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Around MassiveCraft
Every server has its rules. It's encouraged you become familiar with these.
The codex all members of staff on MassiveCraft must follow.
Extra Perks
Our Premium package has plenty of features to even further enhance your in-game experience.
MassiveCraft has its own texture pack that works very well with Optifine.
Voting earns you special rewards, and you can do it three times a day.
Create or join factions, build communities, and conquer worlds.
Change and balance your traits into the perfect combination. The possibilities are endless.
How far can you advance until you make it to the top?
Shift and right click to get a better idea of who you're talking to.
Lock chests, doors, and furnaces with this convenient plugin.
Staff are almost always ready to help you.

Welcome to MassiveCraft, the massive multiplayer Minecraft experience. On MassiveCraft, we have a large community of people here for a plethora of different reasons. With a strong emphasis on roleplay and over eight custom-made worlds to PVP or build in, MassiveCraft is the prime spot for any avid Minecraft player looking for a great community and an inspiring world.

Getting started on MassiveCraft is fairly simple. Most of MassiveCraft is separated into two parts, survival and roleplay, and from these two parts you may decide exactly what you want to do.

Before Anything

You’ve probably already noticed that a few of the commands, or how things work, are fairly different from other servers. MassiveCraft has tons of unique plugins that have more functionality and ease of use in time than others. Some plugins you’ll most likely need to get familiar with are as follows:

  • MassiveChat: MassiveChat is the chat system we use on MassiveCraft. This is how you will be able to communicate locally, globally, with your faction or allies, or with your buddies in-game. Type L: [message] (without a slash) to speak in local chat.
  • MassiveMoney: MassiveMoney is our custom money plugin that allows players to store, exchange, and use Regals, our IG money. To see how many Regals you have, type /money show.
  • MassiveTickets: MassiveTicket is our staff ticket system. Players submit a ticket for staff members to see, and when a member of staff picks it, they can help you with a variety of issues, from lore questions to conflict resolution to enforcement of rules. Type /ti create [message] if you need staff help.
  • MassiveQuest: When you first joined the server, you might've noticed it automatically signed you up for a quest. Our quest plugin provides quests players can partake in to earn rewards. While you're at it, why not check out our quest world, Warrenord? Type /q i to see what quests you’re doing.
  • Factions: Developed by Cayorion, MassiveCraft's owner, the Factions plugin is a great way to claim land, create alliances, and start wars. Our Factions plugin works similarly to the ones you're probably used to, but being a plugin's developer definitely has its perks. If you're invited to a faction, type /f join [faction] to join it.
  • LWC: LWC is the plugin we use to lock things like chests or doors, or provide protections for your things beyond that which Factions gives you. Locking your items is fundamental in a survival world, and LWC is a quick and simple way to get that done. Type /lock to lock a chest or door (Note: this charges 10 Regals).

MassiveCraft has plenty of social outlets for our players to express themselves. While our Reddit and Facebook are fantastic spots to stay connected, our most active spot is our forums. It’s strongly recommended that within your first few minutes of starting off, you go ahead and get a forums account. Signing up is easy, and if you use the same username as your Minecraft name, it will automatically connect them. This means if you bought premium in-game, it would also transfer to the forums, and vice versa. It all interconnects! Once you get onto the forums, go ahead and take a look around. We have spots on the forums for in-character or out-of-character discussions, factions or roleplayers, users or staff, and seriousness or silly banter.

Note: While signing up for our forums is easy, players often find problems when using Yahoo or Hotmail emails. It’s strongly recommended you use a Gmail if you wish to join the forums, as that provider’s had the fewest problems.


While there are a few worlds in which you can roleplay or do quests, most of the worlds on MassiveCraft are survival. You can easily access any of MassiveCraft’s survival worlds by stepping onto one of the boats to the right of spawn and leaving its respective spawn city. In the survival worlds, you can build, mine, explore, or live like normal Minecraft survival. However, with the added touch of a few plugins, your survival experience on MassiveCraft is automatically enhanced.

  • Factions: Factions provide users with a great chance to protect their land and items, and make all kinds of new friends. One of the greatest parts of joining the server is becoming a part of a faction, and it's strongly encouraged you find a faction in which to get settled ASAP. You can go about this in two ways:
    • Recruitment Chat: In-game, our yellow chat is the recruitment chat. You can speak in it by typing R: [message] (without a slash). Recruitment chat is an excellent way for factions to advertise that they're recruiting, and for players to find one to join. If you tell recruitment chat you're looking for a faction, you'll most likely receive plenty of offers from future friends.
    • Recruitment Forums: If you have a forums account, you can visit the Faction Recruitment forums and apply for one of the factions you see there.
Typically, Factions you find in recruitment chat are faster to get in to, and factions in the recruitment forums are more secure.
  • MassiveTraits: MassiveTraits allows you to pick a set of traits that affect you in-game. These traits can be positive or negative, and they can affect PVP, survival, and roleplay. Traits can impact a variety of different methods of gameplay. For example, /t a fireball gives you the ability to shoot fireballs with fire charges. /t a jump2 extends your jump much higher than before. ‘’’/t a HealDarkness’’’ allows you to regain health in lower light levels. Adversely, negative traits like ‘’’/t a HarmWater’’’ (which deals damage if you touch water) or ‘’’/t a Carnivore’’’ (which only allows you to eat meat) will allow you to add even more positive traits. There are even traits for armor or weapon buffs and weaknesses, such as ‘’’/t a AxeExpert’’’ or ‘’’/t a StunStrike’’’.
In short, MassiveTraits allows players to customize how they interact with the world around them in a plethora of different ways. It enhances survival, PVP, and roleplay.
  • McMMO: McMMO is a staple plugin for any Minecraft RPG server that allows players to develop various combat and survival skills, not only to become stronger with them, but to unlock different abilities affiliated with each skill. /mcstats will show you your McMMO scoreboard on the right side of the screen, where you will see which skills you've developed and what your power level is. /mctop allows you to see the people with the highest McMMO skills on the server. Who knows, maybe you'll find yourself up there someday.
In short, McMMO allows you to do things like digging, mining, or fighting and eventually become stronger and more talented at them.


When you first start off, you find yourself in the Imperial City, Regalia. Regalia is the Human capital of the world of Aloria, and home to the most roleplay you’ll find on MassiveCraft. Roleplay is the act of taking on a character (a ‘role’, as it were) and playing as if you were them. Straight down the street from spawn is where most people convene to roleplay. If you’ve never roleplayed before, MassiveCraft has provided a Getting Started guide for our players. If you’re familiar with roleplay, getting started on MassiveCraft is just a few clicks away.

For more information on our extensive lore universe, see Synopsis. For more information on roleplay, see Roleplay Expansion. For more information on character development, see Character Development.

Still Need Help?

If you're still confused about anything, there are plenty of ways to find answers. Asking in help chat in-game (H: [message] without the slash) is a great way to put your questions out there. Creating a ticket for staff to see (/mt c [message]) can be a good way to get help from online staffers. Using the Help Central forums can get you better acquainted with the forums there. If these solutions don't work, there's always our MassiveCraft TeamSpeak (, where a staff member is almost always about!

Have a Massive day!