes and carpets to provide a soft glow when in darkness.


It has no effects other than being able to glow.


  • Some Qadir have developed technology using the Solacrox in order to tell the time when people are located underground for extended periods of time.

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