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  • ...e read the Proficiency Page first before reading this one. The Spell Point Buy provides Packs for the Character to become proficient in specific types of ...alignment of Spells later, so it is important to make this decision before Point Buying Spells. You may also notice that the Spells don’t have specific ae
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  • ...Global persecution (mostly exported by Regalia) commenced, though at this point, the Cahal had already rooted themselves in place in so many locations that * Immunity from Cahalism can be bought through Affliction [[Scholarly Point Buy]]. This pack does incur Proficiency cost, but grants immunity to Soul Sickn
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  • ...out the person having been changed into an Urlan, from a purely scientific point of view, Symbiosis confers many physical advantages. The host becomes much ...Weapon Point Buy. Additionally, any Mundane Techniques in Defensive Point Buy do not require a Shield to use, instead allowing the body of the user to be
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  • *'''Techniques:''' Are usually non-magical feats of endurance or strength. ...Vampirism will always be Void, while a Power gained from Exist Spell Point Buy will always be Exist.
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  • | If the user has 2 or less Spell Packs bought from Spell Point-Buy, these Spells become a dimension clarified in the modifier, instead of Void ...ltip: Bralona| Bralona make use of Altered Power to change two Spell Point Buy Packs into Primal.}}
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  • than them. The Xieloth are compassionate and kind, but pragmatic to the point of moral questionability. The Huactl are factual and straightforward with a ...ehappy:''' The Maquixtl gain the Husbandry Pack from the [[Husbandry Point Buy]] category for free without Proficiency investment required. If this Pack i
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  • * Immunity from Vampirism can be bought through Affliction [[Scholarly Point Buy]]. This pack does incur Proficiency cost, but grants immunity to Blood Sick * If a Vampire uses Artificer Point Buy, they may change their Branch to Dark Tech for the duration of their infect
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  • ...purchased [[Spell Point Buy]], [[Demonology Point Buy]], or [[Mystic Point Buy]] is force-refunded.]] cannot use Dark Metal or Godsamtro, and cannot use [[Technician Point Buy]] at all.
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  • ...304 AC though few of these monsters remain today. While most [[Regalian]]s buy the official statement from the Empire that the creatures were rendered ext ...rom the rulers of the Deep Realm, and these fights are instead contests of strength and power versus efforts to kill one another over a mate.
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  • ...ffered betrayals and warfare against an assortment of enemies, even to the point where their once-great empire has crumbled to a few remaining Great Holds, ...mon any type of weapon from Melee Weapon Point Buy, or Ranged Weapon Point Buy made out of Magic. This weapon functions like a normal weapon would, has th
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  • ...ties and disappear in the crowd abroad, being called Sihn-Fallar from that point on, or “national traitors”. ...k, sarcasm, ridicule and passive-aggression in their communication, to the point that few outsiders can ever tell if they are being serious without asking.
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  • ...ow aristocrats of the Ithanian nobility. Overall, just enough continued to buy the products her academy’s students crafted to keep her in the green, as ...rived from the D’fer mining business while the second part represented the strength and power of a fist.
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  • ...quarters melee combat. The Fin’ullen are passionate and expressive, to the point where they are often misunderstood to be hot headed and stand-offish, with ..., fins, bioluminescent body parts and webbed structures are common, to the point that Fin’ullen ships for example appear like sails are fins and the hull
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  • ...of Aloria’s most capable magisters. This is not due to any inherent racial strength, but due to millennia spent refining and utilizing the craft when it was at ...lic face or lose their cool unless they are truly pushed to their breaking point. Curses, slang, and immature behavior do not exist in the Teledden homeland
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  • have a comparative understanding of how strong they are in for example Strength, Magic, Dexterity, or Constitution. This does not actually return a "number ...glow of their golden metallic fur to become more and more intense, to the point that they can act like artificial sunlight in a completely dark area or roo
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  • .... Kyat are carefree, easy-going, calm and subservient, having the size and strength to win a fight, but not the temperament to be able to stand the idea of hur ...may have developed the same Void-Essence dependency as the Kathar at some point. This would essentially imply that the Allar have used Alchemy to replace t
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  • * '''Magic Coalescence:''' If a Suvial has any Spell Point Buy or a Mage Custom Kit, they are never just Exist or Void, they are both, and ...athar, any attacks they perform on said Kathar or Half-Kathar will gain +1 Strength that can break Cap applied to those attacks only.
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  • ...nsible) transformed them into the first Kathar. They diversified from that point, developing their own distinct culture and customs. Departing the Allorn Em ...tooltip: Body Claws |The user can fight using unarmed combat, and gains +2 Strength proficiency that cannot exceed the proficiency cap when doing so. This cann
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  • ...half of the population are almost always conventionally attractive, to the point where even the Eronidas-hating Altalar are hard pressed to deny their good ...onidas are perfectly integrated in the Eronidas society and psyche, to the point where they are not even considered non-Eronidas to the Race at large. Still
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  • ...rammes endured while enslaved, many of the Asha have diversified to such a point that there is no common trend of physical appearance (despite the overbeari ...Asha, and if the animal-like traits on the person have been reduced to the point of single-traits, then a Character is not a good Feka-Asha design.
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