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  • ...e [[Abilities]] system, which you should read after picking out your Point Buy. ==Point Allocation==
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  • ...e [[Abilities]] system, which you should read after picking out your Point Buy. ==Point Allocation==
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  • ...hnique can be used on any weapon a Character knows how to use. Melee Point Buy includes a variety of options for a melee fighter to keep fighting in close ...of these Point Buy Packs are required for this, and if a character has no Strength, they are considered incapable of using melee based combat effectively. Thi
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  • is specifically designed for support oriented characters. Medical Point Buy provides Packs for the Character to become proficient in Medicine for the p ...ket. Medical Talent is gained for free upon Point Buying any Medical Point Buy Pack.
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  • ...ies require the Stance Ability provided for free as soon as a single Point Buy Pack is purchased from this selection. bought, but is included for free as long as at least one Bruiser Point Buy Pack has been purchased. This Ability does not do much besides enable furth
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  • ...emselves to specifically melee combat. Because of such, any Athletic Point Buy packs can be used regardless of the weapon a character wields, or lack ther ...iduals, capable of shaking Regalia’s structures with nothing but their own strength.
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  • read the [[Proficiency]] Page first before reading this one. Chem Point Buy provides Packs for the Character to become proficient in Alchemy and Chemis ...dget Attack Emotes are always made in Melee Range. Only one of these Point Buy packs are required for this, and if a character has no Arcane, they are con
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  • Roguery Point Buy is part of the [[Proficiency]] System. Its Packs allow a Character to get b ...a dagger or knife as a weapon, they are able to attack with the equivalent Strength of their Dexterity Proficiency (up to a maximum of 4).}}
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  • ...ied, including the granting of Spirits or the aesthetic of Void powers for Point-Bought abilities. Argentum Knights are not Occult by virtue of their Pact, ...Knights are disallowed from degrading themselves or their Order, for it is strength.
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  •''' A character’s highest Proficiency that they use for Combat, such as Strength, Magic, or Dexterity. Main Combat Stat is typically dependent on the weapon Constitution, Wisdom, or Magic. Main Defense Stat is dependent on Point Buy Packs and Abilities the user has, but by default is Constitution.
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  • ...still requires a shield. Additionally, they cannot use Melee Weapon Point Buy Abilities while in Divine Defense. Divine Synergy can only be used when Div ...tionally, they cannot use Melee Weapon Point Buy Abilities or Shield Point Buy Abilities while in Hex Defense, and must have a melee weapon equipped, but
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  • ...w Canvasjhlhjlujhgrgregeds.png|294px|thumb|right|Due to their raw size and strength, some Eronidas have thrived in the criminal circuit.]] their adaptability to their environment, seeking to establish a form of strength-based hegemony, but then also not pushing that hegemony into tyranny like t
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  • ...out the person having been changed into an Urlan, from a purely scientific point of view, Symbiosis confers many physical advantages. The host becomes much ...acter, Proficiency Points allow for a limited Ability selection with Point Buy Packs. Heritage Traits adds free Packs and Mechanics on top of that to help
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  • ...acter, Proficiency Points allow for a limited Ability selection with Point Buy Packs. Heritage Traits adds free Packs and Mechanics on top of that to help ...g with them. Forgiving Asha choose one [[Command_Point_Buy|Command]] Point Buy Pack for Free.
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  • ...ties and disappear in the crowd abroad, being called Sihn-Fallar from that point on, or “national traitors”. ...k, sarcasm, ridicule and passive-aggression in their communication, to the point that few outsiders can ever tell if they are being serious without asking.
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  • ...304 AC though few of these monsters remain today. While most [[Regalian]]s buy the official statement from the Empire that the creatures were rendered ext ...rom the rulers of the Deep Realm, and these fights are instead contests of strength and power versus efforts to kill one another over a mate.
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  • of Ailor that shares a common ancestry with Ailor, but diverged at some point in history when their people moved south, while most other Ailor peoples mo ...militarism of their society, with beards being common symbols of power and strength, and tattoos to record one's combat deeds on the body a common occurrence.
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  • ...quarters melee combat. The Fin’ullen are passionate and expressive, to the point where they are often misunderstood to be hot headed and stand-offish, with ..., fins, bioluminescent body parts and webbed structures are common, to the point that Fin’ullen ships for example appear like sails are fins and the hull
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  • ...omparison to more modern civilizations is fairly unique, from a very early point they were aware that they were the only real sentient Race of that era, but ...ul-Merai, but unable to act on a greater platform, because they lacked the strength they have in the modern era with so many worshipers and followers who dabbl
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  • the Mounts is not allowed unless someone has the proper [[Mounted Point Buy]] Pack for those actions. The [[City of Regalia]] additionally does not sup ...Only semi-aquatic, and even then only at young ages, the Qomond’s greatest strength is its fearsome size and reputation. The animal is largely ridden by the [[
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  • ...m spread like wildfire among the Velheim populations of Ellador, to such a point that the local Kingdoms started buckling under the pressure of their infest ...oops to any Coven who is more than willing to take them on for their brute strength. The Torrghlas take no effort to hide themselves, and in fact favor aggress
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  • ...of Aloria’s most capable [[Mages]]. This is not due to any inherent racial strength, but due to millennia spent refining and utilizing the craft when it was at ...lic face or lose their cool unless they are truly pushed to their breaking point. Curses, slang, and immature behavior do not exist in the Teledden homeland
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  • ...s meant to save the early Velheim people from Elven enslavement. From this point it is unclear if the Fornoss believers were expelled or fled from the Volah There is no formal priesthood in Fornoss worship, any person can at any point in time proclaim themselves a priest, and some people do so even just for t
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  • ...e majority of Fauna able to be ridden as Mounts as part of [[Mounted Point Buy]]/kept as aesthetic methods of travel, click [[Mounts|HERE]].'' ...herds of the animal run rampant through the islands they call him, to the point that some of the islands are nicknamed the Cavya Isles. Diverse in color, b
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