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Flora Page
Official Name: (The official name. This should be the article's title, as marked in the Spreadsheet.)
Common Name: (Any other names this plant is known by.)
Classification: (Fungi, tree, flower, herb, bush, plant, etc.)
Common Use: (Poison, medicine, culinary, none, etc.)
Habitat: (Name a place it can be found. E.g. Daendroc.)
Origins: (Broad. One or two words.)

Introductory paragraph Introductory paragraph Introductory paragraph Introductory paragraph Introductory paragraph Introductory paragraph


(From where does the flora originate? Did it evolve or is it a recent thing? Was it artificially created? Naturally? Magically?)


(How has its names changed over time? Is it called something different in different regions?)

Primary Use

(Medicine, relaxation when smoked, tastes great in a salad, poison, numbing, salves, etc. Bullet point specific effects that should be noted. Are these consistent with all races? Listed are how you should format effects, as well as various things to think about with each effect)

  • (Under what circumstances does this effect happen?)
  • (How was this effect discovered?)
  • (Does this affect other races or species differently? Any effect on certain conditions, such as magic, vampirism, and undeadism?)
  • (Does something need to be done, externally, to make an effect happen? Does the effect only occur when there are large amounts?)
Name Appearance Habitat
Name, the standard one preceding any common ones. Very brief appearance, if not a picture. Description of the plant's habitat. Can it be moved? Are the conditions very specific or is it adaptable? Where on Aloria can you possibly find it?


  • Written by Name.
  • Processed by Name1 and Name2.