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In general, Lore staff are in charge of creating and managing the lore of the server on the forums, wiki, and in-game, as well as enforcing in-game etiquette and lore-related rules, OOC and IC punishments, and ensuring the success of the lore systems and roleplay organizations. As Game Staff has authority over Survival oriented parts of the server, and so Lore Staff have authority over Regalia and the other Roleplay oriented parts of the server. To upkeep and gain their ranks, points must are recorded in Point Reports Forums or in the case of Roleplay Staff, direct contact with Lore Leads.


Because workflow in the Lore department is distinct, Lore staff do not usually recruit new members via an application. Despite the tendency to handpick lore staff, one can apply at All lore staff start out as Roleplay Staff, who have no in-game rank but assist on the forums and in the aspirant documents with character applications and low-level lore work. When lore staff feels Roleplay Staff have contributed enough and have enough of an understanding of the workflow, and if Roleplay Staff are at an appropriate age, they're promptly promoted to Lore staff and given in-game ranks. Roleplay Staff are almost exclusively recruited by the Lore staff department leads, who will take recommendations from other members of Lore staff. Great ways to become recruited into Roleplay Staff include: offering peer reviews, becoming a shining example of quality roleplay and in-game leadership, offering a willingness to help others and improve the roleplay scene, doing write-me's, and communicating frequently with members of Lore staff about aforementioned projects.

Ranked Lore Staff have a history of creating entirely new systems for the community at large. From the notion of Character Sheets to entirely new parts of the Lore to systems for nobility and guards, Lore Staff have long made innovations within the community that have improved the server in a tangible, unique way, and this is a quality the Lore Staff seek to uphold with every "generation" of staff. Those who do not innovate in this way still serve a crucial function in processing the vast amounts of work created by others, but the ability to create with minimal oversight is always the goal of the Lore Staff. As such, a "prompt pitch" sent to a Lore Lead and approved is all that is required to get to writing, system creating, or otherwise.


Character Application Reviews

There are a number of character applications that need reviewing and approval, and only roleplay and lore staff are able to offer that. The entire process of reviewing an application involves reading it over, offering feedback, working with the player if necessary, then rejecting or approving the application and following the proper protocol thereafter. Since staff to do character applications are in higher demand, point rewards for staff reviews are also increased. Assigning Character Sheets to others is not usually a point-worthy task.

  • Needs Reviewer
    • 1 Point per completed Review
    • Completed review is counted as accepted or rejected
    • If your review is taking really long, like a number of iterations of edits, ask LumosJared for a point assessment.
  • Needs Re-Review
    • As long as the re-review is more substantial than a few Proficiency Points changed or a combat School swapped, a re-review is worth 1 point.
    • If an application in need of re-review is merely a few proficiency point swaps or a shallow age-up, then re-marking it Approved without further review usually nets you no points.
    • If an application in need of re-review is a complete rewrite, treat it as a new application, even if you were the original reviewer.
  • Other services
    • If a player is just asking for a re-tag or removal, just make their request happen without marking it as points, please. These things cost less than 10 seconds to do and offer a bit of necessary service. Observe all other rules as outlined on the App Guide.

Event Hosting

If a Lore Staff hosts an event (that is to say, hosts an event that draws more people than a common tavern gathering), they will receive 5 points. Only one lore staff can claim the hosting points. Staff should be shooting for 20-30 people in attendance, at the least.

  • Lead/Host on RP Event: 5 points.
  • Actor: 2 points.
  • Set up/Builder: 2 points.
  • Announcement: 1 point.
  • Event Story Writeup: 2 points.

Processing Lore

This includes Write Me Lore, user-submitted lore, and staff submitted lore. Lore that’s sent to the wiki needs to have two people looking it over for our standards of grammar and spelling, lore compliance, and realism. Processing does not get accredited until the work has been published. Point accreditation is as follows:

  • Processing Rules
    • Article Hyperlinking: 1 point per article (In general, ask Hydralana)
    • Spell Corrections: 2 point per article +2 points for every additional hour spent
    • HydraLana and other trained Lore Staff may report points for both if he has done both on the same article
    • Spell Corrections require at least 10 corrections every 3 pages or so.
    • You may use Grammarly to Correct and strike up points for this.

Writing Lore

Lore needs to be written, and who better to write it than lore staff? Nonstaff will also receive points for written lore if they ask to be accredited, or if they’re a part of a project. Points do not get accredited until they have been published. It’s already assumed an amount of planning goes into writing before words go on paper. Point accreditation is as follows but may be modified based upon the specific content of an article, taking into account subjects requiring non-standard formatting or extended background work:

  • Writing Rules
    • 500 words or less = 1 point
    • 1000 words or less = 2 points
    • 1500 words or less = 4 points
    • 2000 words or less = 5 points
    • 2500 words or less = 6 points
    • 2500+ words = 7 points
    • Anything over 5000 = Consult with MonMarty
These numbers are absolute, meaning there is no rounding up or down.

Lore Tickets

Sometimes in-game tickets are made regarding lore or roleplay questions. Lore staff have the opportunity to gain points by picking lore tickets. Point accreditation is as follows:

  • 3 tickets: 1 point.

RP System Management

With the varying roleplay groups on the server, managing systems to keep them entertained is a crucial service offered by lore staff. If you have interest in running an existing, old, or entirely new system, contact LumosJared.

  • Forum or Discord Moderation of System: 1 point.
  • In-game Event Held: 5 points.
  • Paperwork Documented: 2 points.
  • Communication to System Members: 2 points.

Project Management

When a member of staff manages a project, a lot of work gets put into ensuring quality assurance is met, members are managed, and enough output is offered on a consistent basis. Along with any points they may receive from the pieces within the project itself, the following point accreditation applies to the project leaders, to be tallied when the project reaches its conclusion.

  • Project start: 5 points (Pitching the concept to LumosJared, communicating, setting up a spreadsheet, and planning a deadline)
  • Project forum announcement: 1 point.
  • Every 5+ participants: +1 point.
  • 3 pages published: +1 points.
  • Project conclusion: 5 points. (When cleared with LumosJared/MonMarty)



  • LumosJared
  • MonMarty


  • HydraLana
  • BillyTheScroofy
  • Birdsfoot_Violet


  • Jonificus
  • MantaRey
  • TheBioverse
  • Bellarmina
  • FireFan96
  • CarlitOo
  • apath
  • katiesc
  • Eccetra
  • Athelois
  • BetaInsomnia
  • WaterDruppel
  • Anarchizm
  • Arhbi
  • Finlaggan
  • MollyMock
  • Wumpatron
  • OkaDoka
  • fantuinn
  • Caelamus
  • Optimalfriskies
  • Nesstro
  • Lumiess
  • SupremeCripple