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  • ...ntro is a solid, five sentence paragraph designed to summarize the article and hook the reader into the page as a whole. As a general guide, include the f ...ible, however be as precise as possible. Be sure to mention specific dates and times when mentioning events. Include the following:
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  • ...others are autocratic and discriminatory. Regardless of which paradigm the nations of Aloria ultimately rest on, all must contend with the shifting power in t :*''For a list of Past Nations and States, click [[List of Past Nations and States|here]]
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  • {{Info nations and states ...ntro is a solid, five sentence paragraph designed to summarize the article and hook the reader into the page as a whole. As a general guide, include the f
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  • |accessibility = Middle and Upper Classes ...Despite the crash, Silver retained its decorative value as a jewelry metal and, additionally, as an ingredient in various alchemical mixtures. Today, many
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  • ...hing in between to help you have a fleshed out understanding of the world, and to help you create a fleshed out character to take place within. |caption = Faith, art, music, and history; all definitions of this universe
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  • ...>''This is the '''wiki''' of Massivecraft, a Minecraft Roleplay, Factions, and Survival server''. <br></center> ...ple continue on: whether they wish to change the world, or merely lie back and watch the sun go down, there is always something new waiting for them. <br>
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  • ...nger lived in as they stand in ruin. Aloria has seen countless people fall and rise over its life, the various Civilizations of Aloria, but none have ever ...anging and, since 300 AC, Aloria has been beset by many fundamental shifts and changes to world power. It is unknown what the end of the current decade wi
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  • {{Info nations and states |fullname = Asha States
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  • ...have been morphed beyond their origins. This list of the Past Nations and States of [[Aloria]] not only acts as a repository of historical knowledge, but al ...Kingdom into an Empire. Today Anglia’s oldest castles still hold artifacts and architecture from that period, as do some minor sites scattered about the r
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  • {{Info nations and states now rules has flourished with their formidable defenses fending off any and all efforts to disturb their golden society.
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  • |peopleinvolved = [[Regalian Empire]], Various Major and Minor States, [[Bone Horrors]], [[Estel]] able to form, those that remain still slip in and out of shadows, skies and waters, ready to attack the unprepared.
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  • {{Info nations and states ...certain is the Regalian Empire has ambitions to subjugate the entire world and has made many strides to do so.
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  • ...[[Regalian Empire]], [[Eronidas]], [[Northern Elven Kingdoms]], [[Avanthar States]] ...rt-lived, it still featured a severe death toll, horrendous war practices, and the potential for drastic escalation only averted by the actions of the [[R
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  • {{Info nations and states ..., the nation remains loyal but quiet, focused far more on internal matters and adhering to the conditions of their their recent truce with the [[Undead]]
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  • '''Note:''' this article focuses mostly on the history and background of the Regalian Military for usage in roleplay. Please refer to ...he elite training of the knights which was otherwise absent in other Ailor states in the [[Regalian Archipelago]].
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  • {{Info nations and states ...ous conflicts of recent years, their prosperity entices new migrantsto try and gain a piece of this pie.
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  • ...ved = [[Regalian Empire]], [[Songaskian Masaya]], satellite [[Nations and States]] to both empires ...inge lands of the [[Regalian Archipelago]], then into the City of Regalia, and finally across the seas to the arid deserts of [[Farah’deen]].
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  • {{Info nations and states ...e will rebound and regain its rebellious spirit or if it will remain quiet and out of the spotlight of politics.
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  • ...reatened as the civilized population of Aloria grows, and the hidden, dark and unexplored places of the world like the deep forest of the Natal are reveal ...jel]]. As the Regalian Empire crossed over the remains of the [[Hecarian]] and [[Vularian Kingdoms]], found on the banks of the Laureine Strait, reports r
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  • {{Info nations and states rarely mentioned in conversation. Yet it still has a unique tradition and history perhaps unparalleled in Aloria.
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