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  • ...ore specifically the process of infection, curing and the changes of these Afflictions. ...Dimenthist Wisdom, a Character can cleanse Mutations that were applied by Void, Exist, Primal or Ordial Essences, including themselves.
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  • {{Info afflictions Mutations must be indicated to be either [[Void]] or Exist in origin on a character sheet; if the character is are already
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  • ...nown for its unique physical structure which many attribute to the [[Fifth Void Invasion]] that took place 300 years ago. However, this plant is far older, ...harbinger of Essence, as the plant naturally recoils from [[Exist]] and [[Void]] Essence in any form it exists, from the [[Afflicted]] to other flora, to
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  • {{Info afflictions ...Dragons who fought against the hordes of [[Demons]] with their enhanced [[Void]] and Exist fighting abilities, and usually formed ranks under an [[Archon]
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  • {{Info afflictions ...the Dragons, and put them to use in combating the negative effects of the Void and Exist in the world again. Equally, old lineages of Archon who kept the
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  • ...this Plane on their world. Following the [[Cataclysm]] and the rise of the Void-outs launched by the [[Kathar]], the plant became a folk warning system, ru ...seeds themselves are a solid white. It also curls and bends away from the Void or anything touched by it, even to the point of breaking its own stalk.
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  • {{Info afflictions ...athar, anything that was previously [[Exist]], is immediately converted to Void, such as [[Silvenism]], [[Sorcery]], [[Magic]], or any other Exist sourced
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  • {{Info afflictions ...does not work if they are already Afflicted, and also cleanses them of any Void or Exist Essence that is still lingering in them, especially Magic Point Bu
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  • {{Info afflictions ...Witches find their place amongst other [[Cult of Evolution]] Worshippers, Void-Afflicted, and knowledge seekers, always on the forefront of unlocking the
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  • ...[[Magic Point Buy]] are removed, and can be re-spent here. Only the listed Afflictions and Character designs below can spend Magic Proficiency in this Point Buy: ...of it. In Roleplay, this Ability allows the Character to cleanse lingering Void or Exist Infection, after-shocks of rapid Magic usage in an area, or Essenc
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  • | An Ability that detects the presence or activation of other Abilities, Afflictions, or abnormalities. *Afflictions usually lock out the usage of Magic, Mystic, or Mythic Point Buy due to the
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  • {{Info afflictions ...nding on the most prominent [[Religion]] of the region. For [[Void Worship|Void]] and [[Estel]] worshippers, Silven are heralded as welcome children and br
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  • ...or the planar essences of [[Aloria]] itself (extending not only to Primal Afflictions, but also more advanced [[Clockwork]] that crosses the line between mundane ...viduals, with some having unlocked the means to corrupt the weapons to the Void or Exist.
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  • {{Info afflictions ...ves on the blood of the unwilling and powerless, empowered by darkness and Void Energies. Whole [[Religions]] have been founded on the idea that Vampirism
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  • {{Info afflictions ...t first, because their behavior was very unlike the typical [[Void]]-based Afflictions that terrorize the other [[Races]]. As such, they were simply named after t
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  • ...t does unite the Isldar is their disgust with the Occult, specifically the Void and Exist tainted such as Vampires, Cahal, Crimson Witches, and more. The B ...ny kind, unless they purchase more Magic Packs, and this free Pack becomes Void or Exist.
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  • ...ter has a certain type of Affliction. Do not use other mechanics to detect Afflictions if they are not intended for that. *You are not allowed to retcon or void a roleplay scenario to “start over”, unless every participant consents.
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  • ...Cult of Order is diametrically opposed to the [[Cult of Evolution]] and [[Void Worship]], while rejecting all other organized religions as political plati ...ning days of the Allorn Empire; so heavily outnumbered by proto-Kathar and Void worshipers and weakened by the disappearance of the Avatars of the Gods and
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  • ...Rokhaal and any other Vampire is that the Rokhaal are not connected to the Void or the Archdemon, at least not in the intrinsic way. In essence, Rokhaal ar | Void Spell
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  • ...ception to this is Shapeshifters (such as [[Slizzar]]) attempting to mimic Afflictions through the usage of Mutations: if their inability to use the powers associ ==Void/Retcon==
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