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10 December 2022

     00:58  (Deletion log) [HydraLana‎ (4×)]
00:58 HydraLana talk contribs deleted page Sendrassian Empire(content was: "#redirect Sendras#Sendrassian_Empire", and the only contributor was "HydraLana" (talk))
00:26 HydraLana talk contribs deleted page Solangeria(content was: "{{Info geography |image = noimg.png |fullname = Solangeria |pronunciation = So-lang-er-ee-ah |demonym = Solangerian |area = N/A |population = N/A |races = None |cultures = None |}} Solangeria ranks alongside the Northern Expanse and a few other regions as one of the most mysterious Alorian continents. It has been known to exist for millennia and is thought to contain the only ruins of the Third Civilization, yet is inaccessible to all outside of its borders thanks...")
00:26 HydraLana talk contribs deleted page Sendras(content was: "{{Info geography |image = noimg.png |fullname = Sendras |pronunciation = Sen-dra-se |demonym = Sendrassian |area = Unknown |population = N/A |races = Allar |cultures = Sendrassian Allar |}} Teeming with reptilian life, the continent of Sendras is an ancient landmass with a history predating all written records. For as long as documented history has existed, the land has always belonged to the intelligent Allar. Even during the reign of the Allorn Empire, Nelfin...")
00:25 HydraLana talk contribs deleted page Hadar(content was: "{{Info geography |image = noimg.png |fullname = Hadarian Archipelago |pronunciation =Hah-darr-ee-in Ark-ah-pelle-ah-go |demonym = Hadarian |area = 1,800,000 mi² |population = 4,000,000 |races = Allar, Ailor, Altalar, Maraya |cultures = Hadarian Allar, Regal, Anglian and assorted Ailor Cultures, Minoor Altalar and absorbed Races |}} Once a peaceful land free of conflict, Hadar has since been mercilessly ravaged by jingoist forces from the Rega...")

7 December 2022

 m   04:22  Slizzar diffhist −279 Birdsfoot violet talk contribs (→‎Slizzar Abilities and Specials)

5 December 2022

     00:24  Magic diffhist +6 OkaDoka talk contribs

4 December 2022

 m   23:54  Magic‎‎ 4 changes history +3,993 [HydraLana‎ (4×)]
23:54 (cur | prev) −2 HydraLana talk contribs (→‎Mages)
23:53 (cur | prev) +4 HydraLana talk contribs (→‎Mages)
23:52 (cur | prev) +44 HydraLana talk contribs
23:50 (cur | prev) +3,947 HydraLana talk contribs

1 December 2022

 m   22:37  Kalmian Spineback diffhist −221 HydraLana talk contribs
 m   22:34  Ogre diffhist 0 HydraLana talk contribs

26 November 2022

 m   22:13  Rokha‎‎ 3 changes history +77 [HydraLana‎ (3×)]
22:13 (cur | prev) +27 HydraLana talk contribs (→‎Trivia)
22:12 (cur | prev) −4 HydraLana talk contribs (→‎Trivia)
22:12 (cur | prev) +54 HydraLana talk contribs
 m   22:10  Sola Cavya diffhist −22 HydraLana talk contribs
 m   21:34  Bone Horror diffhist 0 HydraLana talk contribs
     21:28 Deletion log HydraLana talk contribs deleted page Ridgeback Turtle(content was: "{{Info fauna |image = noimg.png |officialname = Ridgeback Turtle |nicknames = Daen Tortoise |classification = Reptile |habitat = Various climates |domesticated = Yes |status = Common |}} Ridgeback Turtles are diverse species of land-dwelling turtles from Daen and tropical areas of Corontium who have lived long lives and suffered much at the hands of multiple Races. In the modern-day the smallest subspecies tend to be kept as pets while the largest subspecies ar...")
 m   21:23  Morvali‎‎ 2 changes history +26 [HydraLana‎ (2×)]
21:23 (cur | prev) −6 HydraLana talk contribs
16:24 (cur | prev) +32 HydraLana talk contribs
 m   21:13  Allar diffhist −17 HydraLana talk contribs
 m   21:05  Ulaan-Shiraal diffhist −1,504 HydraLana talk contribs
 m   17:27  Vannhestia diffhist −115 HydraLana talk contribs
 m   17:24  Kelp diffhist +17 HydraLana talk contribs
 m   17:22  Mossassarios diffhist −23 HydraLana talk contribs
 m   15:47  Basilisk diffhist +29 HydraLana talk contribs
 m   15:42  Ciel'lapanna Crane diffhist −140 HydraLana talk contribs