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  • ...ncy, a simple way to allocate stats to your Character, is mandatory. Point Buy, a more comprehensive ability system, is optional. ==Point Allocation==
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  • ...Buy is part of the [[Proficiency]] System. Its Packs allow a Character to buy into certain Progression activities which progress the server story. They m [[category:Proficiency]] [[category:Charisma Point Buy]]
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  • ...{#simple-tooltip: Arcane Ranged | The user can use any Ranged Weapon Point Buy they have purchased while wielding any melee weapon without needing to swit ...Additionally, on top of the effect of this Ability, the user's Melee Point Buy Mundane Techniques that have the range 'Melee Range', instead have the rang
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  • ...Rule requirement(s) and becomes Afflicted, the Pack is disabled without a Point Refund. * With Heks Wisdom, a Character is able to purchase packs from [[Mythic Point Buy]] with their Proficiency. If they do so, they become a Dragon Occult.
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  • ...ead the Proficiency Page first before reading this one. The Draconic Point Buy provides Packs for the Character to become proficient in the hyper specific ==Dragonbeing Point Buy==
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  • ...Packs are a more random assortment of uncategorized things that relate to Charisma that could not be grouped anywhere else. ...that change what the Mount is for your Character depending on Proficiency Point allocation:
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  • ...d on the Application Template, even if they don't invest in Language Point Buy, all Characters get Common and one native language for free. [[category:Proficiency]] [[category:Charisma Point Buy]]
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  • ...or Exist Essence that is still lingering in them, especially [[Magic Point Buy]] Abilities, which are no longer usable. ...Buy]], these points are all refunded, and can be re-spent in Mythic Point Buy (These Packs are not refunded if they are made Primal by a Racial Ability o
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  • ...a captain or commander among the host of smaller Demons. Any of the Point Buy packs do not conflict with one another, except for the Anchoring Pack and M by turning the host into an Archon. It does not refund any of the Point Buy, but does completely disable the Infestation of Demons.
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  • ...+1 to a specific Proficiency Stat, this never confers an additional Point-Buy Pack, and is only a flat Stat Boost. This Stat Boost is relevant for other ...thing, and that "something" being boosted has a maximum cap (ex, +1 to the Charisma Stat, which is capped at 7), this boost never exceeds the "cap," unless it
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  • [[category:Proficiency]] [[category:Charisma Point Buy]]
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  • | If the user has 2 or less Spell Packs bought from Spell Point-Buy, these Spells become a dimension clarified in the modifier, instead of Void ...d confers no benefits in combat, it is only for escaping/running fast to a point.
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  • ...may have developed the same Void-Essence dependency as the Kathar at some point. This would essentially imply that the Allar have used Alchemy to replace t ...of the Character, allows them to recognize the person using Alchemy Point buy, even if they are disguised, and if someone else is using a mixture from an
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