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  • ...e [[Abilities]] system, which you should read after picking out your Point Buy. ==Point Allocation==
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  • Training Point Buy is part of the [[Proficiency]] System. Its Packs allow a character to becom ...ditionally, when targeted by any ability used by another person from Point Buy Packs that provides the character with additional HP Counters, they are giv
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  • ...Buy is part of the [[Proficiency]] System. Its Packs allow a Character to buy into hobby, craft, and maintenance activities, making buildings, items, and * When comparing skill with other Characters, a higher Constitution stat presumes superior skill and design.
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  • ...that can break their Proficiency limit but does not grant additional Point Buy. The user can no longer wield weapons, only use their teeth and claws, howe ...ady had, which can break Proficiency Limits but not grant additional Point Buy.
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  • ...n break the 7 Proficiency Point Limit, but does not grant additional Point Buy. ...e they are unable, this Special grants them +1 Constitution that can break Constitution Proficiency Limit instead.
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  • Defensive Point Buy is part of the [[Proficiency]] System. Its Packs allow a Character to use a ...ide how effective someone is with a shield. However, if a Character has no Constitution, they are considered incapable of using a shield effectively.
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  • Scholarly Point Buy is part of the [[Proficiency]] System. Its Packs grant a Character knowledg ...Point Buy, Defensive Point Buy, Ranged Weapon Point Buy, or Firearms Point Buy.
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  • ...n early Allorn history, and its descendance from the priesthood after that point can be tracked through the ten thousand years of Nelfin statehood due to th ...ce their armor, as well as any Ability that would affect their Strength or Constitution scores negatively (but not their other scores, which can still be lowered a
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  • ...n-server Abilities attached to make sure they have wide usage. State Point Buy has a specific rule to the amount of Packs that can be bought: * '''State Point Buy Rule:''' Characters can only purchase up to two of these packs, under the j
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  • ...h in one of the Shiva Cavern temples. Supposedly, the mirror was the focus point of a pilgrimage site where the faithful could lay their eyes on their loved may also choose 2 Spell Point Buy Powers and 2 Greater Mage Spell Point Buy Powers for free.
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  • ...ease read the Proficiency Page first before reading this one. Curses Point Buy provides Packs for the Character that are only accessible if they are infec ...ually temporary, Curses Point Buy can only be bought with Commutable Point Buy granted through Afflictions.
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  • ...d the Proficiency Page first before reading this one. The Technician Point Buy provides Packs for the Character to become proficient in Engineering and ...Combat Techniques. The rules to be allowed to invest into Technician Point Buy is as followed:
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  • ...y Discord Ticket to ask. This also applies to weapons, and any Spell Point Buy so long as the Spells are Primal. ...ispers are able to use Firearms and Ranged Attack Emotes, as well as Point Buy packs that are specifically firing a projectile with Emote Range as a Range
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  • than them. The Xieloth are compassionate and kind, but pragmatic to the point of moral questionability. The Huactl are factual and straightforward with a ...ehappy:''' The Maquixtl gain the Husbandry Pack from the [[Husbandry Point Buy]] category for free without Proficiency investment required. If this Pack i
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  • ...Global persecution (mostly exported by Regalia) commenced, though at this point, the Cahal had already rooted themselves in place in so many locations that * Immunity from Cahalism can be bought through Affliction [[Scholarly Point Buy]]. This pack does incur Proficiency cost, but grants immunity to Soul Sickn
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  • abandoned their technology for an extremely heavy focus on Magic to the point of dependency. The Silontaar even feed on Magic itself to stay alive more s ...nimal Race, as they are entirely their own, see reference image and bullet point list below.
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  • ...out the person having been changed into an Urlan, from a purely scientific point of view, Symbiosis confers many physical advantages. The host becomes much ...Weapon Point Buy. Additionally, any Mundane Techniques in Defensive Point Buy do not require a Shield to use, instead allowing the body of the user to be
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  • | If the user has 2 or less Spell Packs bought from Spell Point-Buy, these Spells become a dimension clarified in the modifier, instead of Void ...ltip: Bralona| Bralona make use of Altered Power to change two Spell Point Buy Packs into Primal.}}
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  • ...are free. That is to say, the Packs in this section do not cost any Point buy or Proficiency Investment. They must still be recorded on Character Applica combine aesthetics of other Magic-inspired Abilities, like Spell Point Buy.
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  • * Immunity from Vampirism can be bought through Affliction [[Scholarly Point Buy]]. This pack does incur Proficiency cost, but grants immunity to Blood Sick * If a Vampire uses Artificer Point Buy, they may change their Branch to Dark Tech for the duration of their infect
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