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The PR Department is responsible for the MassiveCraft image and brand.

  • Write news on our Main Website, Forums, Facebook etc.
  • Do marketing and create advertisements.
  • Write guides and content on the main website.
  • Manage conversations on the forums.
  • Maintain and improve upon the graphic profile for MassiveCraft.
  • Create images for news posts and guides.
  • Create informative videos and trailers.
  • Maintain the official texturepack.








News Post

Write a news post and publish it. The target audience is both current players and possible future players. Example "Fendarfell is Near": Wordpress and Forums.

Subject Suggestions

  • An upcoming event.
  • Resumé of an event we just had.
  • New plugin feature.
  • Policy or rule changes.

Text Content

Quality is much more important than quantity here. Stick to the point. As little as one or two paragraphs is all ok. Use simple English so foreign kids understand.

Featured Image

The featured image is as important as the text content. If the featured image is bad the text won't matter because no one will read it. Follow this guide for screen shots: Take_a_screenshot. Make sure the image passes the Facebook rules: Facebook rules.


Create the post on Wordpress first. Show the draft to other staff members, ask for feedback and refine the text a lot. The end result must look really professional. Ask a senior staff member for the go ahead before publishing if you are new to news post production. Publish on all these medias:


  • Access: Personal Account. Created by Cayorion.


  • Access: Personal Account. Create Yourself. Need to be rank1.


  • Access: Personal Account. Create Yourself. Get access from Cayorion.


  • Access: Personal Account. Create Yourself. Get access from Cayorion.


  • Access: The password for this specific account can be found on the staff google docs.


  • 1 point: Write the text content of the news post. (required)
  • 1 point: Create the main featured image for the news post. (required)
  • 1 point: Create at least two additional images for the news post. (optional)
  • 2 points: Create a video for the news post. (optional)
  • 1 point: Publish the news post on all medias. (required)