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  • ...n Nefw I, Kharkhoor is still famously flush with green, filled with exotic flora, vines and huge trees that are used creatively in the architecture of the l ...aiding instead of boarding, feeling right at home in the desert sands of [[Farah’deen]]. Rather than having a single leader, the fleet is led by two Senef Asha l
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  • ...ed far to the east of the [[Regalian Archipelago]], located northeast of [[Farah’deen]] and sitting across the [[Seas to Sihai-Loong]] from all areas of Aloria. ===Notable Flora===
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  • Aloria is rich in both fauna and flora. This page specifically is dedicated to all recorded, extinct or still livi generally true. Despite that, the animal is still a remarkable piece of Farah’deen’s landscape and it will likely survive for the coming centuries under the
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