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Voicechat is essential. Talk to all other team members on TeamSpeak often and regularly.


Getting to know each other is fun but it’s also a necessity if we are to successfully work together. Getting to know someone over text chat only is almost impossible. Even with voice chat (when not seeing the person) it takes a lot of time before you start to understand someones personality. Voice chat is often more “efficient” than text chat. The amount of words per time unit is higher. The conversations progress faster. You can run around in game and talk at the same time since your hands are not occupied typing.

Try talking to all team members. Not only your closest group of friends. Of course you need to talk more to the people in your current project group than others but do not speak to these people only.


  • Derp spends 1h each week on TeamSpeak. This is far to little.
  • Derp spends 4h each week on TeamSpeak. This is acceptable.
  • Derp spends 10h each week on TeamSpeak and actively tries talking to all team members and not only the closest friends. This is excellent.