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  • ...e [[Abilities]] system, which you should read after picking out your Point Buy. ==Point Allocation==
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  • ...that can break their Proficiency limit but does not grant additional Point Buy. The user can no longer wield weapons, only use their teeth and claws, howe ...ady had, which can break Proficiency Limits but not grant additional Point Buy.
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  • ...ium strength and no special properties. Woods are used in [[Crafting Point Buy]] Packs. | Has the strength of Iron, highly resistant to damage
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  • Scholarly Point Buy is part of the [[Proficiency]] System. Its Packs grant a Character knowledg ...Point Buy, Defensive Point Buy, Ranged Weapon Point Buy, or Firearms Point Buy.
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  • ...enwares are used in the [[Earthenware Craft Pack]] of the [[Crafting Point Buy]]. [[category:Point-Buy]]
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  • ...n break the 7 Proficiency Point Limit, but does not grant additional Point Buy. already has all Mystic Point Buy Packs or cannot Point Buy Mystic Point Buy because they are unable, this Special grants them +1 Constitution that can
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  • Weapon Point Buy is part of the [[Proficiency]] System. Its Packs allow a Character to use m ...Strength stat being used to determine overall skill. If a Character has no Strength, they are considered incapable of using a melee weapon effectively. If the
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  • ...{#simple-tooltip: Arcane Ranged | The user can use any Ranged Weapon Point Buy they have purchased while wielding any melee weapon without needing to swit ...Additionally, on top of the effect of this Ability, the user's Melee Point Buy Mundane Techniques that have the range 'Melee Range', instead have the rang
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  • ...uces their Strength and Dexterity by -1, which does not affect their Point Buy and can go into Negative value. It additionally also pushes all surrounding ...Combat Point Buy Mundane Techniques and Basic Shot, but not Firearms Point Buy Mundane Techniques. This Ability has no Cooldown, but generally ends by its
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  • ...n-server Abilities attached to make sure they have wide usage. State Point Buy has a specific rule to the amount of Packs that can be bought: * '''State Point Buy Rule:''' Characters can only purchase up to two of these packs, under the j
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  • ...ease read the Proficiency Page first before reading this one. Curses Point Buy provides Packs for the Character that are only accessible if they are infec ...ually temporary, Curses Point Buy can only be bought with Commutable Point Buy granted through Afflictions.
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  • ...mbiotic attachment to their living host results in a mutual development of strength, with the living person gaining access to untapped spectral power and the S ...d or Exist Essence that is still lingering in them, especially Magic Point Buy Abilities, which are no longer usable.
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  • ...n early Allorn history, and its descendance from the priesthood after that point can be tracked through the ten thousand years of Nelfin statehood due to th ...reak or pierce their armor, as well as any Ability that would affect their Strength or Constitution scores negatively (but not their other scores, which can st
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  • ...ack emotes derive comparative power off the Dexterity Stat, instead of the Strength Stat. ...tions and visions (that do not impede on Combat roleplay), but do cause -1 Strength and -1 Dexterity that can go into minus, and also prevents usage of Asha Sp
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  • Athletic Point Buy is part of the [[Proficiency]] System. Its Packs allow a character to gain ...iduals, capable of shaking Regalia’s structures with nothing but their own strength.
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  • ...exceeds Proficiency Limits. The user may also choose 2 Melee Combat Point Buy Packs for Free. ...Buy (except Quick Cover, Tripwire Deploy, or Hook Shot) or Firearms Point Buy (except Quick Cover and Spray and Pray) Ability. Instead of Mundane Techniq
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  • ...d the Proficiency Page first before reading this one. The Technician Point Buy provides Packs for the Character to become proficient in Engineering and ...Combat Techniques. The rules to be allowed to invest into Technician Point Buy is as followed:
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  • ...y Discord Ticket to ask. This also applies to weapons, and any Spell Point Buy so long as the Spells are Primal. ...ispers are able to use Firearms and Ranged Attack Emotes, as well as Point Buy packs that are specifically firing a projectile with Emote Range as a Range
    31 KB (5,251 words) - 05:24, 4 December 2022
  • ...e read the Proficiency Page first before reading this one. The Spell Point Buy provides Packs for the Character to become proficient in specific types of ...alignment of Spells later, so it is important to make this decision before Point Buying Spells. You may also notice that the Spells don’t have specific ae
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  • ...Global persecution (mostly exported by Regalia) commenced, though at this point, the Cahal had already rooted themselves in place in so many locations that * Immunity from Cahalism can be bought through Affliction [[Scholarly Point Buy]]. This pack does incur Proficiency cost, but grants immunity to Soul Sickn
    32 KB (5,300 words) - 03:01, 25 October 2022

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