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* Thortuna
* Thortuna
* Tahmas
* Gethelp
* Gethelp
* Omnomivore
* Omnomivore
* Th3_Drunk_Monk
* Th3_Drunk_Monk
* Jamescl
* Addrion
* Addrion
* Tahmas
* BillyTheScroofy
* BillyTheScroofy
* Woodwork
* Woodwork

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The Game Department is responsible for the in game moderation and player support.

  • Answer help tickets using MassiveTickets.
  • Answer questions in the help channel.
  • Help players ingame.
  • Enforce rules ingame.
  • Answer the help central forums.
  • Host ingame events on a weekly basis.


Every first Friday of the month, the Game Staff convene to discuss policy changes and communication discrepancies. The times for these are:

  • England 10pm
  • Norway 11pm
  • Michigan 5pm
  • Florida 4pm
  • Australia 7am
  • California 2pm


To become a gamestaff we always ask that you post a staff application.

When an application has been submitted the gamestaff lead looks over it and discuss it with the other game admins. Criteria they look for are:

  • Helpchat contributions
  • Previous offences on the server
  • General attitude toward other players
  • Initiative to get to know the current staff
  • Ability to listen, learn and ask questions when unsure
  • If the person is often on teamspeak

Once these things have been evaluated we often invite you to a conversation on teamspeak. Using teamspeak is essential to the gamestaff as we must be able to communicate quickly and efficiently with each other and across to other departments of the staff. Pending on the outcome of the talk you may become a gamestaff aspirant.

We are always looking for new members to the gamestaff and we look forward to review every application we get so if you think you have what it takes then send us an application!



In the MassiveTickets project the Game Staff member helps the player base through use of the plugin MassiveTickets You must have completed the ticket training course to take this project. Remember to keep the best practises and the staff codex in mind.

  • 1 point: For completing 10 MassiveTickets. Repeatable more than once a week.

Help Chat Support

In this project the Game Staff member helps the player base through answering player questions in the help chat channel. Make sure your answer is correct. Ask a senior staff member if you are unsure. Do not answer questions that have already been answered correctly (to avoid spam). Additionally avoid long conversations which should be taken to private chat to reduce spam. As opposed to the MassiveTickets project you don't need to have taken a course to do this project.

  • 1 point: Answering 20 questions in the ingame help chat. Can only be done once per week.

Ban Appeals


Only available to Rank 3 Gamestaff.

  • 1 point: For every active hour spent voting on ban appeals and delivering the final decision to the player.

Help Central

  • 1 point: For every 10 Help threads answered.

Player Reports


Only Available to Rank 3 Gamestaff.

  • 1 point: For every active hour spent handling player reports.

War Declarations

Only Available after training

  • 1 point: For every hour spent reading the war declaration threads and approving/rejecting them.

Staff Rank Training

Only Available to Rank3 staff members TODO

  • 1 point: For every hour spent training staff.



  • x point: For set up and admin.
  • x point: For moderating



Only available after training by Gethelp.

  • 1 point: Approval and creation of the warzone.

Stat Transfer


Only available after training by Gethelp.

  • xpoint: Approval and transfer of the Player McMMO stats.



  • Thortuna


  • Gethelp
  • Omnomivore
  • Th3_Drunk_Monk
  • Addrion


  • Tahmas
  • BillyTheScroofy
  • Woodwork
  • Annju
  • Sevrish
  • Diaphonos