Swamp Blood

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Swamp Blood
Appearance Thick green liquid.
Application Ingestion or direct application to an open wound
Proficiency Requires 12 points in Alchemy Sciences
Created By Unknown Al-Allar alchemist
Potency Moderate measures
Injectable Yes, faster onset
  1. Blood-thickening.
  2. Slowing of heart.
  3. Acceleration of clotting and healing.

Throughout the course of history, Swamp Blood has been used as a medical staple in many Regalian and foreign hospitals across Aloria, saving hundreds of lives daily. Swamp Blood can be used as a means to remedy heavy blood loss as a result of deep cuts or other wounds, or as an instrument in surgery to help minimize the risks involved. Whether applied by a physician, alchemist, or both, Swamp Blood is crucial to a healer’s arsenal of poultices and salves.


The precursor to Swamp Blood was created during the later years of the Chrysant War to fill a yet unexplored niche in Allar medicine. Allar soldiers on the frontline faced a different sort of challenge aside from just Ailor bombardment. Mu- and Sa-Allar soldiers often faced death primarily at the hands of severe blood-loss, bleeding out before their natural regenerative abilities could truly take effect and save their lives. Swamp Blood saw extensive use throughout the end of the war as the Regalian Empire resumed their attacks in earnest, ending all of the Chrysant Kingdoms in Turmen at great cost to the Allar people. In the occupation that came after the conflict, the records about Swamp Blood were among those not destroyed by the Regalian Empire as, even if they had wished to, knowledge of the substance was very widespread. However, this knowledge was fragmented, and when ultimately recombined together by Ailor scholars working with the Allar, the substance was rechristened “Swamp Blood” after the swampy waters of Turmen and its effects on the blood. In more recent years, Swamp Blood has seen prolific use in clinical settings across the Regalian Empire, saving hundreds of lives daily. It also still sees military use on the front lines, saving soldiers brought back from the front to be tended to in medical encampments.


Firstly when considering making Swamp Blood, it must be done in a clinical lab, medical tent, or a specific location where there are injured patients who need it, as the mixture doesn’t last long enough to be bottled or stored. Not only does it require a clinical or alchemical setting due to its short life span, but one also cannot afford to be haphazard when attempting to brew Swamp Blood, as the original fumes that come from the potion alone can potentially pose great risks such as the potential for unconsciousness due to the poisonous herbs in its ingredients. A single mismeasurement of the concoction can have the resulting opposite of its intended effects, such as violent bleeding from bodily orifices. To start, the physician or alchemist in question must begin by melting down the cow tallow in a Copper-coated pan which is then mixed with the Nightshade and Wormfern petals which are ideally ground and measured to specific standard, as any mistake here can have dire repercussions. The alchemist must take great care during this step to avoid breathing in the fumes produced by the mixture, as they will remain toxic for a few minutes (a specially-designed lid is often applied). After this time period is over it is safe to remove the lid and continue. The next step is to add honey slowly over the mixture as it boils away, leaving the tallow to reform with the herbs. Next, before it hardens, the mixture must be treated with some strong alcohol, preferably Vocadine. Finally, Ruby Flower petals with a few sprigs of Ruby Flower stem must be added to the mixture to help counteract the poisonous effects of the Nightshade added earlier. After that, the concoction is completed and should be left to cool. Overall, the actual process and creation of Swamp Blood does not take very long at all and is more dangerous rather than tedious.



There are several different ways a physician can apply Swamp Blood to a patient. The most popular method is through oral ingestion as Swamp Blood targets and slows the whole body’s rate of bleeding. Many physicians do this for patients who have more than one or two wounds, but for patients with fewer wounds on different parts of their body, physicians often prefer to apply it directly to the wound itself as the effects are much faster than if it were ingested. In the latter case, it is often applied like a poultice to the area in question. The third way to apply it is via injection from a highly expensive Cryostim, which causes the mixture to react much quicker to the body, stopping bleeding within seconds. When applying Swamp Blood, the alchemist or physician in question must always remember that, once it’s brewed, it must be used or it quickly erodes away and gradually becomes more solid within fifteen minutes.


Swamp Blood is treasured by alchemists, physicians and patients alike for its life-saving properties that find use daily in clinics; its ability to put a stop to bleeding via clotting the blood around wounds. Swamp Blood causes the blood to begin coagulation much faster, causing it to congeal and sometimes clot while the blood is still in the body, rendering it by the time it makes it to the wound it has already practically stopped in its tracks. If orally ingested or injected, Swamp Blood also slows the functions of a patient’s heart which is highly prized during surgery where such is a high priority. Not only can Swamp Blood be used for deep cuts and wounds, but it can also be used to stop internal bleeding and save a patient’s life. Overall, the effects of Swamp Blood last and linger in a patient’s bloodstream for up to forty minutes before it begins to fade away. It’s important that physicians treat wounds with other methods after using Swamp Blood as a means to stabilize patients, as it cannot be relied upon to keep a patient alive for the long term by itself; other measures must always be taken or used in conjunction with Swamp Blood.

Swamp Blood can, however, be countered with Middencroft’s Decoction which achieves the exact opposite as Swamp Blood, the two combined are often used in tandem in medicine. The use of Middencroft’s Decoction is particularly useful in cases of a Swamp Blood overdose.

Physical Characteristics

Swamp Blood is mostly identified as a thin yet watery green sludge, comparable to the water deep within Hadar’s marshes. Those who orally ingest Swamp Blood are met with a robust taste akin to bile or other unsavory flavors that may last for hours after ingestion. Pungent compared to the others, it takes on a strong herbal smell which is incomparable to other herbal remedies and concoctions.


  • Vampires who try to drink from a patient who is under the effects of Swamp Blood suffer moderate paralysis and great pain similar to having high blood pressure, which persists for five minutes, and a migraine continues on for an hour after that. Some particular Vampire Hunters who aren’t confident in their skills with a sword often go clinics to have Swamp Blood made for them to be ingested before they hunt. This is because of the alchemy using Wormfern.
  • When under the effects of Swamp Blood, a person’s blood turns a dull shade of reddish green. Patients who overdose tend to have their blood turn a bright shade of neon green that takes on an almost slime-like consistency.
  • Due to how quick Swamp Blood can be made and due to its short shelf life, it is always made IC in a clinic or alchemy lab, or in the confines of a person's home. It may never be stored and must always be made or used in a set location and be made and brewed IC by following the preparation steps above.

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