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Official Name Sphalerite
Common Nicknames Doctor’s Rock
Origin Ellador
Uses Antitoxin
Rarity Rare
Accessibility Commoner or Nobility

The rare mineral known as Sphalerite is commonly associated with medicine, as its use in day-to-day life is within medical circles. While not exceedingly rare, it is a hot commodity among doctors that can get their hand on a large slab of the material as it tones down the effects of various toxins when ingested. Commonly found in Dwarven mines, Sphalerite is sold around the world as an asset that does what little else can.


Originally found by the Dwarves, who had no use for it, or knowledge of its ability due to their own natural ability against poisons, sold it away for mere regals per pound, considering it to be a useless rock that couldn’t even be used for building. Eventually, a doctor accidently fed his patient a flake of Sphalerite, rather than mint. After making this discovery the rarity and price of Sphalerite shot up, nearly instantly being bought from all the Dwarven Holds for insanely high prices. In recent years, it’s pretty much accepted that if you do not already have Sphalerite, it will be rather difficult to obtain.



Sphalerite appears as a dark green rock with layers that can easily be peeled, or picked off, depending on how condensed the material is. The material that can be ‘shaved’ off and crushed makes Sphaler dust; which is a dark green powder.

General Uses

Sphalrite itself has no effect, though ingesting it will give you the same effects as the dust when mixed with water, but to a much lesser degree. Sphaler dust, on the other hand, when used in combination with water inhibits the antitoxin found in the rock, and allows for doctors to neutralize the effects of poison.


Sphalerite is used to create lime color dyes and cosmetics, in combination with squid ink, it can produce dark green dye.


  • It is said a dwarf once ingested an entire slab of Sphalerite and was never able to taste anything but mint again.

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