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* yendor45
* yendor45

== Recurring Projects ==
== Projects ==

=== Direction Meeting ===
=== Direction Meeting ===

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The Direction Department is responsible for MassiveCraft as a whole.

  • Decide the future goals and direction for MassiveCraft.
  • Create projects for the other team members to complete.
  • Handle team member ranks.
  • Formulate policies.

Weekly Meetings

  • Monday: 19:00 for Cay, Mon & Tuna. 10:00 for yendor.
  • Thursday: 16:00 for Cay, Mon & Tuna. 07:00 for yendor.


The members of the Direction department are hand picked by Cayorion.

  • Minimum Age: 21


  • Cayorion
  • MonMarty
  • Thortuna
  • yendor45


Direction Meeting

A meeting where the direction staff sits down and does something direction related. An example would be the "Monday Direction Meeting". During this meeting the weekly changelog on the main website is updated. The activity spreadsheet on Google docs is updated accordingly. Finally the staff member rank ups and breakdowns for the week is decided and applied.

  • 2 points: To every participant of a 2 hour direction meeting.

Team Building Event

An activity between more than 7 staff members of any department that is aimed at the building of team spirit and bring staff members closer to one another on a social level. This can be anything ranging from an online board game, to a Skype video call, to a separate game or even Minecraft minigame server.

  • 2 points: To the director for organizing the event.
  • 0 points: The Participator get no points (it's supposed to be fun, not work).